Femdom Stories from Ms Julie


It had been a week since I became a stable-hand at the
riding-school Mistress owns. I was supposed to spend
the entire day mucking out all stables. And I did, the best
I could, honoured to be put at this service.
Mistress certainly doubted my ability to perform the assigned
task satisfactorily. I guess that's why She let me do it in the
first place, I was to fail. I could say I didn't want to let Her down,
but as a slave that's an obvious and therefore silly superfluous
statement. In this case it was more a matter of not wanting that
I'd let me down, despite my gravitation to humiliation.

In fact, and somehow due to my uncontrollable craving, Mistress
had added some humiliating aspects to performing the task, not
visible to the naked eye though (at least I thought so). Underneath
my male clothing I had to wear very feminine hosiery. "This should
be a constant reminder of your true status", She'd explained. "And
it should prevent you from expressing inappropiate macho behaviour
towards my clientele".

All of Her clients, attending the riding-school were (and are) female,
most of them being absolutely adorable young women (but of course
there's no one as adorable as Mistress). Everyday they would come
to tack up their horses and go for a ride. Nearby the stables, and
belonging to the school, was a place where they could eat, drink and
socialize. This canteen, managed by themselves, also was the place
for their regular parties. Sometimes at these parties their men and
boyfriends showed up.

On my first day as a stable-hand Mistress had distributed a
broadsheet, in which She announced to the women and girls
what I was going to do. She didn't exactly mention that I was
Her slave, but asked to be open about complaints regarding
my work and behaviour, so that I could be disciplined and
punished. This must have made the position I was in rather
clear to all.

The first week had gone by without hearing any complaint. The
undergarments I had to wear indeed made sure I had a reserved
attitude towards the women and girls. The thought that they would
find out about it was scary enough for me. Sometimes when (from
a distance) I heard them laugh and talk, I got the impression they
already knew, as if it was written all over my face. Did they?

I was at work in the seventh stable that day when four girls walked
in. Another one closed and locked the door behind them.
"Hi stable-boy, I'm Jennifer", one girl said. I looked up to see them
four smiling at me. "You've been acting so shy", she continued, "as
if you are afraid of us girls. Well, I've understood we can hurt you by
simply complaining about your work, but why would we wanna do
something like that". Her voice did sound belittling in my ears, or
maybe it was just my imagination. The other girls started to giggle.
For a few seconds I was at a loss for words, and then I stammered
"er, hi girls, I'm not afraid, it's just, er, that I'm busy...".

I didn't really know what to say. Jennifers words had struck me.
While she was introducing her friends, Denise, Barbara and
Samantha, I realized just how right she was. They only had to
complain about me to get me trouble. Deep trouble. "We wanna
see you naked", Jennifer suddenly said. "Yeah, strip for us!",
ordered Samantha. "What..."

They sure didn't feel like wanting to start a discussion. Three girls
grabbed me, and Denise was the one who unzipped and stripped
down my blue jeans. "Why... he's wearing stockings, and garters".
They burst into laughter. "I thought you were a stallion", Barbara
sneered, "now I see you'll never be in my stud-book".

Most embarrassing was that I had gotten a hard-on, and the girls
were making fun of it, saying the nasty thing couldn't be a cock
because of its size. I imagined them being really good at breaking
horses. "I can explain, but you wouldn't understand", I said. "Oh, but
we do, girlie, we do", Jennifer replied in a sly way. Then the girls let
go and left the stable.

I pulled up my jeans as fast as I could, while staring at their swaying
asses. I nearly tumbled. Getting back to work didn't clear my mind.
The girls had had their laughs and I was hoping that would be all,
but, well, knowing better.

During the evening Mistress called me. "Seems like you've been
doing a lousy job today", She told me, and then I was led to a stable
where the floor almost looked like a dunghill. "If you want to quit the
job this isn't the way to let Me know", She spit out. "But Mistress,
this can't be, I'm sure this stable was clean." She slapped me in the
face and said: "Fortunately we have a spare stable for the horse,
so this is where you're gonna spend the night." Mistress chained
me to a ring in a wall, leaving me with the words: "Tomorrow's your
last chance. Sweet dreams, slave."

Need I say I didn't dream? I didn't sleep at all, just knowing that
Jennifer and her friends were "responsible" for this mess. But
Mistress would never take it, me blaming Her customers.

Early morning, next day, I was released. Hell, did I smell, but
Mistress didn't allow me to freshen up. I worked harder, neater,
and more accurate than ever. All women and girls gave me a
wide berth, except for one. Barbara approached me, only to
ask how I had slept. She didn't expect an answer, laughing out
loud she moved on.

I had planned to check all stables after finishing that day, but
couldn't ignore my weariness. So I went to my humble place
and fell asleep on the spot. Mistress roughly awakened me.
There She stood tall in front of me. "It's over", She said, "you
messed up again." My world fell apart. Next morning I would
get to know the consequences.

"Today I'll put you on display", Mistress said on that fateful
morning. "Let's fix you." I was used to the shower and shave
scene. The chastity belt Mistress applied to me was a new
experience and not a very nice one. Getting an erection of
course was impossible, and each attempt to that was
rewarded with lots of pain, as the device had pins on the
inside. And then I was dressed and dolled up like a common
street walking hooker. Black stockings, garters, a stuffed bra,
a black leather mini skirt, a pink blouse, four-inch heels with
ankle straps, thick layers of make-up, nail polish, a long blonde
curled wig....

"Do you feel cheap?", Mistress teased, "well, you are!". Meanwhile
I was worrying 'bout what she'd said before, 'bout me being put on
display. To whom? Mistress ordered me to walk back and forth
for a while. "Come on. Imagine men watching. Lick your lips.
Wiggle that ass. Show them what you sell". I could hardly comply
with it. "Alright. That's enough. Let's go outside".

Having said that, Mistress took me with Her. It seemed we were
heading for the canteen. We were. It was still early and no one
was around, but I knew this would change within an hour or so.
I hadn't visited the canteen before. I had hoped to be invited in
here, someday, by one of the girls, but not like this. In the middle
of the main room stood an almost lifelike horse, made of wood.
A fine piece of art, I thought. Maybe I could admire it for a long

Mistress told me to stand with my back against a wall. "Spread
your legs like you know how slut", She commanded. Then She
attached a spread-bar between them. My wrists were handcuffed
and chained above my head. "Have a nice day". Mistress left me.

I stood there with disbelief. Would I have to stand here like this
all day? My feet were sore already. Tears began to well in my
eyes, there wasn't a way to stop it. It didn't last very long before
the first horsewomen came in. They laughed, called me names,
verbaly humiliated me. But what I feared most was the arrival of
Jennifer and co.

When Jennifer, Barbara, Denise and Samantha showed up,
things got worse indeed. They had brought a guy with them.
"So there you are", Jennifer said, "you haven't met our new
stable-hand, have you". I didn't know where to put my self. I
was replaced by that guy.

"Ain't he a hunk", Denise tittered. "Please, go away", I cried
out. "Shut up girlie, otherwise we will make you", Jennifer
snapped at me. Then she laid a hand on the bulge in the
pants the guy wore. "I'm sure girlie wants to see what's
underneath, and she will". Slowly she pulled down the zipper
and pulled out his cock.

I looked down, but Samantha lifted up my head. "See girlie,
now that's a cock, a real man's cock". She also lifted up my
skirt, exposing what had been done to mine. "Hey girls, looks
like the nasty thing's gotten the treatment it deserves", Samantha
laughed. "Oh yeah, it sure does, nicely done, locked away like
it always should be", I heard the other girls cheerfully say. I'd never
known girls could be this cruel.

Jennifer took the lead again. "Let's show girlie which treatment a
real cock deserves". I had to watch while Jennifer and Barbara
both got on their knees, and started to cherish and caress the
guy's bone. They were kissing, and licking, and causing me a
terrible pain. The guy groaned with delight. Barbara turned her
head and asked: "Hey girlie, aren't you jealous...., of me". "You
don't have to say that Barb", Denise grinned. "It's plain to see
that she would love to give head. And if she was mine I'd feed
her every available inch of cock in town".

I thought I'd died and gone to hell. This couldn't last much longer.
Jennifer and Barbara started to suck by turns and this went on
'till the guy shot his load in their faces. This time they cleaned
the mess they had made. Despite my pain and being in chains
I felt a feeling of relief after their departure.

Unfortunately it wasn't the end of the day. When Mistress returned
in the afternoon, for a moment, I thought it was. But soon the canteen
was crowded with women and girls, the whole clientele of the riding
school seemed to be there. Mistress released me, and led me
through the crowd to the middle of the room. During the short walk
I felt hands running all over my body. We stood still next to the
wooden horse.

Mistress called: "Welcome Ladies, so glad you all made it. We've
decided to give this slut her first riding lesson. Enjoy!" Then she
ripped off my skirt. Two women stepped forward and tacked up
the horse. A large dildo was attached to the saddle. It made me
shiver, and I began to beg: "No, please, don't make me....". "Don't
cry sweetie", Mistress hissed. "This dildo's lubricated. You'll just
love the ride".

The crowd roared: "To horse slut, to horse". And I mounted, knowing
I couldn't escape. One girl gave me a leg up. The crowd cheered: "Go
ahead, sit down, take the horse, ride it". As I lowered myself, I felt the
dildo between my buttocks, and then it slid inside my ass. I started
to cry. "Look, she's saddle-sore already", I heard a woman say.
That's the last thing I can recall. I passed out...

And I woke up. I had been sleeping since my weariness last
evening, and I'd had a very bad dream.

***the end***

Mistress Julie welcomes all slaves.  I'm a superior, dominant female (femdom, Mistress, Dominatrix) who enjoys the thrill of  BDSM, mind control, power exchange and female supremacy.   I was a professional dominatrix for 10 years, and have been online with this site since 1994.

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