Femdom Stories from Ms Julie

Mixing Business with Pleasure
by Lacie Love

I graduated from business school five and a half months ago. For the first five years I was a personal secretary and for the past 6 months I have been a personal slut. When my mistress first hired me as her personal secretary we both new that I was qualified for much higher paying work but I couldn’t think of a career that was better suited to my personal needs and it seemed to suit my mistress quite well too. I was the personal secretary to the western marketing manager for a major food wholesaler. When I was hired I signed a personal services contract with my boss, so, I worked for her and not for the corporation. I thought this was a little different but I really wanted the job.

I figured I had just about the best boss a guy like me could have had. Little did I know, when I started, just how wonderful for me she would turn out to be. She and I got along like ducks and water. Beverly was in her late thirties when we met and now at forty-three she is still very attractive and has a voluptuous body, which she does her best to conceal under conservative business attire. But under the blue suits, I know, there beats the heart of a passionate woman. Her flaming red hair and green eyes are your first hint of the fire that burns within. The moment Beverly and I began working together our relationship began to grow. I was in need of a guiding influence in my life and I sensed that Beverly knew this and hired me partly because of it.

I am a person who needs close supervision and firm discipline and it’s obvious that Beverly is a take charge kind of woman who requires unquestioning devotion from her administrative assistant. At first our relationship was very business like but as the months ticked by and we spent more and more late nights at the office where she and I developed a close bond with one another. I was able to anticipate her most every need, she really appreciated it and soon she gave me more and more responsibility for overseeing the development of marketing materials and campaigns. Of course she got all the credit and I was grossly underpaid for the responsibility she had given me but that was just fine with me. Being her assistant and watching her star shine was all the reward I needed for my work. Needless to say we loved our work and we usually spent sixteen to eighteen hours per day working along side one another. This meant working until nine or ten PM five days per week. We also spent every Saturday working together at her place, sometimes Sundays too. On the evenings that we worked late we usually ordered in supper and took a break from the work to eat. Over supper we would talk and in the beginning the conversation was polite and shallow but as we got to know one another better our trust grew and we began to talk of more and more personal issues.

I have been a transvestite for as long as I can remember and although I had never “come out of the closet” I think Beverly sensed the submissive female inside of me that was desperate to get out. One night over supper, about six months ago, Beverly asked me if I had a girl friend. * * * “Are you kidding? With the kind of hours I put in here? When would I have time for a personal relationship?” I said it with a smile and a sarcastic tone of voice. She just laughed but continued to probe.

“Seriously. Why don’t you have a girl friend?” Her green eyes looked at me level and steady and I knew that this was a serious question and I would have to answer her honestly if we were to continue to develop our relationship. I averted my eyes from hers.

“Most girls aren’t interested in me once they get to know me.” I told the truth.

“Why not, you’re cute and you seem like a very nice guy?” I was still unable to meet her eye. I felt uncomfortable and she knew it. I felt under her control and I liked it, she liked it too, I could tell. I thought to myself – It’s now or never, tell her. So I did.

“You see the way I look?” It was a rhetorical question and I didn’t stop to let her comment. “I have a slight build, I’m only five foot six and I have a very youthful, boyish appearance. Most women my age are looking for someone more masculine.” I paused for a moment but Beverly did not cease from watching me and nor did she speak. I knew she wanted me to continue.

“Oh sure I have dated some. But I haven’t found anyone who is the right type for me. Most women want the man to be a take charge guy, which I am not. I need a strong woman who will take care of me, and…” I hesitated. “Go on.” She said to me in a compassionate voice. “Tell me, I will understand.” I looked up into her beautiful face, softened by her mane of full red hair and I realized that I was falling in love with her and that she is the woman I have been dreaming of all my life. I just looked into her eyes across the cluttered desk and couldn’t help but want to tell her everything.

“To be honest, what usually kills every relationship I have ever had with a woman…” I was embarrassed and had to once again avert my eyes from hers. “…is when she first realizes that I like to wear women’s clothing.” I held my breath and closed my eyes and prayed that her next words weren’t “You’re Fired!”

There was a long silence and I did not look up. She got up and came around to my side of the desk and sat on the desk looking down at me. When I did look up into her angelic face I was so relieved to see her smiling down on me. She put her hand on the back of my head and caressed my long blonde hair, which I kept in a pony tail during business hours. Without saying a word she gently and firmly pulled me to her bosom and continued to caress my hair. I could feel the lace of her camisole and bra through her silky blouse and I could feel her warm chest rising and falling with every breath. She gently put her hands on each side of my face and guided my face to behold hers. She had to see that I had begun to cry. She looked down on me with a look of concern. “It’s Okay. I know.” She wiped a tear from my face with her thumb and I just looked into her eyes. She must have sensed the question which I could not speak. “I realized your fondness for panties on your third day of work. You were bending over to file something in a low drawer and I could see your panty lines through the fabric of your snug fitting slacks. At first I wasn’t sure but as the days went by I looked more and more for the telltale signs of lace panties.”

From that day on our relationship changed. Beverly immediately began to take over my life, and I was just too happy to let her. Just one week after my revelation to her she said I should move in with her. She said that in return for room and board I could do the cooking and cleaning. I was so overjoyed that I jumped up from my steno’s chair and hugged her and gave her a big kiss. She pushed me back firmly and slapped my face. “Never, ever kiss me in public like that again!” I could tell from the stern look on her face that she meant it. I felt a little confused but then realized that I would have to do as I was told. “Yes Beverly.” I said in a subdued voice while I looked down at her black patent leather spiked high heels. “And from now on you call me Mistress. Clear?” She arched one eyebrow to ensure I knew she was serious. “Yes Mistress.” “Good. Now leave early from work and move into my home. Here’s a key. Bring only your personal effects. Clothing and toiletries, nothing else. I will have no need for any of your furniture or kitchen items so just leave them behind. You will be starting a new life and you will be leaving your old life behind.“ I took the key from her outstretched hand. It was on a key fob with the name “Diane” engraved on it. I looked from the fob up to her face. She showed no notice that I had read the name on the key fob. “You can move into the guest room and stay there until we have your bedroom decorated.” As I left to go home and pack up she said to me. “When you leave your apartment do not leave a forwarding address and do not discuss this with anyone including your landlord. Just leave the key in the apartment along with your belongings.”

So I moved in with only my clothing and personal items. I was happy to leave that dump of an apartment and to tell the truth my belongings were just so much trash anyway. Since Beverly and I had spent many Saturdays working together I knew where her home was and was very familiar with the layout. Her home was in an upscale neighborhood of grand houses. Beverly lives in a contemporary, rambling, one level rancher on a private one acre of manicured lawn and garden. It was a mature subdivision with trees and shrubs surrounding all the homes and this gives Beverly’s home three hundred and sixty degrees of privacy. On that first day I let myself in with my new key. This was the first time I had been in Beverly’s house without her being present. It felt very quiet. I quickly and quietly moved into the guest bed and bath. I remembered her words. She said to remain at the house and she would meet me there after work. When I had finished my unpacking I looked at my watch. It was just after four which meant Mistress would not be home for another five hours, at least. With a few free hours to kill I knew just what to do. I went to my new bathroom and had a bubble bath. I don’t need to shave my body because my body hair is very fine and is very blonde and I never developed facial hair so I don’t even shave my face. After my bath I dusted myself with scented bath powder, put on a pair of silky pink panties cut high at the waist with lace around the leg openings and then sat down at my makeup mirror to apply my makeup. I don’t wear a lot of heavy makeup because I don’t need it my skin is very smooth and soft. I like to wear heavy black eyeliner and lots of mascara and today I opted for pastel pink eye shadow and light pink lipstick with strawberry flavored lip gloss. After putting the finishing touches to my makeup I took the rubber band from my pony tail and let my shoulder length blonde hair fall around my face. I spend about an hour curling and teasing my hair into a full body look that surrounded my pretty face. Then I picked a matching pastel pink bra and garter belt. I fitted the lacey undergarments to my body then slid on a pair of flesh tone stockings and attached them to the garters. I put breast forms into my C cup bra. I finished off my ensemble with a sheer white, hip length bed jacket. It had long sleeves with pastel pink marabou trim at the hem, cuffs and around the neck. I also put on a pair of hot pink pump high heels. I inspected myself in the full length mirror in the bathroom. I looked great and felt even better!

The combination of tight fitting foundation garments and shoes contrasted with the light sliky touch of the panties, stockings and coverup all of which made me feel ultra feminine. I spent the next few hours flouncing around my new home. I peeked and poked into cupboards, went for a leisurely stroll around the sun drenched gardens but I had saved Mistress’ bedroom for last. By the time I entered her bedroom it was about seven-thirty. I still had enough time to have a good look through her underwear drawers before I had to shower and dress in my work clothes before she got home. This was the first time I had seen her bedroom. It was gorgeous. It was decorated in a very formal style. It looked as if it had come from a British Mansion in India. There was lots of dark wood paneling and furniture. There was a tiger skin rug on the floor and heavy chintz draperies at the windows. I was in awe of the large room but mostly I was in awe of the big four post bed in the middle of the room. I quickly found her panty drawer and was thrilled to find it filled with sexy, silky, lacey panties of all description.

My pulse quickened as I put my hands into the drawer and started fondling Mistress’ most intimate apparel. My soft but throbbing sissy clit was leaving a wet stain on the front panel of my own pink bikini panties. Overcome by desire I scooped the panties from the drawer and spread them out on her bed. I fondled each panty slowly before gently sliding them up my legs and over my rounded hips. I tried on each and every pair of panties and decided which panties I liked best then I tried those panties on just one more time. I was just about to put them away and jump into the shower when I heard the front door open and close and I heard Mistress call my name! * * * When I heard her voice I froze. Panic swept through me. I could hear her high heels clicking on the terracotta tiled floors and it sounded like she was headed straight for her bedroom. There was no time to cover my tracks so I would just have to face the music. I was shaking like a leaf and my breaths came in short puffs. Standing there in her bedroom with my hair done, my makeup on and wearing my sexiest lingerie and high heels I felt totally vulnerable, scared to death but very, very excited. Since I was in doo doo up to my neck I decided to go all the way and so when she came through her bedroom door there I was kneeling right in the middle of her bed with her panties all around me while I clutched a flowered panty in my left hand, a pure white panty in my right hand and wearing a pair of her pastel blue lace panties. I must have looked like a deer caught in a car’s headlights because when she saw me she started to giggle. Through her laughter she was barely able to talk. “I knew you’d do something stupid if I gave you a chance. My darling Diane, you have made a mistake and you will be punished, and you will LIKE IT!” I couldn’t speak. I shook with fear. I dropped the panties I had been clutching to my chest and gingerly dismounted from her bed. I looked at the floor. “Mistress. I can explain…” “Explain? This is self explanitory! Come with me.” She turned and walked from the room and I followed her just like I was ordered to do. As she walked she began to tug at her clothing, first removing her blouse then her skirt. Finally she removed her half slip. Underneath her conservative clothing she had been wearing a bright red garter belt with black hose, black spike heeled pumps and a black camisol with a red bra underneath. Her panties were black and were see through sheer at the back and had red and black lace in the front. She stopped at a locked door and unlocked it with a key she wore around her neck.

The open door revealed a dark staircase leading down into the basement. She motioned me through the door then followed me down the unlit stairway down into the blackness of the basement. At the foot of the stairs Mistress flicked a switch and dim lights revealed a dungeon torture chamber. “Welcome home Diane my little slut! What do you think of your new play room?” My knees felt weak and I was so scared that I was shivering. I looked at her with a pleading look and I whimpered. I could feel my soft prick tingling in my Mistress’ silky smooth panties. From a hook by the foot of the stairs Mistress picked off a pair of handcuffs and quickly snapped them around my wrists with my hands in front. She lead me to the centre of the room where she hooked the hand cuffs over a large meat hook that was suspended from the ceiling. There were four mini spot lights shining down on me from four sides. Across the room Mistress switched on a big screen TV and there I was on closed circuit television. I watched on TV as Mistress took out a leather strap and came up behind me brandishing her weapon. I tried to speak but couldn’t. My voice was lost in the fear that washed over my consciousness. I wanted to beg for mercy but could only shriek with pain as I felt the white hot stab of pain from the leather strap as it lashed across my buttocks and thighs. She knew I was watching my whole ordeal on the television and she used my anticipation of the pain as a cruel joke. “Beg for forgiveness slut!” She commanded me.

The screaming from the beating had helped me to find my voice. I was sobbing uncontrollably. “Please, oh please Mistress. I’m sorry. I love you. Please don’t hit me anymore.” She lashed me quickly three more times then spoke. “Let that be a lesson to you. You will do as you are told at all times. Is that clear.” “Yes Mistress.” I blurted out between sobs. My tears had caused my makeup to run leaving black streaks down my pretty face. She unhooked me from the meat hook and led me, crying, to the stocks where she shackled my ankles before removing my handcuffs. With the cuffs off she bent me over and brought the heavy wooden beam down over my wrists and neck then locked me in. She touched a switch and the Television switched to a rear end view of me clamped in the stocks. Mistress was standing behind me in her exquisite lingerie. I could see that my butt and thighs were severely reddened from the beating I had just taken. She pulled the panties down to my knees and lubricated my butt with gel then inserted a butt plug. I felt a little pain as the plug pushed past my prostate which eased to an enjoyable full sensation as it seated into my anus. She snugged the panties back up over my hips, patted my bottom then left me alone in her dungeon. My derriere throbbed from the beating, I felt the constant pressure of the butt plug and I watched my panty covered ass on TV. I wiggled my butt for the camera and smiled to myself.

Some time later mistress came down to release me from my bondage. As much as it was kind of exciting to begin with, after several hours in the stocks I was feeling pretty stiff, sore and tired. Mistress had changed into a long, flowing, mauve negligee that hid nothing. It had a plunging neckline that accentuated her ample cleavage and it had short, blousing sleeves that came half way down her upper arm. Underneath she wore no panties and on her feet were high heeled slippers with a fuzzy mauve bow across the toes. I could see that Mistress liked to keep her pussy shaved. After releasing me she hugged me warmly and apologized for the beating she had given me. “I hope you will be a good little girl from now on.” I just snuggled up to her warm body. “I promise. Mistress, I promise to be good.” She led me upstairs to her large ensuite bathroom where she washed me in a warm shower and treated my bruised bottom with a salve and then put in a fresh butt plug. As she rubbed the salve into my cheeks she noticed that I had an erection so she gently stroked me off to orgasm. Then put me in a white baby doll nightie and tucked me into bed. She kissed me gently on the forehead. “We’ll take a couple of days off work now to get you settled. I think we have earned it. Good night Diane.” She turned off the light and paused a moment at the door to watch me fall asleep. The light from the hallway shone bright behind her and her silhouette from beneath the negligee was stunning.

The next few days we spent together were sheer heaven. We dressed each other up in lingerie, we played with each other and had many deep discussions. We also spent some time planning and ordering everything I would need to be happy with Mistress. My new bedroom was right next to Mistress’ and it was completely empty. It had thick white shag carpet on the floor and there was white wainscoting on the bottom third of the walls with the remaining two thirds covered in a pretty floral design of Pink Roses with Green stems. On the walls were impressionist paintings of country scenes filled with flowers, the frames were carved wood with gold leaf trim. On the wall opposite to the door was floor to ceiling paned glass with a pair of french doors in the middle. The windows and french doors opened out onto a sun drenched patio and large kidney shaped swimming pool. From the high ceiling hung an elegant crystal chandelier. The draperies were white sheers with tie backs. If there was ever anyone on the patio I would have no privacy at all. We stood together in the midst of the room, we had our arms around each others waist and all we wore was matching black garterbelts and black seam stockings with black spike heeled shoes that fastend with a small brass buckle high on the ankle. “Diane, would you please fondle my tits?” “Yes Mistress.” I immediately began to give her tits a thorough massage, kissing and nibbling on first one big hard nipple then the other. While I massaged her she spoke. “Well I think next we have to get you some furniture for this lovely room.” I stopped my sucking just long enough to agree. “Right then, get dressed and we’ll go to town to do a little shopping. Let’s go!” “Yes Mistress.” I said obediantly before going to the guest room to dress. When I got there I looked through the closets and drawers but could not find my clothes. In their place was a complete wardrobe of women’s clothing. All dresses and high heels. There were no slacks or sneakers. Just then I became aware that I was not alone. “Do you like your new wardrobe?” Mistress asked. I turned to see Mistress wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. “Yes Mistress, but…” I saw her arch her eyebrow, so I quickly changed tack . “…there are so many beautiful outfits to choose from, which would you like me to wear?” “Good girl. Here let me help you.” She obviously knew exactly what she wanted me to wear and had it laid out for me in moments. I just looked in horror at how she wanted me dressed to go out in public.

She laid out a pair of sheer pink panties and a pink lace pushup bra. Mistress directed me to put falsies into the bra, to pull the panties up snug and tuck my penis up between my legs. Next I wriggled into a pair of satin short shorts that were very snug. My panty lines were painfully obvious under the shorts. For a top to the outfit Mistress had selected a stretch cotton tee shirt that laced up the front and was trimmed with lace. It too was two sizes too small and when it was laced up you clould clearly see the pink bra underneath. The final touch was a pair of high heeled sandals. She helped me fix my makeup so that I looked completely slutty. “Let’s go.” I followed her out to her convertible Benz and she put the top down before we left. As we drove into town she made sure to drive along side as many big rigs as possible to give them an eyeful of the slut in the passenger’s seat. “How does it feel to be the object of men’s desire.”

“It feels very exciting.” I relaxed back into the leather seat and enjoyed the feel of the warm breeze as we drove into the city. We browsed through several upscale furniture stores before Mistress found what she was looking for. We talked to salesmen in all the stores and I could see them eyeing me closely. I wasn’t sure if they could tell that I was really a guy, if they knew they didn’t let on. I could see mistress watching me with a smile as the sales men ogled me. She was obviously enjoying my embarrassment as much as I was. When we finally started for home Mistress had ordered for me a big white canope bed a white carved wood dresser and my own vanity dresser with with a makeup mirror. Those first few days living together were sheer bliss. We decorated my room and every evening we sat out on the patio by the pool drinking wine. On the last night of our vacation before going back to work we talked about the office. “Mistress? What am I supposed to wear at the office?” I asked. “You won’t be going to the office any more. I have hired a new assistant who starts tomorrow.” She said it firmly and I couldn’t help but let my disappointment show. She caressed my cheek and continued.

“Diane, my sweet, I need you here to take care of me and the house. In the morning you will get up before me and be made up, dressed and have my coffee ready then wake me at seven and draw my bath and help me dress. Once I leave for the office your day is your own, all I ask is that you do all the housework and laundry. “ I nodded and begun to realize that this was going to work out fine. I smiled at her. “Now. On Mondays the gardeners are here, I expect you to make them coffee and lunch, and on Thursdays the pool boy comes around, I think you are going to like him.” She looked me in the eye and raised an eyebrow. “I’ve told them all about you.” She giggled and smiled at me. I could feel myself blushing. “Mistress…” I began. She just looked sternly at me. “I… I’m not sure…” She slapped me hard across the face and I began to cry. “I can’t…” She slapped me again and stood up abruptly and grabbed me by my hair and dragged me half stumbling into the house and down the stairs into the basement. She manacled my ankles to a spread board and cuffed my wrists to my ankles. I stood there doubled over with my legs spread apart and completely helpless. She reached up between my legs and with a jerk she ripped open the snaps in the crotch of my white silk and lace teddy. Then she pulled out an eight inch dildo which she lubed up and plunged deep into my anus. She worked the dildo in and out of me violently while she scolded me for talking back to her. She finished by pushing the dildo all the way in and then snapping the crotch of my teddy back together to keep it from pushing out. Then she spanked me smartly over and over with one hand while with the other she roughly fondled my sissy clit though my sexy, silky teddy. She kept on spanking and rubbing me until I came then she left me alone, spent and bound to the spreadboard.

She went up stairs, turned out the light and the last thing I heard was the key in the lock as the deadbolt slid into place. Some time later she came and released me from the spread board and led me, totally subdued, up to my bath where she withdrew the dildo and cleaned me with a warm soapy wash cloth. She helped me into a frilly pink baby doll nightie and matching pink panty then tucked me into my big canope bed. Before she left the room she laid out my clothes for tomorrow and kissed me on the forehead. She turned out the light and closed the door and I fell asleep with my asshole still tingling from the fucking she had given me.

The alarm clock bell woke me at five-thirty. It was still dark outside and I pushed myself out of bed and into a bubble bath. After toweling off and patting myself with perfumed body powder I went to my makeup desk and began to apply my makeup. I put it on thick and slutty just like Mistress showed me. Today I wore purple eye shadow and hot pink lipstick. I teased out my blond hair and put on a liberal coat of hairspray and then turned my attention to the outfit that Mistress laid out for me. First I put on the white silk underwire bra with lace trim an adjusted it into place, followed by the matching white lace garter belt and sheer pink stockings. I slipped on the pink panties and matching pink camisole and finished with the knee high, hot pink leather, high heeled go go boots. I looked at myself in the mirror and felt my soft dick tingle. The woman that looked back at me from the mirror was a total slut. As directed I made coffee and a light breakfast for my Mistress then went quietly into her room to wake her. I gave her coffee while I ran her bath. She ate toast and fruit while I bathed her.

While she put on her make up I got her clothes ready, a conservative gray flannel jacket and skirt and a semi sheer white silk blouse with a ruffled collar and ruffles at the sleeve. For underneath I picked out a matching purple bra and garter belt. Purple hose, camisole and half slip. For her panties I picked out a bright floral print bikini panty. When she came out of the bathroom with her makeup and hair done I refilled her coffee cup. She nodded her approval at the outfit I had selected for her. I helped her dress. Neither of us spoke. She was just about to walk out the front door when she reminded me that the gardeners would be here at nine and for me to bring them coffee at ten and lunch at noon. My mouth went dry and my heart started beating quick as I thought about having to serve the gardeners dressed like a slut. My penis started to swell and it pressed against my sliky smooth panties. I felt very horney. “Yes Mistress.” “And don’t you get any ideas about changing out of those clothes. You look just the way I want you to look for the gardeners.” “Yes Mistress.” I said it in a resigned tone of voice which reflected my feelings. I knew better than to disobey my Mistress.” After she left for work I made myself toast and coffee then quickly tidied up the breakfast dishes. After doing the dishes I went to my makeup desk and touched up my mascara, eye shadow, lipstick and then powdered my nose. I started some laundry and on my way back to the kitchen I heard the sound of a lawn mower in the back garden. They were here! What was going to happen? I snuck into the kitchen and spied on them through the french doors that lead out to the sun drenched patio. There were three of them and they all looked very young and very fit.

Just looking at those young stud muffins made me totally horny. It didn’t take long for me to decide that this was going to be their favorite job. * * * Pretending that I took no notice of them I began making a fresh batch of coffee cake and a fresh pot of coffee. I could tell that I was distracting them from their work and I pretended not to notice. Fact is their gawking was making me all the more horny and I had a huge wet spot in the front of my panties where my soft dick pressed against the smooth pink nylon panel at the front of my panties. As the sun warmed up the day, one by one, they took off their t-shirts to reveal nicely muscled and smooth chests. Right on the stroke of ten I went out through the french doors onto the patio. “Coffee time!” I said it loud and as feminine as possible. One by one they made their way over to the table where I had set out coffee and they plopped down into chairs. None of them spoke they just stared at me and I could tell by the bulges in their jeans that they were turned on. Surely they could see that I was a guy in drag, they had to notice the penis in the panties and the wet spot on the panties. “Who wants cream and sugar in their coffee.” I looked from one to the other and one boy nodded the other two shook their heads. I fixed their coffee and gave them each a large piece of fresh coffee cake and then I stood by and watched them eat. For the longest time no one spoke and I felt very self conscious and very embarrassed. My soft little dick ached for attention. Finally one of them spoke. “Beverly said we’d like her live in maid when she hired us. I can now understand why she wanted to be sure that we were gay.” I blushed. In a timid voice I asked. “Is everything OK? I mean do you like what you see?” I courtsied to them and looked at the ground for a moment then lifted my eyes to look each of them in the eye. I smiled coyly and then stood up and went back into the kitchen to start making lunch. I felt their eyes follow me into the house and I made sure to wag my ass for them in a very seductive manner.

They finished their coffee and got back to work but they stayed close to the back of the house and kept a close eye on me. Just before I served lunch I disappeared into my bathroom and douched out my rectum then lubed it up well with KY gel. I also put on a pair of crotchless white panties trimmed with pink lace. I served them lunch with my shaved sissy clit hanging out and their eyes were glued to it. I stood to one side and watched them as they ate the tuna sandwiches, drank lemonade and finished the last of the coffee cake. As I stood there, getting more horny by the minute, droplets of pre cum were forming on the tip of my rigid and tingling prick before they fell on the patio where I stood. By the time they finished lunch I had formed quite a wet spot on the concrete between my hot pink, high heeled gogo boots. I gently fondled my penis and whimpered. That was all they needed. Next thing I know they are all over me with their hands. They smelled of sweat and new mown grass and I found the aroma entoxicating. I was putty in their hands. One of them quickly bent me over and entered my butt. It felt so good to have is rock hard cock sliding deep up my slippery ass. Another stood in front of me and while I was getting fucked like a bitch in heat I undid the fly and button on his jeans and released his hard prick so that I could greedily suck it up. The third boy leaned forward and grabbed my penis with his rough hand and started jerking me off hard. I came all over the pavement then they lined up behind me and took turns banging me up the ass. I just held onto the back of a patio chair for dear life and moaned and gasped as they took me. It didn’t take long for them to be finished with me and one by one they left me and went back to work. The last thing they did before leaving was to hose down the patio where I had come all over it. I really, really like Mondays and look forward to them all week long. That night Mistress came home early and had a man friend with here. I had never seen her with another man and had assumed that she loved me. The guy was tall dark and handsome and was obviously a body builder. “Diane, I’d like you to meet Dirk. He’s from the health club and I invited him over for dinner.”

I averted my eyes and courtsied to Dirk. Mistress called to me from her bedroom while she changed. “Fix dirk a drink will you and then start supper. We want to eat on the patio at seven. And Diane, for christ’s sake stop staring at him and put on your maid’s uniform. You look like a horney little SLUT!” Got Dirk a scotch and soda then went to my bedroom to put on my maids outfit. I quickly slipped out of my lingerie and then touched up my make up. After freshening my makeup I put on a black garter belt with black line hose. I slipped into a white lacey bra and lacy white panties. I tugged up my crinoline and then slipped into a tight black satin maids dress that had a low plunging neckline trimmed in white lace, just like the cuffs on the long sleeves, and a short skirt the stood out over top of my fluffy white crinoline. I checked my self in the mirror and was pleased to see that my skirt only half covered my panty clad butt. I went into the kitchen to prepare the meal and could see that Mistress had changed and was out entertaining her friend. I felt a twinge of jealousy as she overtly flirted with Dirk. She was wearing a bright red mini dress that was way too small. Underneath she wore a red bra and garterbelt and black hose with a red line up the back and on her feet were red patent leather pumps with the highest heel imaginable. She squirmed on his lap and her skirt had hiked up to reveal her red silk panties. I served them stuffed mushroom caps with Chardonnay for appetizers. Baked Filet Mignon in a red wine sauce along with asparagus and Hollandaise sauce. And along with the main course I poured them goblets full of hearty merlot. It started getting dark and I lit the candles on the table. The air was warm and the night was still. Mistress and Dirk looked fabulous together and I got horney just watching them. For desert I served them flaming cherries jubilee and ice wine. After dinner Mistress led Dirk into the multimedia room where she pulled a VHS tape from her brief case. My mistress commanded me to stand and watch as she and Dirk cuddled on the couch in front of me. Mistress pressed the play button on the remote control and there I was! Surrounded by the gardeners getting gang banged. I was so embarrased that I must have turned several shades of red as I watched myself come onto the patio. Mistress called over her shoulder to me. “You see Diane, I told you I’d know if you changed out of the clothes I put out for you. Good girl you will be rewarded.”

The video ended a few minutes later and mitress stood up from the couch and stood in front of Dirk. She pulled her red dress off over her head. She looked so beautiful with her red hair and full cleavage bound up in a tight pushup bra. She held out her hand to Dirk who took it gently. He stood beside her and helped her out of her red silk panties and then down onto the couch where she spread her legs wide open. She grasped her own ankles. “Diane! Fuck me!” She moaned as she spoke. Surprised I minced around the couch and slipped out of my white panties. Dirk came over and slowly rubbed me until I had a raging hard on. Mistress looked at my meat greedily and at the peak of my rigidity she commanded me. “Put it in. Now!” I slid into her warm wet cunt. I rested my forearms on the back of the couch so that I could look into her face. This was a dream come true. We looked each other in the eyes as I fucked her long and slow. I had forgotten all about Dirk until I felt his fingers lubing up my ass. He slowly, gently and thoroughly greased my ass then slid his long prick into me and pushed hard to bury it home in my ass and to push me deep into mistress’s vagina. He pulled his dick out of me slowly and as he did my own penis pulled slowly from mistress. Mistress and I stared deeply into each other’s eyes. “That’s it…” she purred. “Let Dirk do all the work.” I relaxed my body to let Dirk’s long stroking motions fuck us both. I kept my arms on the back of the couch so that I could stare deeply into Mistress’s eyes. “I love you.” I said in a dreamy voice and arched my back as Dirk pushed his hard prick into me with another long slow stroke. “And I love you too, Diane.” She purred back to me. Dirk slowly increased speed until he was slamming into me hard and fast and had me slamming equally as hard into mistress’s pussy. After about twenty minutes of this we all came together. Dirk then quickly and quietly pulled out of me dressed and left my still shuddering body deep inside mistress who herself was still quaking from an intense orgasm. That night we dressed in matching blue baby doll nighties and went to bed together in her room. I made love to her twice more before dawn. Mistress let me sleep in that next morning and brought me breakfast in bed but before I ate she strapped on an 8 inch dildo, she butt fucked me and berated me for the panty slut that I was. *

So that’s pretty much how I live now. I never know when Mistress is going to come up with a new and creative ways for me to get fucked. Why even just last week Mistress reminded me that the new Pool Boy, the old one was too boring so Mistress fired him, was coming that day and that he would be here in a half an hour. “Half an hour? “ I said, my fear rising in my breast. “A half hour!” I said to myself. I rushed into my ensuite bathroom and went straight for the shower, I had no time for a bath now. I knew that if I wasn’t ready when the pool boy got there that I’d be severely punished. I quickly shampooed, cleansed my face and washed my body in a cool soapy shower and then quickly towelled dry with an oversize floral towel. The sunlamp in the ceiling kept me warm as I put on my make up, heavy on the pastel pink eyeshadow and ruby red lipstick then on with a heavy coat of mascara and all touched up with powder. I studied myself in the mirror. “Perfect!” I gave myself a little wink then looked at my bouleva watch and saw that I had 15 minutes to do my hair and get dressed. With my hair still wet I pulled out the mousse and hairdryer and got to work. When I finished brushing out my mane I glanced at my watch. Five minutes to dress! “Ooooh! I hope he’s late.” I said to my self in an excited whisper. I quickly pulled on a pair of pastel pink stay-up hose with a lacey elastic top and a bright red line at the back that ran from the heel to the thigh band. I slipped into a pink satin teddy with red lace trim all around. I snugged my soft penis into place and snapped up the crotch. I slipped into a pair of spike heeled sandals with an open toe. Stood up and was looking in the mirror straightening my stockings when Mistress poked her head in and said: “He’s here! Now get out there!” I knew I had to comply or face the consequences. My heart raced in my chest and my breath came in short gasps. I was so excited I could hardly breath. I slowly turned from my make up table to look out the window. Mistress pulled back the curtain and standing in the open doorway was Pool Boy. He was a huge black boy around 20. I learned later that he was a defensive end for the local state college football team. He was six foot six and weighed two hundred and seventy eight pounds. He looked like a body builder and his muscles bulged out from his muscle shirt. And that’s all he wore! I tell you at that moment my eyes transfixed on his prick. It was the most gorgeous piece of 12 inch circumcised meat you’d ever want to slip your lips around. I immediately dropped to my knees in front of him and took his flaccid cock in my mouth. While I was giving the blow job of my life I felt my mistress lubing up my butt, balls and penis. She used three fingers to make sure there was plenty of gel in my butt. I was making loud slurping noises while I sucked him until he was ramrod straight. Mistress backed away and pulled out a video camera. She videotaped me getting the brains soundly fucked out of me in most every position. His cock was like a piston pounding into me and with his big left hand he jerked off my slippery little sissy clit. After each position change mistress re greased my butt and penis before he went back to fucking me. When he came it felt like a fire hose gushing warm fluid deep inside of me.

I guess by now you have got the impression that I am a total slut just living from one gang bang to the next? Well you are right! I don’t know how long it can last, it can’t live forever, but for now I’m the happiest little TV Slut in the world. Well, gotta go now, it is Thursday so you know what that means? Yes. Pool boy is coming by but this time he’s bringing the rest of the defensive line. They may be on the field on Sundays but they are deep in me on Thursdays. Bye for now...

Mistress Julie welcomes all slaves.  I'm a superior, dominant female (femdom, Mistress, Dominatrix) who enjoys the thrill of  BDSM, mind control, power exchange and female supremacy.   I was a professional dominatrix for 10 years, and have been online with this site since 1994.

I adore submissive men (slaves) who want to submit to a superior, intelligent female, such as myself.   I am for real, and expect you to be also.  My dungeon play will include CBT (cock and ball torture) using iron maidens, cock stocks, chastity devices, steel & leather parachutes, cock rings, ball stretchers, humblers and weights!!  Nipple play  Nipple clamps, alligator clamps, clips, vibrating clips, weights, fire cupping sets.

My bondage methods include body binders, wrist and ankle restraints, collars, leather body straps, lots of rope, posture collars, bondage mitts/sleeves, body bags, straight jackets, racks, St. Andrews crosses, cages, jail cells and more! Sensory Deprivation  masks, hoods (leather, latex, rubber), blindfolds, gas masks, gags, sensory deprivation chamber and unit.  

I'm a bitch when it comes to corporal punishment using cat o nine tails, floggers (rubber, leather, horse hair, suede), paddles (wooden, leather), whips (single tails, bull whips, dog quirts), Tawse, crops, canes, birches, vipers, straps and more!  I love watching slaves sweat when I pull out the electro torture supplies I've accumulated.  TENS Units, Folsom Units, Cattle Prods, EROS Tek and lots of goodies to hook up to cock and balls, nipples, asses, tongues... :)

This site incorporates female domination,  S&M, BDSM and fetish, along with giving you a severe mental mind fucking and much much more...  AND AS SUCH, if you dare enter this site, make sure you know that not only am I  going to pry, probe and force my way into your boring little world, but I WILL do outrageous, shameful, embarrassing things to you, or convince you to do them to yourself. Realize that by entering my members only sections, you are in effect agreeing to submit yourself to me.  You will not hold me liable for any damage that may occur as a result.  I plan to completely fuck up your pathetic existence that you now call your life..... but in the end it will all be worth it ;-)

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