Femdom Stories from Ms Julie


Shortly after my girlfriend and I began sleeping
together, she realized I
was putty in her hands as soon as my cock was hard.
I'm a complete pussy
slave, and I can't deny it. Whenever my girlfriend
wants something from me,
she just slips into some sexy lingerie and starts
barking orders. She knows
that as soon as I see her, I'll immediately begin
thinking with my dick.

A typical evening may start with my Mistress greeting
me at the door when I
arrive home from work. She'll be wearing heels,
stockings, and a garter
belt. "Take off your clothes slave-boy!" she'll say as
I close the door
behind me.

I immediately take off all my clothing and await her
next command. She then
grasps my cock in her hand and gives it a few strokes
to insure it's at full
attention. "Is my little slave-boy feeling cooperative
tonight?" she'll ask.

I nod my head quickly, letting her know she's got me
in her control. "Get
down on your knees and beg like a dog for my pussy!"
she says.

I immediately do as I'm told. She then positions her
glistening pussy just
inches from my face and says "Beg for it pussy slave!"

I begin to make whimpering noises in hopes of getting
a face full of pussy.
"You'd like to stick your tongue in my pussy,
wouldn't you?" she asks.

I respond with an adamant "YES."

"Well, you'll have to earn it slave-boy!" she says
with a playful smile on
her face.

"It's Friday slave-boy, fetch me your paycheck." she

I retrieve my paycheck from my briefcase and bring it
to her. She then
seizes my cock in her hand and pumps it a few times.
"Sign the paycheck over
to me slave-boy." she says as she continues caressing
my engorged cock. I
moan with pleasure as I sign my paycheck for deposit
into her bank account.
She then hands me a twenty dollar bill and says
"Here's your share
slave-boy!" and she stuffs my paycheck into her purse.

"Now slave-boy...I want you to put your clothes away,
change into your red
satin G-string, and then get your ass back here and
set the table for
dinner." I quickly do as I'm told and soon the table
is ready for dinner.

I ask Mistress what we will be having for dinner and
she says that she has
ordered a pizza. Soon the doorbell rings, and Mistress
hands me the money
and has me pay the pizza boy. The pizza boy looks at
me kind of funny, but
doesn't seem too concerned with my outfit, but my
Mistress knows I am quite
embarrassed. She laughs a wicked laugh as I close the
door, and we sit down
to dinner.

After dinner, Mistress leads me into the bedroom by my
rock-hard cock, and
tells my to sit down in a straight back wooden chair
without arms. She grabs
my cock and begins a gentle, but firm caressing which
soon has me panting
like a dog in heat.

"Does slave-boy mind if I tie him up tonight?" she
asks. I shake my head,
knowing I have no control over my destiny. She then
securely ties me to the
chair with rope she keeps under the bed.

Mistress then goes to the telephone and calls an
ex-boyfriend of hers named
Gary. Gary has taken part in my
Mistress' games before, so he knows what to expect.
She chats for a few
minutes with Gary, and asks him if he'd like to come
over for a session. She
then hangs the telephone up, walks over to me, and
sits on my lap.

She grasps my cock and squeezes it, watching my eyes
go shut in ecstasy.
"Big Gary's coming over to fuck me. Do you mind

I answer "No." between my heavy breaths.

"You sure are a slave to that dick of yours, aren't
you?" she asks. I can
only nod in agreement. "A lot of guys would hate to
see their girlfriends
get fucked by another guy. Especially by a guy like
Gary, with that monster
cock of his." she says, as she continues the firm
stroking of my cock. (She
wasn't exaggerating either. Gary is equipped with a
very large and thick
penis, which is probably why she enjoys having him
over.) "When Gary gets
done filling my pussy with his cream filling, I think
I'll have you suck it
out. You would probably like that, wouldn't you
slave-boy?" she asks

All I can do at this point is bob my head up and down
in cadence with her
stroking as an answer to her question. "All this dirty
talk has you pretty
excited. I think I'd better let you cool off." she
says as she stops
stroking me, just short of my climax. She then stands
up and begins teasing
me with her breasts. Holding then just out of tongue's
reach as I strain to
lick them.

Occasionally letting my tongue reach them when it
suits her. She laughs
throughout the course of her teasing and says "What's
the matter, don't you
want any titty slave-boy?"

Soon the doorbell rings, and Mistress leaves to answer
it. I hear her sweet
talking Gary in the other room, but the talk soon
becomes obscured by Gary's
moaning. Apparently Mistress already has him eating
out of her hand.
Mistress then leads Gary into the bedroom by his cock.
Gary's cock is so
thick that Mistress' hand cannot completely close
around it.

"Stand at the foot of the bed Gary." she says, as she
climbs on the bed on
her hands and knees. Mistress then positions herself
so that her beautifully
rounded ass is just inches from Gary's throbbing
member and not much farther
from my position in the chair. "You know why I called
you over, don't you
Gary? I want you to fuck me with that monster cock of
yours and show my
slave-boy how a "man" fucks! Are you ready to stick it
in me?"

Gary responds with a nod and Mistress slowly backs her
cunt onto Gary's
pole. She runs her tongue over her lips as the entire
length of Gary's
shaft easily glides into her moist sex.

Gary quickly grabs hold of Mistress' ass and picks up
the tempo, slamming
his fat cock in and out of her pussy. "Fuck me! YES!
More!" Mistress shouts,
as Gary's balls smack against her ass. Mistress' head
soon bows into a
pillow as Gary's fucking weakens her arms. Mistress'
body quivers and shakes
as an orgasm passes through her.

Gary glances down at me, tied in the chair, watching
him assail my Mistress'
pussy, and grins as he slams her even harder. After a
few more minutes of
fucking, Gary tenses up and begins depositing wads of
cum in Mistress'
pussy. Mistress looks back at me and smiles a wicked
grin as Gary's body
subsides from the waves of orgasm. "Gary, I want you
to do something before
you leave. Move slave-boy's chair so that it is
leaning back on the foot of
the bed." she says.

Gary quickly moves my chair and tilts it back onto two
legs so my head is on
the bed. Gary smiles as he leaves the room and says
"See you next time."

Mistress then positions her pussy above my mouth and
says "Let's hear little
slave-boy purr like a kitten for his cream."

I begin to make a purring noise and Mistress places
her sex on my
out-stretched tongue. "Lap at it little kitty" she
says, as she keeps it
just within tongues reach. I paddle my tongue against
her slit and taste the
"creamy" sexual secretions.

Mistress asks, "Aren't you happy little kitty? I don't
hear you purring
anymore." I make a purring noise with my breath as I
continue slurping at
her pussy. "That sounds like you want more, huh little
kitty?" she asks, and
then presses her cum-filled cunt onto my mouth. "Now
suck me dry slave!" she
demands, as she slides her cunt back and forth across
my mouth. "Suck my
pussy clean slave-boy!" she orders. I suck as hard as
I can, and begin to
swallow more and more of Gary's creamy deposit.

"Good boy." she says, as she removes her pussy from my
mouth. "I think you
got every drop." She then stands up and walks around
in front of me, pulling
my chair back to the upright position. "I suppose
you're dying for some
relief from that raging hard-on you have, huh

I nod my head in response, still gasping for air
after being smothered by
her pussy. At this point my cock is so hard it hurts,
and all I can think of
is relief. "I can't let you cum yet slave-boy. You
know how much I love
keeping you hard so you'll remain obedient."

I nod my head, knowing she's absolutely correct. As
long as I'm hard, I'm a
slave to her command. "I going to take a bath
slave-boy, but I'll let you
watch a movie while I'm gone." she says, as she turns
my chair to face the
television. She then puts a porno flick in the VCR and
leaves to take a

For over an hour I'm left alone with my raging hard-on
and scene after scene
of hot sex exploding from the television. Mistress
knows the tape will keep
me more than excited during her absence. I watch the
screen as a hot blonde
feeds her pussy to some lucky guy while another stuffs
her mouth full of
cock. Soon, the guy getting the blowjob is shooting
wads of cum all over
the blonde's face while she continues to bounce on the
man's cock.

"Enjoying the show?" Mistress asks, as she enters the
room. I nod my head
yes as the guy fucking the blonde on the tape pulls
out and blasts his wad
all over the girl's ass. Mistress strolls over and
turns the VCR off, now
that it has served its purpose. "I see you're still as
hard as when I left,
huh slave-boy?" she asks.

I nod my head eagerly, hoping my aching cock will soon
receive some relief.
Mistress then stands behind me and touches my cock
with one of her long
fingernails. My cock trembles from the sensation and
Mistress laughs a
sinister laugh. She then leans the chair back onto the
floor, so I'm looking
straight up at the ceiling, and then places a pillow
under my head to prop
it up. She then leaves the room, but returns quickly
with a bottle of
cinnamon extract in her hand.

"Stick out your tongue slave-boy, and keep your mouth
open!" she orders, as
she takes the lid off the bottle. I obey her command,
and expose my tongue.
She then dips a toothpick into the bottle and traces
some liquid fire onto
my tongue. "I think I'd better put out that fire in
your mouth slave-boy.
May I use your hose?" she asks.

"Yes!" I moan, as the liquid continues irritating my
mouth. She then grabs
my cock and begins pumping it vigorously. I groan as
my orgasm begins, and
rope after rope of gooey cum splatters onto my face,
mouth and chest. My
cock and balls feel as if they have been turned
inside-out as Mistress
extracts the last few drops of cum from my throbbing
cock. "Thank you
Mistress...Thank you!" I gasp as I lay back and rest.

Mistress Julie welcomes all slaves.  I'm a superior, dominant female (femdom, Mistress, Dominatrix) who enjoys the thrill of  BDSM, mind control, power exchange and female supremacy.   I was a professional dominatrix for 10 years, and have been online with this site since 1994.

I adore submissive men (slaves) who want to submit to a superior, intelligent female, such as myself.   I am for real, and expect you to be also.  My dungeon play will include CBT (cock and ball torture) using iron maidens, cock stocks, chastity devices, steel & leather parachutes, cock rings, ball stretchers, humblers and weights!!  Nipple play  Nipple clamps, alligator clamps, clips, vibrating clips, weights, fire cupping sets.

My bondage methods include body binders, wrist and ankle restraints, collars, leather body straps, lots of rope, posture collars, bondage mitts/sleeves, body bags, straight jackets, racks, St. Andrews crosses, cages, jail cells and more! Sensory Deprivation  masks, hoods (leather, latex, rubber), blindfolds, gas masks, gags, sensory deprivation chamber and unit.  

I'm a bitch when it comes to corporal punishment using cat o nine tails, floggers (rubber, leather, horse hair, suede), paddles (wooden, leather), whips (single tails, bull whips, dog quirts), Tawse, crops, canes, birches, vipers, straps and more!  I love watching slaves sweat when I pull out the electro torture supplies I've accumulated.  TENS Units, Folsom Units, Cattle Prods, EROS Tek and lots of goodies to hook up to cock and balls, nipples, asses, tongues... :)

This site incorporates female domination,  S&M, BDSM and fetish, along with giving you a severe mental mind fucking and much much more...  AND AS SUCH, if you dare enter this site, make sure you know that not only am I  going to pry, probe and force my way into your boring little world, but I WILL do outrageous, shameful, embarrassing things to you, or convince you to do them to yourself. Realize that by entering my members only sections, you are in effect agreeing to submit yourself to me.  You will not hold me liable for any damage that may occur as a result.  I plan to completely fuck up your pathetic existence that you now call your life..... but in the end it will all be worth it ;-)

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