Femdom Stories from Ms Julie

The Landlady...

Sunday Afternoon…
"So, you understand the Terms & Conditions of your stay?" She asked the quiet
young man across the table as he finished his Coke and stared at the contract
before him.

"Yes ma'am, I do." His south Texas drawl was soft for such a big man. He
picked up the pen next to the document dated it and scrawled a barely legible
signature across the bottom of the page.

"Last chance now 'boy'." She emphasized the word boy in her special tone,
"You are all mine for one week, thereafter on a week by week basis, your
service is to be 7x24 all under my instruction and control. You will have a
room, the one you have seen, and that is all. So either get up and leave
right now before the ink dries on this contract or get up and strip and put
all your clothes in the box in the next chair."

He paused for but a moment then stood and removed his clothes. As he stripped
he could not help but glance over at his new owner for any reactions. He was
fairly muscular and rather well hung, he thought. This, with his long hair,
in a ponytail as usual, generally got the women in his life hungering for

His clothes he carefully folded and put in the box. They were not much, but
they were his. The past year had not been kind to him. He had gone through
two jobs after his last girlfriend had left in a huff. He seemed to just
drift with no direction. It wasn't that he didn't have the brains or the
skills, he just lacked motivation and will. This setup in Phoenix seemed
ideal. Free room and board and all he had to do was take care of the place
and once in a while jump the old girls bones. Hell, she was even good looking
in an older sort of way. Very well preserved he thought as his gaze crossed
over her lovely legs and took in again the set of breasts that he had been
noticing ever since he walked in the door. Here, he thought, I can get my
head together, have some sexy fun and then when I am ready I can move easily
without any encumbrances. B&D? S&M? He had gotten around those issues by
making stuff up as he went through the interview. Hell, she would never mess
with him anyway, she was just a little old dreamer.

She watched as he put his past life away in the box. He was not nearly the
stud he thought he was. And 'really', did he think she was daft in the head?
She had caught him out in minutes during the interview. Of course she had
been questioning his honesty ever since reading the resume he had sent.
Subtle research and a few questions with relatives in the area he came from
served to satisfy her of his real situation though and she felt he could be
molded. She smiled though as she wondered if he would survive the molding

Done he turned to look at her and receive his first instructions. "Seal the
box with the strapping tape and put it by the door for now boy."

Taking the tape he sealed the box well and placed it at the door near his two
suitcases, garment and gym bags.

"Those will be attended to later boy. For now come here and lie down." He
moved to do so and placed his head, as directed, near her shoes. "You may
begin by licking the soles of my shoes and then the heels, when you are
finished you may remove them and massage my feet. I want you to kiss my peds,
lick them and smell them deeply as you massage them. Is that all clearly
understood boy?" She finished and without waiting for a reply she placed her
3" heel directly on his face and picked up the phone.

As he started in on the shoes he thought to himself, "Not too bad, I can
handle this." In the meantime the phone conversation went on above him. Over
his head, so to speak.

"Yes dear I am all set here."

"No, the project will move along as planned and I expect no troubles

"Of course sweetheart, I will have insurance that will secure me."

"Yes, if you could take the rubbish out later that would be fine."

Piece of cake he thought. No rubbish duties, and the lady was getting more
insurance. Who knows, he thought, as the first shoe came off and the smell of
well worn nylons engulfed his senses smothering him with womanly earth
scents, maybe I can work just enough to have her list me as the beneficiary.

Now that her phone call was done she was ready to teach this young boy how to
really work with a Lady, all he was doing right now was getting her foot wet,
hardly good foot worship at all. No tongue between her toes, no sucking of
each digit like the little cock just some of many of hers he would have to
get used to. So much work, so little time.

"Up boy." She spoke abruptly, commandingly, after all she now owned his ass.

Once standing she had him spread his arms and legs and then with a
flirtatious smile began to run her strong hands over his body. Soon he was
aroused and that was what she was waiting for. She started rubbing a
soothing, warming lotion over his whole body. Legs, arm, chest, buttocks,
every crack and crevice was thickly covered with the gel. He never even
noticed, his head tipped back in an erotic fantasy of his own, that she was
now wearing thin surgical gloves as she spread the permanent depilatory over
his frame. However, soon he noticed the soothing rub and the warming lotion
were getting too warm, almost hot to the touch. Then it became really
uncomfortable and he looked at the lady and saw her little malicious smile
looking back at him.

"Quickly boy, move into your bathroom." She shooed him away slapping him
almost playfully on the buttocks, almost playfully.

He had never realized that his attached bathroom was so specially outfitted
as she pointed him into a corner. He now noticed that there was no
conventional showerhead in the enameled and tiled area only a powerful hose
setup. This she began to unreel off the spool and then pointing the nozzle
directly at him began to rinse his body with a blasting spray.

"Spread those legs boy." She commanded and when he hesitated she continued,
"better to let me clean you with this than to develop the blisters that will
come if you don't let me get it off."

Reluctantly he complied and soon the hard stream was crushing his balls and
bruising his cock. She made him peel back the skin over the head so as to
thoroughly cleanse the entire area. Then he was turned about and the spray
went down his crack almost forcing itself inside his anus like an enema.

Speaking of which, now he noticed, in a quiet moment, that his landlady was
hanging a full bag from one of the many hooks 'decorating' the walls and
attached to it was a sizeable enema nozzle.

"Assume the position." Legs spread and arms against the wall he waited as she
approached and then felt the nozzle pressed against his rectum. Slowly,
firmly, it penetrated him and he was so embarrassed. Yet he would go along
with this, he had agreed to it and after all, he had been through enemas
before in the hospital.

"You will be cleansed now inside my boy. This is a one-gallon enema bag. You
will take half now, half again and then one full gallon. The mixture is my
own concoction of salts, soaps and unguents that causes certain scrubbing
sensation you will come to enjoy, for I insist on assholes being clean." She
laughed as she opened the clamp and let the fluid fill her new tenant, her
slave. The mixture bubbled and churned inside of him, scrubbing the walls of
his colon and filling him with a flatulence he had never felt before in his

Soon he was begging for release, the words music to her ears. Finally when
release was granted it was again before her and the release was loud,
embarrassingly so, and smelly and just plain disgusting. She however, just
kept on with her stated plans and soon he had endured the next enemas as
well, followed by a hard cleansing again with the iron hard spray of his
shower. At last the trial seemed over and he looked at his denuded body, red
and sore from the water beating, sore inside from the enemas and he felt
spent. He was so tired and he felt as if he had been beat on for hours.

"Now boy come here." More directions to follow, it was all he could do to
even move. His head was spinning. He was not certain of anything.

She smiled delightedly as he allowed her to dress and position him. The small
amount of alcohol in the enema had gone directly into his bloodstream and the
research she had done bore fruit in his complacency. He was a tired, winsome
drunk. Of course the physical stress of the shower, the depilatory and the
enemas had taken their toll as well. The flesh colored teats glued to his
chest looked real, even in normal light and the earrings, garter belt,
stockings and 'fuck-me' heels made him look like a real TV. His hair had
dried and she had made it fluff as well as applied a bit of make-up. Here she
could have used his cooperation but the boy was indeed a bit tired. She
smiled at the results of her efforts.

Next out came another camera, the bot had not realized that every moment of
his life was being taped and recorded. This was done thanks to his
predecessor and that one also had the ability to professionally edit this
into ANYthing she wanted it to look like. For now though she placed limbs
thus so and used the toys of her liking, a large dildo for instance stuck
between rouged lips, even with his eyelids closed merely made it look like
she was in rapturous ecstasy. In his stupor he was easily positioned against
the wall, bent over head facing back between his legs, ankles spread, in a
"come and take my ass" look, especially with the seams of his stockings so
straight. The addition of a realistic looking and VERY large dildo to his ass
was hardly noticed by the slave, certainly he was not in a position to
refuse. The picture with the dildo half-in and half-out told the whole story.

Ultimately she led him to his bed and removed the comforter. He would never
being using it anyway. This revealed a very sturdy cast iron bed with welded
rings around the head and foot boards. Other features were out of sight for
the moment but would come into play later. For now she laid him on his back
and secured his hands and feet to the corners most competently. Patting his
rosy cheek she left him to recover.

Moments after making a call the door opened and two women came in and greeted
the landlady with a mixture of deference and eagerness. One of the ladies was
perhaps 20 and the other well over sixty, but a spry sixty from the glint in
her eyes. Coffee awaited them at the table and all three sat down to discuss
the new project.

After they finished talking the young lady rose and took the man's bags out
to his car. She then drove off to a secluded garage area and locked the car
and its possessions away. Walking back to the apartments she couldn't help
smiling and thinking of what her aunt had in mind for this new 'tenant'. She
was glad school was out for the next two days and she smiled more as she felt
her thighs dampen in her anticipation. She quickened her stride as she
realized he was going to be up in about 4 hours and they still had things to

Sunday Evening…

"So our little boy is awake finally." The Landlady gazed down imperiously at
the captive male. Her two assistants stood just beside her with small smiles
on their faces.

"Boy, I will introduce you now to two other Ladies that will be instrumental
in your training and maintenance. On my right is the lovely, and young,
Atheris named for a particularly deadly black viper. Let me assure you she is
just as dangerous."

The Lady Atheris looked down and waved at the helpless boy. His eyes widened
in fear, fear that made her smile all the more when he recognized the needles
protruding from the palm of the vampire glove she wore.

"And this my young man is the Lady Elizabeth. Lady Liz to her friends, one of
which you are not." She indicated the spry, gray haired lady on her left. She
too smiled down at the bound slave and slowly took in his crossdressed form,
licking her lips greedily as she took in his manhood.

"You may refer to me henceforth as Lady C. In the days ahead," she continued,
"these Ladies will help me with you so that you are constantly watched and
disciplined for any infractions. Or indeed just disciplined just for our
entertainment. No doubt you came here thinking that your life would be easy
and largely carefree. No doubt you thought that you would be able to 'jump my
bones' as some have thought in the past. Let me assure you here and now that
nothing could be further from the truth." An evil smile filled her eyes as
well as crossed her lips. The boy had not spoken once yet and that alone had
saved him his first encounter with Athris' glove. Regardless, he would feel
it soon.

"Indeed it will be Lady Liz that jumps your bones. You will find that I will
also jump your bones, but in my own unique way," And holding out her hand
Lady Liz placed a complex leather belt and harness arrangement. An
arrangement that had at its center a rather large, severely long and grossly
twisted black dildo. "You my pet shall get used to accepting my taking of
you. Just one of the many reasons why I insist upon you being clean inside
and out." She stepped into the harness and Lady Liz and Atheris began
cinching and strapping the sides and back to her so that her weapon, one and
a-half inches in girth stood out a full, straight ten inches from her body.

"As for young Lady Atheris here you will find her appetites most interesting.
And insatiable." At this time Atheris sat next to the man on the bed and
began to softly stroke his cock and cup his balls in her viperous grip.
Immediately the boy jumped and tried in vain to struggle against his bondage
as the needles scored his flesh and penetrated his cock and scrotum in dozens
of points.

"For now we are going to indulge ourselves in getting to know you. You will
remain ours until we have either had our fill of you, you die or we elect to
sell you south of the border. The latter options are wholly dependent upon
your attitude." She could tell that he was scared at her pronouncements and
was about to speak out despite the agonizing, twisting grip his balls were
now being held in. "Do not attempt to protest or negotiate. I know hold
several forms of insurance over you to insure your continued, if not
whole-souled, cooperation. You see you posed for an entire series of photos
earlier." These, fresh from the developers, she held before his wide eyes.
Then clicking a controller she drew his attention to the TV in his room.
"These, and prior and following actions are being taped for my benefit and
archives. I have a dear former pet, now the property of a wealthy socialite
her in town, who can make these videos demonstrate ANYTHING we want them to
my boy. Do you understand your situation?" She looked down and saw the
arrogance and fight diminish in his eyes and defeat begin to blossom. He

"Well and good. You really do not, not yet, but you will my boy, I promise
you that you will. Atheris, why not take a break and go to the bathroom."
Atheris immediately stopped her glove play and went to the toilet where she
peed in a loud, long stream.

"My dear Lady C there seems to be no TP here for me to use." Lady Atheris
intoned almost comically, already knowing what the reply would be.

"Well the boy doesn't need any. He will be trained to defecate each morning
and then receive his cleansing shower. In this situation it seems you will
just have to use his lips and tongue as your TP my dear." Lady C looked back
to the boy and caught his grimace. She did however give him points for again
not speaking out, perhaps he was a keeper after all. Time would tell.

In the meantime Atheris had moved to the bed and standing astride his
shoulders she began to lower herself slowly, seductively, teasingly onto his
face. Once down she reached behind with both hands and pulled her cheeks
apart slightly, just enough to make certain that his nose and his mouth were
both tightly covered with her seat. To make certain that his tongue gave
every effort she placed her needle gloved hand over his nipple and
"scratched" - just to keep his attention.

Lady Liz looked to Lady and received a nod. Immediately she stripped the
nylons from legs and bound the males hardness with them. In moments his balls
too were securely wrapped in a neat little package. Without a seconds
hesitation she then mounted her bound stud and began to ride him with a
frenzied abandonment. It had been too long since a cock had stretched her
pussy and she was hungry for this one.

Lady C looked on and enjoyed the scene of the bucking young boy. His face
being ridden mercilessly by Atheris and his cock being milked by Liz. Soon
both women were swooning in the midst of their first climaxes. She didn't
have the heart to tell the boy that they regularly expected three or more per
day. Each. He would find out soon enough. As for herself, she could already
feel the heat in her loins. The special harness had an interior cock that
filled her own pussy and throbbed with its own vibrations. These would be
intensified greatly once she took his male pussy for her own.

The riding women climaxed, held each other in a supporting embrace as they
did so and then jointly turned to Lady C with smiles on their face for their
next directions. Lady C merely split the fingers of one hand and wagged them
at the Ladies. And as lady Atheris climbed from her perch lady Liz moved
forward to take her seat on his face and drench him with their mutual juices.
Making him drink his cum from her pussy.

Down below Lady C and Lady Atheris undid the ankle bondage from the bed and
ran it through ceiling pulleys, pulleys that raised his legs and bent him
into an L, his ass well off the bed.

Now it was Lady C's turn to enjoy her pet and she did so with gusto. Using
just the cum that had trickled down to his anus as lubrication she began to
work he way slowly, steadily deeper and deeper into his ass. Having been
greased, lubed and stretched earlier by the enemas his ass was ready to take
her in fully. She set a grueling rhythm, but one that was in synch with her
needs, not his comfort. Minutes passed until finally she arched her back in a
grand gesture and impaled him most forcefully, burying herself deep in his
ass, his pussy, which was hers from now to time indefinite.

Hearing Lady C climax Liz could hold back no longer herself. In a giant
climax she ejaculated all over her prisoners face, filling his mouth,
flooding his nostrils, blinding him with her womanly cum. Coughing, choking,
hacking he was finally released from face sitting bondage and allowed to
catch his breath. A keening wail was heard from him as well when Lady C
withdrew her ever-stiff rod from her new found pussy.

"Not bad boy. Not bad at all, for a start. Now Lady Atheris will release you.
You will be allowed one glass of water, a chance to pee and then be tied to
the bed for sleeping. ANY trouble on your part will bring out the Black Viper
in our girl and you do not want to face that before you have to. Do you
understand?" Again she watched closely as the spent youth nodded his head
slowly, tiredly and accepted his orders, his place in their family.

Leaving the room Lady C's head was filled with plans for the morrow.

Monday morning…..

He woke to the feeling of heavy thighs sliding over his face. His arm and leg
muscles had atrophied from the night of bondage and he felt as if he could
barely move. He knew to open his mouth and greet the warm pussy settling
about him with his tongue, still sore from the previous day's activities.

"Now boy," She began, "this is your first wake-up call. I have saved my
toilet for you. Be certain not miss a drop dear. For this first session I
will go slow with you." She began to release herself in short steady spurts,
placing small pauses between them. This control exercised muscles that
inevitably made her hot and by the time she was finished she was frantically
riding his face in wanton passion. Always controlled in the presence of her
friends alone she was a sexual tigress. Her appetite was virtually insatiable
which was why the 24x7 servitude arrangement was specifically mentioned in
her ad. The boy was hardly ready for her climax, for when she did she came
copiously, gushing cum all over his imprisoned face. Unprepared he had no way
to keep up with the volume that swamped his senses.

When she was done she rose and let her night dress fall and cover her.
Turning to his bonds she released him, and in a display of kindness actually
rubbed the blood back into his extremities. Eventually he sat up and then,
with her assistance, stood up and stretched his body out completely.

Before he could get too comfortable she led him to the bath area and had him
strip off the feminine apparel and complete his morning ablutions. These
however had the one added chore of taking his enemas. "You know my sweet
pet," she began to inform him, "these enemas can be terribly habit forming.
In fact, after regular usage there will come a time when you will be
dependent upon them. Isn't that interesting. Something you will always
remember me by boy." Her evil smile tore into his brain as his bowels emptied
into the bowl. Then it was time once more for his 'shower' and once more the
forceful spray beat him near unconscious. Then he was led to the bed and
allowed to stretch out on its frame.

During his recovery he could feel her manipulating his manhood and family
jewels. He smiled in exhaustion, to beat to even care. That is until her
heard a soft 'click' and then his limbs shot straight out from his body and
a mighty "GOD DAMN" was torn forcibly from his lungs. Thereafter he
immediately went into a fetal position, his body shaking uncontrollably,
bile rising in the back of his throat, involuntarily his hands reached down
to cup his scorched balls, not expecting to find them, only to find them
still there and apparently well, though bound now by a sterling metal ring
and small metal box.

"Boy, what you just felt was setting three of ten on this remote unit. The
effective distance is about 100 yards. Of course then what happens is that
the unit just fires off repeatedly at its highest setting until the battery
unit expends itself. Maybe 15 to 20 minutes under a full charge. Certainly
enough to complete fry your balls. You see this is a modified Taser unit
delivering around 75,000 volts. You just felt maybe 25,000 tops. There are
three of these Behavioral Modification Control Units and each of your new
owners has one in their possession. Breaking one, or all, causes the override
feature to take effect as well." She sat next to him on the bed and
continued. "So let me summarize for you boy. Do you understand what I am
telling you?" She jostled his arm and heard his faint, almost sobbing 'yes'
in response. "There, there boy. You are all right, for now." She turned his
naked body over and spread his arms away from his scrotum. She then began
softly massaging the tender flesh as she told him his circumstances. "So you
must understand there is no running away. This box and band are locked on
with a special pick-proof lock the key for which is no where on the premises.
They are also electronically daisy chained and so stealing one does you no
good, get beyond 300 feet from two units and your balls will fry." To
punctuate that comment she squeezed his balls hard and grinned as he squirmed
in her grasp. "And as to running, that is what you will have to do. You see
your car is nowhere to be found. As for my transportation I have those that
run and fetch for me or will come and take me out if required. But I am
perfectly happy to remain here at home and have you care for and pamper me.
Lastly, you also have no male attire to wear. All your clothes were disposed
of yesterday while you slept. You will find in your small closet and dresser
all the clothes you will need while you remain here. All distinctly feminine
in nature. I doubt you would want to be seen in public dressed in them. Not
yet anyway."

She rose from the bed and walked to the closet and dresser gathering certain
items from each. Motioning for him to rise she held the items out him one at
a time and had he don them. Soon he stood before her in red. Red sheer
bustier, red skimpy panties and red thigh highs. Now she directed him to the
corner setting. There he sat, as instructed, before a lady's vanity complete
with all manner of make-up and basic jewelry.

"For now boy," His head nodded forward in tiredness, SMACK, SMACK, twice she
cuffed him upside the head to gain his attention. "PAY ATTENTION BOY!" she
shouted at him, not loudly, but intensely and for reason that all the more
scary to him.

"I will, I will pay attention." He murmured ducking an anticipated blow that
never fell.

"You will be told this once, demonstrated once and then Lady Atheris, on her
next visit with you will help you ONCE. Thereafter you will be expected to
fix your make-up perfectly each day. You also have a video, the only one you
have I might add, that covers make-up techniques and acting like a young
lady. How to walk, to talk, to sit, to stand, basic proper decorum and
manners. In short, from now on you be treated and used as a slut but expected
to conduct yourself as a lady. Do you comprehend all of this." She asked him,
turning his face to her so she could look him directly in the eyes.

His shoulders slumped in defeat as it finally registered within him. What had
he done? What had he gotten himself into? He was caught, he tried to think,
but couldn't come up with a means of escaping these devil women. His eyes
left hers, falling towards the floor, as he told her "Yes."

"Good. Then let us begin for you need to start breakfast soon. I am famished
after last night." She kept up a constant dialogue as first she took a small
gun-like instrument from a drawer and pierced his ears. The piercings she
quickly filled with fashionably small zirconium studs. Next she took a set of
specially made 'permanent' nails from the drawer. In addition to their own
adhesive she applied a small drop of SuperGlue. She showed him how to form
the nails, apply a sealing coat, then a base coat and finally a top coat.
During this transformation process she talked with him, and treated him like
a girl friend. Here in this woman's world, his own little corner, he was safe.

The transforming was not complete though. His face needed work. She began
with a small sponge and a creamy base. This was smoothed over his entire face
rather thickly. Next powder was applied and highlighter to accentuate his
cheekbones and reduce skin glare. A bit of eye-shadow and lip lining followed
by a red gloss and he was almost ready. Standing behind him now she took his
new brush and pulled it through his hair, his tresses.

He was staring at himself in the mirror. He could not believe it, "where did
I go?" he could only stare and wonder to himself. The somewhat good looking
woman staring back at him looked lost. Above him Lady C watched the process
take place and smiled in a most satisfied and devilish way.

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