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Female Domination - Mexican Style

My name is Kathleen Krekovitch and I am a free-lance reporter.
The following story is one which few will believe because it is so
unusual, but it is nonetheless true.

Female domination is far more widespread than imagined. I
to get an extended interview with one of the best known and certainly
the most wealthy of the Mistresses in Mexico. The interview cost
thousand dollars, which I thought was a lot, but it turns out that
this is about the fee for a one-week lease. Her name is Madame Diane
and she operates in Mexico because she gets less interference with
police as they are easier to bribe than those in the United States.
Even so, the majority of her clientele are wealthy American women.
She trains male slaves.

"There is a technique to it," she said, "but that technique
depends greatly upon the individual male involved. The main thing is
that he has to learn that all of his vaunted strength and supposed
intellect, what a laugh, are but there to serve a woman better. Let
me show you."

She took me to an apartment complex and I had a view of the
courtyard from behind a one-way mirror. "We will take you through the
stages of training one we have selected for an actress in California.
The subject lifts weights and is careful with his health, except on
Friday nights when he drinks. We have been planning this abduction
capture for a month now, and today is the day we get him. He was up
late last night and now will shower and appear in the sun below. You
may take notes, but be careful not to interfere or you will regret



It was one of those cool but sunny days, just a few days before
summer officially ended. He had been up late the night before having
few drinks and watching the baseball game on T.V. and whatever else
followed. About 11:00 he woke, took a brief shower, put on his brief
posing suit, and stretched out in the sun, hoping to relax for a while
as his head cleared.

About an hour later, he began to hear some feminine giggles and
activity from the apartment above. He looked up, but only saw the
of balconies with some stereos playing off in the distance. Nothing
special, he thought. He closed his eyes again and then heard some
doors sliding open.

At that point, he looked up and saw one of the girls in the
apartment above him sort of toss a glass of water over the balcony and
leave quickly as the water landed on his chest. He simply moved his
blanket over and away a few feet to avoid further accidents and
heard "what did he do?"

"He just moved away."

Then they began to talk among themselves a bit, but he couldn't
make out what they said. he was about to give up the whole thing when
one of them put her head over the railing and said "Hi. Isn't it

"Not really, why'd you throw water on me?"

"That was my room-mate. Does that tanning-blanket get you more

"I don't know, but it's a lot easier to clean," he said.

She went back into her apartment, and he thought that was the
of it and closed his eyes again. Suddenly, he felt something again,
something rough to his skin. He looked and saw ropes across his
chest. He started to get up and was pulled to the side and to the
ground again. They had thrown a net on him and had pulled it tight.
No matter how he tried, he just got himself tied up more tightly.

Then about ten or twelve of them came from various locations and
together they pulled him along the ground, gathered up the top ropes,
fastened them to a hook suspended from the roof, lifted him upward,
swung him into one of the apartments.

The doors and windows were shut, but it was very bright inside.
"Stop struggling" said one of them as she prodded him with an electric
cattle prod.

"We need to see how much you like the water," she said. Other
giggled and a few laughed, pushing one another. He was lifted a bit
into the air and into a glass cage filled with ice-water. He could
feel the water bite into his muscles and then began to shiver. Still,
they kept him in and he began to feel the ropes tighten.

He passed out, because the next thing he knew was that he was on
his back on a platform on the floor. As he began to move, he felt a
sharp sting on his arm and one of the girls said "be careful. Don't
move unless you want to get cut bad." He saw what she meant. He was
surrounded by sharp pointed knives thrusting up from inside the
platform. If he moved, he would be cut.

"Now we get to see how much self-control you have. That is a
nice, brief, sexy, suit you've got on. Where'd you get it?"

He started to look around again, but she said "No, that's why
brought you up here. When we talk, you answer." She then began to
a large feather up and down his legs. He wanted to draw back from it,
but wanted to avoid the blades. This agony continued for a long time
and the sweat began to cover him.

"I guess he needs to be cooled off," another said, and ice water
hit him. He didn't dare move. He lay there, afraid to move a muscle
for hours, while the girls discussed what to do with him. All of them
seemed excited and all had ideas, some more cruel than the other.
Finally, a compromise was decided upon.

"We've decided to give you a shave," one said, and she pulled out
a razor and sharpened it on a leather strap. She began with his
then his legs, and then pulled down his suit to get his pubic hair
one said "why not try my way?" as the others agreed loudly.

Her way was to pull the hairs out one at a time. The pain from
each was intense and he had to remain completely still because of the
knives, but the cumulative pain was even more vicious. This torment
went on for hours it seemed and, when it was over, he simply lay there

"Just like a puppy dog spanked for being naughty," said one, and
this gave an idea to some of the others.

"I think we should keep him!"


"Keep him. Like a pet."

"You mean a slave, a captive slave."


All of them thought this was a good idea, and began to confer
about it.

Soon, two of them tossed ropes around his neck and one said "Now
we are going to let you up. You will listen and obey or experience
great pain."

Then the knives disappeared into the platform but, before he was
able to relax, he was told to stand. "Drink this," said one.

He asked "What is it?" and felt a sharp vibrating sting on his

"Do as we say," she said, and he obeyed.



He awoke in another place, not the apartment. He later learned
that it was the mansion belonging to one of the girl's father who was
out of the country at the time. He noticed that he was wearing a
suit. He began to look around when a tall, husky looking woman came
in, dressed in military garb.

"I will be in charge of your physical fitness. You will do as
are told or be punished. If you do well, you will be rewarded. We may
even take you out for a walk if you make exceptional progress." She
held a whip in her hand to back up her authority.

He began to look around but she said "I wouldn't try to escape
he were you. All the windows are barred and the building is
by guard dogs. Also, each of is armed in one way or another. Now it
is time for you to begin your workout." He was led to the gym.

The gym had the usual equipment, but added were several video
cameras which were operated by some of the same girls he saw at the
apartment. There were also some other pieces of equipment he was
unfamiliar with, but which soon would become all too well-known to

"It is time for you to start," she said, and pointed to one of
stations. Each time, as he approached his limit, she shouted that he
had to do one more and, if he didn't, the sharp cattle prod hit him.
He was soon exhausted and his muscles sore. He had never worked out
this intensely before.

"Second time around," she barked, and he looked at her in
disbelief. He could hardly move. She pointed again to the
and he laid down and tried to lift once again, but was unable to move
the bar even an inch.

"I guess you need to learn what happens when you don't go all out
for us," she said, and ordered him to stand up, which he could barely

The video cameras were running as he was ordered to take off his
jacket. At first he refused, but she held a whip and he knew that she
was ready to use it. Then the pants. One at a time he was told to
remove the shoes, socks, shirt, and shorts. He was wearing only a
posing suit, but this one was yellow -- he had never seen it before.
"We hope you like the color," she said.

"NOW GIRLS," she shouted and ten or so came in through the door
and pulled him over to one of the machines he had wondered about, a
large wheel-like device with four loops, one at each end to form a

The girls forced his wrists and ankles into each of the loops and
they were drawn tight. He tried to struggle, but after the long, two-
hour workout, he was weaker than even two of them, much less ten
working together.

Then the loops were drawn tight and he was stretched
on that cursed wheel. The wheel spun a few times. "That was to let
you know what could be coming," said one who just entered wearing
leather slacks and a jacket.

"O.K. girls, now is the time for your suggestions, put them into
this hat. The best one wins."

The girls began to write and then put their suggestions into the
hat. She read each one, and they applauded. The one that got the
loudest applause won. He was very frightened when two suggestions in
particular got loud cheers, both of which would involve permanent
disfigurement. He could hardly believe being relieved at the
suggestions that won.

First he received ten lashes on the legs, arms, chest and
midsection with a short, thick whip. Then the loops were drawn apart
more sharply. As he was stretched taut, two girls began a wrestling
match. It was particularly vicious, although he didn't see all of it
since he almost passed out from the strain on his legs particularly.
Finally, one ripped off the other's bra and pinned her and the
defeated one was led outside. The victor approached him and put her
finger around the waistband of the yellow suit. She pulled sharply
and ripped it off, leaving a yellow posing strap. The cameras moved
in. She then teased his prick until it pushed at the strap which she
pulled off. She then pulled out some elastic and wrapped it around
his cock and balls and began to suck on his prick. She continued
until he was ready to come against his will and then stopped and
to the one in leather.

This time he received fifteen lashes on each spot and his skin
red. She also pulled out the prod and ran it up his legs and down his
chest. The sweat again began to pour down his body.

The winner came up to him again and started over, this time
inserting something up his rear. This object had a long wire attached
to it and the other end was fastened to a box with a lever on it. As
she began to tease his cock and it rose again to full height, she
pushed the lever slowly and he felt a sting pain in his bowels and
became soft again. This was repeated over and over, much to the
perverted delight to those bitches just sitting there enjoying his
agony. She aroused him again and began to bite him in little nibbles.
With this, the bitches wanted to join in, but she jumped on him, held
his shoulders and wrapped her feet around his legs and slid up and
on him until she came, but the elastic still held him stiff as others
did the same. Finally, after ten of them had finished with him, the
one with the leather came and undid the elastic. She put her hand
around his prick and he came.

To be continued...

Mistress Julie welcomes all slaves.  I'm a superior, dominant female (femdom, Mistress, Dominatrix) who enjoys the thrill of  BDSM, mind control, power exchange and female supremacy.   I was a professional dominatrix for 10 years, and have been online with this site since 1994.

I adore submissive men (slaves) who want to submit to a superior, intelligent female, such as myself.   I am for real, and expect you to be also.  My dungeon play will include CBT (cock and ball torture) using iron maidens, cock stocks, chastity devices, steel & leather parachutes, cock rings, ball stretchers, humblers and weights!!  Nipple play  Nipple clamps, alligator clamps, clips, vibrating clips, weights, fire cupping sets.

My bondage methods include body binders, wrist and ankle restraints, collars, leather body straps, lots of rope, posture collars, bondage mitts/sleeves, body bags, straight jackets, racks, St. Andrews crosses, cages, jail cells and more! Sensory Deprivation  masks, hoods (leather, latex, rubber), blindfolds, gas masks, gags, sensory deprivation chamber and unit.  

I'm a bitch when it comes to corporal punishment using cat o nine tails, floggers (rubber, leather, horse hair, suede), paddles (wooden, leather), whips (single tails, bull whips, dog quirts), Tawse, crops, canes, birches, vipers, straps and more!  I love watching slaves sweat when I pull out the electro torture supplies I've accumulated.  TENS Units, Folsom Units, Cattle Prods, EROS Tek and lots of goodies to hook up to cock and balls, nipples, asses, tongues... :)

This site incorporates female domination,  S&M, BDSM and fetish, along with giving you a severe mental mind fucking and much much more...  AND AS SUCH, if you dare enter this site, make sure you know that not only am I  going to pry, probe and force my way into your boring little world, but I WILL do outrageous, shameful, embarrassing things to you, or convince you to do them to yourself. Realize that by entering my members only sections, you are in effect agreeing to submit yourself to me.  You will not hold me liable for any damage that may occur as a result.  I plan to completely fuck up your pathetic existence that you now call your life..... but in the end it will all be worth it ;-)

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