Femdom Stories from Ms Julie

Female Domination - Mexican Style



Madame Diane led me into a large auditorium which was empty.
is my second favorite part of the training, and it is doubtless the
most erotic. By now he believes everything we tell him."

"What have you told him?" I asked.

"Well, this goes back to the belly dance. It was originally done
in the harem by women who had to dance in competition to get the
attention of the master, to arouse him into wanting to have sex with
her. How disgusting! Well, we've turned it around. Lois, the one in
leather, has told him that if he did not get $100 in tips put into his
clothes, he would be strapped to that board and whipped from behind."

I looked at the board. It had sharp nails protruding from it so
that if he recoiled from the whip, he would be cut. "That," I said,
looks particularly vicious."

"No more than what men have done to women," she said. "Also, he
has been able to talk to another guy for the first time in a month,
but he doesn't know he is one of our well-trained slaves. He has
him horrifying stories of men mutilated on that board, so I'm sure he
will give a good performance."

Then the women began to file into the auditorium, about two
hundred, all in a very festive mood. They talked and chatted for a
while as drinks were served and soon became impatient. Then the
lights went out and the music started, the theme from 2001. The
came on and out came Danny.

Danny began to dance. The music faded and drums took over. He
seemed to fall in with the rhythm of the jungle drums. "The drug we
gave him," whispered Diana, "makes it impossible for him to ignore the

Danny began to strip and soon peeled down to a pair of scanty
briefs, buttocks exposed. He moved close to the frantic women
and leaned over backward as they put bills into his crotch, some
grabbing a feel as they did so. The mood was intense and the women
were wild.

Danny moved back and pulled off the suit, leaving him with only a
posing strap to cover his nudity. After the last lesson, he didn't
care about that, only about getting more bills. The women shouted
poses and postures for him to assume and he did them, never missing a
beat. It was wonderful and captivating, animal like energy and
And Danny was lean and muscular, not an ounce of fat on him, and
muscle seemed to offer itself to the nearest woman, and all in time
the be at of the drums. Again, I found myself as horny as I've ever
been, and Danny kept on.

Soon, he was only five dollars away, and writhed on his back,
holding the elastic of the posing strap with one hand and his other
palm out to the audience. A fat drunk woman held out the $5 he
and he pulled off his strap and gave it to her. He then ran toward to
box to deposit it as the women stormed the stage. They piled on top
him, but he had made his quota. They poked him, pulled his prick,
stuck their fingers up his ass, but he relaxed and let them have their
way, for he had made his quota.

"You see, he feels no desire to run. He is just happy he has
what we told him to do. A far cry from that afternoon in the
apartment, eh?" said Diana with pride.

"But now there is no spirit," I said, "doesn't that defeat your

"Ah, but he is spirited enough to do whatever we say to please
no matter how hard it is. That's the spirit we want," she said as she
blew a whistle. In came ten women dressed in the leather costumes and
cleared the pile of women and led Danny away. His eyes were glazed,
but he smiled faintly.



"This is Madame Diana's favorite part, the horse training part,"
said Mistress Kathy. "She got the idea from a magazine article she
a few years ago, and refined it into an art. She really believes in
and supervises the training personally."

We were in a medium sized room, off to the side. I had been told
to stay out of the way, keep my mouth shut, and not to interfere.

Danny was led, naked, into the room by a leash attached to a
collar around his neck. He smiled. "Hands and feet, slave!" shouted
Diana as she cracked a riding crop against his face, "and wipe that
smile off your face!"

"I only aim to please," said Danny, and instantly Diana was on
like a woman possessed, wailing away with the crop.

"Never speak to me! Horses don't speak! Hands and knees!" And
Danny kneeled down.

"Now for the bit and bridle," she announced. It was nothing more
than a long, blue piece of string. She wrapped it around his cock and
balls, then pulled either end of it across his chest and over his
shoulders. She then sat on his back and gave a sharp tug. I could
him wince.

"One means to go forward, another to stop. If I pull on the
string, like this," as she gave another sharp tug on one side, "it
means to go right. If I pull one the left, like this, go left. Now
go!" she said as she tugged again and Danny began to walk on his
and knees with Diana astride him."

Kathy whispered to me. "Actually Danny's very lucky."

As I saw Danny, muscles straining, I wondered how he could
be considered lucky.

"Madame Diana has two kinds of horses, riding and pulling. Danny
is for riding. However, he will be given some training in pulling,
then you will see."

At that, Madame Diana gave another tug, and Danny stopped. "Hold
your head up," she said, as she gave him a whack of his exposed
buttocks, "and act like a horse, not a cow," and she gave him two more
before he held his head up.

"You need to remember at all times that your nothing but a horse;
perhaps this will help you," she said as the one in leather handed her
a foot long stick with hair attached to one end.

"This is your tail," she said and proceeded to stick the end of
into his ass. It wouldn't go at first, so she put some oil on it and
then twisted and turned it.

"Loosen up," she barked as she lashed him with the small riding
crop. He tried, and the stick went in. She then sat on his back
and gave the tug. She rode him out the door and I heard applause
coming from outside.

I looked at Kathy. "You haven't seen our race track yet," she
said. "Come with me."

We went out the other door and around the building, up some
stairs, and we were in the grandstand overlooking the racetrack.
Actually, there were two tracks, a longer, smooth track on the
and a shorter, cinder covered one on the inside. I saw Danny on his
hands and knees, Madame Diana, dressed in riding clothes, astride him.
Next to him was another "horse" and rider. In the center was the same
board I had seen at the dance performance, but with different looking
needles. I wondered at this, but soon I heard a shot. They were off!

The women in the stands were screaming and shouting for their
favorite. The race was neck and neck for awhile until Danny stumbled.
Madame Diana reacted promptly by slashing her whip, not against her
mount, but the face of the other rider who fell off. Danny
straightened out and continued and the other rider remounted and began
to whip her mount. It was an exciting contest, made more so by the
screaming a shouting of the women fans. In the end, Mistress Diana

"This victory means about 20% more in fees she can charge, and it
is a loss for Madame Fagan. To regain respect, she will punish her
mount. This could have happened to our subject," explained Kathy.

At this point, the other man was strapped facing the needles.
Madame Fagan took a whip and began to lash him. As he recoiled from
the whip, his body was thrown against the sharp needles. He recoiled
only to meet the whip again. Then flinching toward the needles, and
back again. The women watching were quieter than I expected, then I
noticed that they all had their hands between their legs, masturbating
as they watched the agony and destruction of this man.



That was not to be the end of Danny's training. "He is now to be
trained for the penis pull. He has seen what happens to a looser, and
will try hard," said Kathy.

Danny came out again, walking on two feet, led by Madame Diana by
the string attacked to his cock and balls. Danny stood at attention
the cinder track as Madame tightened the plastic string and then
attached the other end to what look a bit like a Roman Chariot. She
got in the chariot and shouted "Walk backward!" Danny tried, but the
pain made it difficult.

A lash from a long whip caught him across the chest and he tried
again, this time pulling the chariot by his penis. I could see the
agonized look on his face, almost feel the tremendous pain he must be
experiencing, and was also aroused against my will.

He had to pull the cart around the entire track without uttering
sound, and do it within a certain time. "He's lucky this in only a
demonstration. If he was trained for this, rather than the race, and
he lost, he would be hung from his penis until he fell unconscious or
until it ripped off. Both have happened. As it is, if he doesn't
make it, there is a punishment."

Danny strained, moving backward, along the track. I had always
noticed his upper body muscles, but now his thighs became tight and
muscular as well. I could see him begin to sweat from the strain and
could see the agony in his face. Every second I thought his cock
be pulled out of its socket, but he managed to continue.

I looked around and noticed for the first time that there were
some men as well in the stands. Cameras were flashing, movie cameras
were out, as well as videos. Many of the fans had their hands between
their legs and other were shouting. Madame Diana whipped Danny again
and he began to move faster. Time was running out, and she didn't
to loose her investment. One more lash, and Danny made it across the
finish line and then doubled over in pain, clutching at his groin. As
he did, those in the stands reached their own climaxes and Danny was
carried out by the arms.
"Now he'll rest for a few days, and then on to other things,
"Kathy said.



So far, I had felt that I was a reporter and did not have any
obligation to intervene or tell the police. In fact, I had the duty
protect my sources. However, I had also had second thoughts because I
had become horny not a few time during this story. Still, I thought I
could justify it to myself for professional reasons. Then Madame
summoned me to her office.

I had never seen her office before. It was a luxurious, business
like place, except for the pictures hanging on the wall depicting men
in various stages of nudity and servitude, nakedness and agony. She
motioned for me to sit down.

"Each man I train must be able to serve his mistress well. I can
break him in so that he has the desire to serve. I can strip him of
all dignity and resistance. I can build his body and control his
brain. The one think I can't do, however, is see how he functions
there," she said pointing off somewhere.

"So how can you guarantee he will please?" I asked.

"Trial run," she said. "Mistress Kathy has told me that you have
been looking at our stud with more than, shall I say, a professional
interest? I see. Well, I am offering him to you for one night, free
of charge. Throw a party, invite your friends, and have him there as
servant. All I ask is a full report, complete with any complaint from
anyone he fails to please. The only restriction is that the party be
all-female. My client is very particular that her stud be clean."

"But my friends are all in Chicago, San Francisco, and New York,"
I pointed out.

"We will fly them down here," she said, "Perhaps I can arrange
a series of parities starring some of my other trainees as well. The
expense will be recovered from the rentals, anyway," she said.

I agreed and left her office.

I then went to my room and began to think. I had already agreed,
so that wasn't the point. I just seemed to me that I was getting
deeper and deeper into something I hadn't expected to. I went
downstairs to the booth by the gym. Through the one-way mirror I
see him working out, being put through his paces by the woman in the
military garb. He was about six feet tall, 195 pounds. His hair was
light brown, and his body was shaved clean. His face was handsome,
what I noticed most was his body. Not an ounce of fat on it, and his
muscles stood out as he strained them under her watchful eye. His
pectorals at the benchpress and butterfly, his biceps doing curls, his
ripped thighs at the leg extension machine, and his abdominals at
several exercises, leg raises being the sexiest.

How could I pass up this opportunity, I thought to myself, and
went beck to my room to send out the invitations and then to plan the
agenda, leaving room for suggestions. I invited only the horniest and
most aggressive of my friends, but still there would be twenty or
thirty at the party. I could hardly wait!

The End

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