Femdom Stories from Ms Julie


There was a certain humor to my situation. Sometimes
it seems when things
start to go wrong, everything goes wrong. As I watched
the repossession
company tow my car away I just shook my head and
thought to myself "Well,
its official now, I am totally fucked!".

Three weeks ago my longtime girlfriend announced to me
that she felt our
relationship was just "too superficial" and
unceremoniously dumped me. Two
months prior to that I had lost my job as a graphics
artist and even though
I had been looking every day for work, I was still

Slowly but surely my money had run out. Already I was
three months behind in
my rent and now, no car! Without a car, how in the
hell was I going to find
a job. Without a job, how was I going to get back my
car! Without a car or
a job how was I going to find another woman? Yes, I
was fucked big now.
Well, I said to myself with a certain
Scarlett O'hara logic, I will think about that

As I walked up the stairs of the house I boarded in, I
prayed Gina would not
see me. Gina, the owner of the house, had been prying
me for the back rent
every day. If I could just stall a little while
longer, maybe something
would come up, I optimistically thought.

As I walked up the stairs I ran into Victoria and
Samantha, the other two
tenants in the house. As usual, they politely said
hello and coolly went
about their business. When I first moved in, I
imagined all sorts of erotic
possibilities. One guy living in a big old house with
three attractive
women, I thought for sure something sexual
would turn up eventually.

Well, two years had passed since I moved in and the
only erotic incident I
had to report was "accidentally" walking in on Gina as
she was showering one
morning. Boy was she pissed that day. I opened the
door to my room and
began to drink the last six pack of beer I had in my
little refrigerator.
Drinking may not be the answer, but it sure did get my
mind off of my
troubles for a while. As had become a sad nightly
ritual I dozed off into a
drunken stupor.

The next morning I was abruptly awakened to the sound
of pounding on my
bedroom door.

"BOB!" Gina yelled "This is Gina, I want to know what
you are going to do
about your back rent TODAY!". I probably don't have to
tell you but her
shrieking and pounding did not particularly soothe the
tremendous hangover I
was experiencing.

"Gina, Just a little more time, I promise." I feebly
answered through the

"I am getting very impatient Bob, I know you lost your
job, and your car, so
I don't mind telling you that your prospects for
getting my money do not
look very bright!".

Well, I couldn't argue with her there.

I made up a story about a hot job prospect I had that
afternoon which
miraculously seemed to temporarily satisfy her. My hot
prospect was a
cashiers job at McDonalds! All those years in college
and it has come to
this, I thought to myself as I wrapped myself in a
towel and walked down the
hall to the bathroom.

As I passed the staircase I saw Gina, Samantha and
Victoria all discussing
something at the bottom of the stairs. As I passed, as
if on cue, they all
gave me a dirty, condescending look. I was so ashamed,
not by being seen by
them in my towel, we had all seen one another walking
around the house in
towels before, but I was ashamed by the fact that I
knew they all were
discussing me and my rent situation.

Although I have enjoyed living here for the past few
years, I had to admit
that these three women, beautiful or not, were pretty
cold. They barely
tolerated my existence around the house, and even
though I am fairly
attractive, they had shown no interest in me
whatsoever since I moved in. I
was just the upstairs tenant, who now was behind in
the rent. As I stepped
into the shower I tried to think of ways I might be
able to get out of this
hopeless situation.

It was a long shower. My mind kept drawing up a total
blank. Well, I thought
to myself, let me go get ready for my career in the
fast food industry. When
I opened the door to my room my heart sank. Everything
I owned was gone!

My TV, my refrigerator, all of my clothes, all gone.
Even my bed was
missing, the room was completely bare! As I spun
around to go ask Gina what
happened I was shocked to find her standing right
behind me. "GINA! I HAVE
BEEN ROBBED!" I screamed hysterically.

"No, you have not been robbed" she said coolly as she
casually whipped out a
packet of papers. She then looked me squarely in the
eyes and began to read
the contents of the contract she was holding.

"In the event that the Lessee, that's you," she said
pointing at my chest
"Fails to pay the amount of rent agreed to in the
contract by the 5th day of
the month, the Lessor, that's me, has the right to put
up for sale any
contents of the Lessees domicile with the balance of
the proceeds from the
sale after deduction for back rent and/or damages
going to the Lessee."

I just stood there with my mouth hanging wide open and
stared at her in

"In other words I sold all of your stuff to pay off
your debt!" she yelled
as an evil grin came across her face.


She slapped me hard right across the face and said
angrily "Listen Bob,
don't get uppity with me or I will throw you out right
now!" As I looked
down at myself, wearing only a towel, and having no
money or recourse, I
tried to control my rage. "Oh, and by the way, that
towel you have on
belongs to me, remember?" she said as she ripped the
towel off of me leaving
me completely naked.

With a smug look of total victory she walked back down
the stairs, casually
throwing the towel over her left shoulder. I was
completely dumbfounded.
Three months ago I had a girlfriend, a nice car, a
good job and
money in the bank. Today, I was reduced to nothing! My
mind raced as I tried
to think of a way to get her to get my stuff back.

Hurriedly I ran down the stairs and met her in the
kitchen. "Please give me
a break Gina! You really can't do this
to me, please!" I begged as I fell to her feet nearly
crying. I was so
desperate the embarrassment of being naked in front of
her did not dissuade
me from prostrating myself in front of her.

"Oh for God's sake take it like a man! You shouldn't
of overextended
yourself!" This was like some sort of nightmare I
could not wake up from. My
humiliation was not over yet because at that very
moment Samantha and
Victoria walked into the kitchen.

What a sight this must have been. There I was, naked
and nearly hysterical
begging at Gina's feet. As they walked into the room I
vainly tried to cover
myself with my hands. Victoria said nothing but just
started to laugh
hysterically. Samantha, also trying very hard to speak
through her giggles
said "Bad news Bob, you are still $420 short!"

I could not look them in the eyes I was so humiliated.
"Can you believe it?
The salvation army only gave us 20 cents for each pair
of your underwear!"
Victoria replied. This last comment was too much for
them and all three
girls began to scream with laughter.

"Wh-what do you want from me?" I muttered.

"Well, I tell you what Bob, you have five minutes to
get out!" Gina said
pointing at the door.

I was panic stricken. What in the hell was I going to
do, naked and now,
homeless! Again, humiliating myself further I fell to
my knees and began to
beg again. As I knelt there pleading with them
Victoria finally spoke up.

"You know, if we kick him out now you will never get
your money back." she
said pointing at Gina.

"You have a good point." Gina replied. "Ok Bob, we
will let you work off
your debt." Turning to the other two girls she said
"You know, it will kind
of be nice to have a house boy." Barely being able to
restrain themselves
from giggling,they both agreed.

So, that was the deal. I was to be paid 10 dollars a
day to clean, cook and
do whatever else they wanted me to do. Out of that 10
dollars 3 went to pay
for the food they would give me. I was not allowed to
buy anything until the
debt was paid.

That meant that for the duration of my servitude I was
to remain naked.
Since I had no money,car or clothes I had no
alternative but to agree to
their terms. Gina agreed that if I paid off my debt
they would go retrieve
my belongings. For the next 60 days I was to be
completely at their mercy.

The first week they worked me like a dog. I cleaned
out the basement and the
attic, painted the living room and retiled the
bathroom. The way their work
schedules worked out one of them was always in the
house supervising me.
Victoria was the worst to work for. She told me it got
her off to see me
scrubbing and cleaning the floors with a toothbrush

Working around these women in the nude, although
completely humiliating and
degrading, also caused me to be in an almost nonstop
state of arousal.
They knew this too and they used this knowledge to
torment me further.

At night, as Gina would watch TV, she would have me
kneel down in front of
her and give her a slow foot massage for hours on end.
As my fingers
caressed the soles of her feet she would occasionally
reach out with her
free foot and lightly stroke my balls with her
delicious toes. My intense
erection alerted them to my life long foot fetish.

Armed with this knowledge Victoria would have me give
her a pedicure every
morning as she prepared for work. Samantha, not to be
outdone, commanded me
to lick her boots clean when she got home from riding
her motorcycle. It is
a wonder I could still function with all of that blood
constantly diverted
from my brain to my cock.

The girls also began to get bolder as the weeks drug
on. As I would walk by,
one of them would reach out and catch me by my balls.
Helpless to stop them
they would stroke the shaft of my penis and flick
their tongues over the top
of my swollen glands. Even though I knew they would
not finish me, I had no
choice but to let them continue to taunt and tease my
throbbing member.

Gina always got a big thrill out of bringing my to the
edge of orgasm and
then abruptly ordering me to do some odd job. Laughing
at my humiliating
position they would follow me around the house and
continue to stroke and
prod me, thus keeping me hard for hours on end.
Luckily I had at least some
time alone to relieve this constant tension that was
filling my testicles.

Two weeks into my servitude, my last vestige of
privacy, and thus my last
hope for release was removed. As I was showering and
jacking off furiously,
Gina ripped open the shower curtain. "Do that on your
own time!" she

"I am not paying you to get sperm all over my tub,
from now on you will not
be allowed to ever be out of our sight." From that day
on I was forced to
bathe while someone was in the room with me. Even when
I had to
go to the bathroom, I was forced to keep the door
open, and if I was longer
than five minutes, one of the girls would come to
investigate. My
degradation was complete!

Nighttime was the worst. To prevent me from jacking
off as they were
sleeping, the girls took turns keeping me in their
room for the night. I was
chained to a cot at the end of the bed and let out in
the morning. Victoria
loved to play with me when I was tied up and helpless,
bringing me just to
the edge over and over and laughing as I begged for
her not to stop.

She was a stunning beauty with perfect breasts and
very long beautiful legs.
As I struggled against my bondage she would do a
seductive little strip
tease ending with her rubbing her naked clit up and
down my stomach while
dangling her nipples just out of the reach of my
tongue. As my helpless cock
smacked against her ass while she straddled my
stomach, she would laugh
maniacally. I was so horny I thought sometimes I would
literally burst.

Gina slept with her feet in my helpless lap and
purposefully shifted them up
against my defenseless and exposed cock all night.
Every night I spent in
her room she would wear a little see through teddy and
silken pantyhose. The
feel of those silk encased feet massaging my nipples
and tantalizing my
balls almost made me weep with frustration.

Nights with Samantha were equally alluring. She would
not chain me to the
cot but would have me tied spread-eagled in her bed.
As I lay their
completely exposed she would drip honey all over my
chest, thighs and crotch
and slowly begin to lick it off. When she finally
would finish eating and I
would pathetically beg for her to finish me, she would
seductively yawn and
fall asleep with her nose nuzzled in between my penis
and my balls.

By the end of one week I was about to lose my mind.

All I can remember from the last few weeks of this
torment is being
constantly horny. Every night one of the girls
would have me slowly eat them to one orgasm after
another as I laid chained
in frustrated bondage. Finally on the last night Gina
said "Bob, tomorrow is
your big day, you will have paid off your debt by

The girls looked at each other disappointedly, but I
was licking my lips in
anticipation. I still did not know what I would do or
where I would go, but
at least I would get my stuff back. More importantly I
would finally be
allowed to cum! The last four weeks had been complete
hell! Going all this
time without having an orgasm, coupled with
the fact that I was naked all of the time and
relentless teased and
tormented most of the day and night, I could think of
nothing but sexual

Gina was almost tender with me as she chained me to
the cot. "Good night
Bob" she said gently as she laid the
deepest French kiss on me I had ever received.

My hands instinctively reached for her but were
thwarted by the handcuffs.
As I laid back down in frustration Gina's bedroom door
opened and in walked
Samantha and Victoria, completely NAKED! My already
stiff cock actually
became a little stiffer.

Gina thrust her sopping wet pussy on my waiting mouth
and I eagerly began to
flick my tongue rapidly over her clit. As I
enthusiastically wormed my
tongue in and out of her love canal I felt Victoria
mount me. "MY GOD!" I
screamed out as I realized that they were finally
going to allow me to have
an orgasm. Within minutes I shot load after load of
cum up into Victoria. It
felt like I had released a gallon of spunk when all of
a sudden all of the
leapt off of me.

"What! What is the matter!" I asked innocently.

"Oh, that's going cost you!" Victoria said
mischievously. "Hmmm, normally I
won't let a guy do that until he has taken me out to a
nice restaurant and
we have seen a good Broadway show or something."

Gina, now understanding Victoria's plan said "You are
right. I think you
have been had. How much would a date like that cost

Samantha, already laughing at the situation said
"About 120 dollars for the
dinner and 200 for good seats at a decent show."

Gina, interrupting said "Yeah, and normally the guy
would buy you some sort
of token of his affection right?" Victoria nodded in
agreement. "Well"
continued Gina "That would be another 100 dollars

Victoria, now with an evil glint in her eyes said "I
guess you are back in
hock with us again! Lets see 120 for dinner plus 200
for the show and 100
for the gift will be 420 dollars."

Samantha broke in and said "Boy that number seems
strangely familiar. Hmmm,
$420 at 7 dollars a day will be...."

"OH NO!" I screamed as I did the math in my head "NOT
THIS!" My protestations were immediately drowned out
by the sounds of three
women simultaneously breaking into an uncontrolled
hysterical laughing fit.

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