Femdom Stories from Ms Julie

MADAM HO: A "lebny" story (F/M, Femdom, Inter)

"Good Morning Michael!" my neighbour called cheerfully.
"Morning Chrissie." I mumbled, giving her only a curt nod as I fumbled for my doorkeys. I was not in the mood for conversation.

"Anything wrong?" asked Chrissie "You don't seem your usual self today."

Not my usual self! What an understatement. I had been without a job for almost a year now, ever since the car factory had closed down and there was no sign of another one on the horizon.There didn't seem to be any openings for a former executive in his late-thirties. Companies were only interested in twenty somethings with the computer skills I lacked. Someone my age was considered too old for expensive retraining and when I applied for more menial jobs I was told I was overqualified. It was Catch 22. Now my redundancy money had run out and the bank manager had just informed me that unless I made my overdue mortgage payment by the end of the month she would have my suburban home repossessed and I would be out on the streets. Even if I sold off all the prized possessions I had spent a lifetime acquiring, I would only be able to stave her off a few more months unless I found another job soon. I was inches away from falling to rock bottom. For a proud and arrogant man like me, one to whom success had always come easily, it was very hard to bear. It was the worst day of my life so far. No wonder I didn't look my usual self!

"It's nothing." I muttered "Just some bad news."

"Oh, you poor man!" exclaimed my neighbour "On top of you losing your job as well! You must feel really terrible. If there is anything I can do to help just ask. My husband did leave me quite well off you know."

I looked over the garden fence towards her, a slightly puzzled look on my face. Christina Ho was a Chinese lady in her early fifties, a good 15 years older than me, though her small, slim figure and smooth, pretty face made her seem much younger. She was the widow of a restauranteur who had died a year or so before I lost my job. As they had no children she had inherited all his estate including the restaurant which she continued to run as a successful operation. It was no secret that Chrissie was looking for someone to fill the empty space in her bed. She had made more than one pass at me in the past but I had always turned her down. I had no desire to be an older woman's toyboy, not when my high-rolling lifestyle as an executive guaranteed me a constant supply of submissive young women. Of course they had all disappeared when I lost my job. I hadn't had a woman for months now.

Despite my rejections Chrissie had never seemed to take anything to heart. She was always friendly and cheerful whenever we met. And she was still an attractive looking woman in spite of her age. Looking at her pretty smiling face that morning I had a sudden change of heart. Why not let her be my Sugar Mummy if that was what she wanted so badly. I'd show Chrissie what a younger man's energetic cock felt like and once she'd had that I was sure she'd be so grateful she'd give me all the money I needed and anything else I wanted. Hell, I might even end up controlling the restaurant - I'd always wanted my own business. She'd have to go once I was back on my feet though. I couldn't let an old woman drag me down. There were plenty of young Chinese girls at the restaurant. I'd take one of them as my "bit on the side" at first - they wouldn't refuse their boss. Then when I'd pushed Chrissie to one side I'd make the arrangements more permanent. I'd always fancied having a submissive young Asian concubine to cater to my every sexual whim.

This plan hastily forming in my mind I smiled broadly at Chrissie and sauntered over to the fence. As I walked, hands in my pockets, I gave my crotch a few furtive strokes to firm up my cock. I wanted Chrissie to see clearly what was on offer.

"That's very kind of you Chrissie." I said in the soft tones of fake sincerity I had used on all my previous trophy girlfriends "I'd be ever so grateful for any help you could give me. I really am in a desperate fix and I'd do anything (I stressed the word) to get out of it."

"Well." said Chrissie, a smile lighting up her face "I do hope that what I have in mind won't be too hard on you. I think we'll both benefit from it. Why don't you come over and we can discuss it right now."

"Sure" I smiled "I'll be right there."

Only a few minutes later I was standing in Chrissie Ho's house for the first time. It was a nice place, lavishly furnished with tasteful, expensive looking Chinese wall hangings, carpets and antiques. It smelled of money, money I was sure would soon be mine. I smiled at the thought.

"There is a drinks cabinet over there." said Chrissie, who was sitting upright in a mahogany chair that was covered in intricate carvings and resembled a throne. She pointed to a lacquer cabinet behind a wooden screen "Pour me a whisky and come sit over here."

I poured her the drink she wanted and was about to pour myself one when I suddenly remembered that I had not been invited to do so. Must have been an oversight I shrugged and poured it anyway.

I picked up the glasses and went over to my hostess. I gave her her glass and looked around for somewhere to sit. There appeared to be nowhere except a low wooden stool by her feet. There were no other chairs in the room.

I sat down, crouching as best I could on the stool, and looked up at my neighbour. She was still smiling but it was a different kind of smile from the one she had given me outside. It seemed no longer friendly, more a superior kind of smile.

"What do you think of my home Michael?" she asked slowly

"It is beautiful Chrissie." I replied "These things must have cost a fortune."

"Yes." replied Chrissie "A fortune and my life. I spent a lifetime of hard work to acquire these items, a lifetime of slavery to a cruel and demanding Master. These things are all mine by right, the ancestral property of my family. When we escaped China after the revolution we were forced to sell them cheaply to survive. To survive also I later married the man who had cheated my family of their birthright. It was a marriage of great suffering for me, especially when I failed to produce the children he wanted, but I survived and now everything is as it should be. My family's birthright is restored to me and I am a free woman once again. I will never give myself to another man except on my terms. From now on I will be Mistress of my own destiny and any man who wishes to share it will accept my rule or leave my life forever."

As she spoke her face grew red with passion, making the years fall away and making her look even more attractive. So this is why she wants a toyboy I mused. She doesn't just want a young cock, she wants to feel she's in control. I can live with that I thought. I'd played such games before. I'd pretend to be her little slave boy and milk her for every penny she had in the process.

Chrissie suddenly seemed to realise she had said too much and was getting too excited. She hastily composed herself and put on her friendly smile once more.

"I'm sorry Michael." she said taking a sip of whisky "Sometimes I get a little overexcited thinking of my husband. We didn't have a very good relationship you know."

I remembered the arguments and screams that had come from this house when he had been alive, the bruises I had seen Chrissie trying unsuccessfully to hide and nodded sympathetically, even though I really didn't care. Her money was all I was interested in.

"Still" said Chrissie, growing more cheerful by the minute "That has nothing to do with the arrangement I want to propose to you. It should help you get back on your feet and help me at the same time."

"What type of arrangement are you suggesting?" I asked

"Run your finger over the top of that screen over there." said Chrissie gesturing towards the screen in front of the cabinet.

Rising, I walked over and did as she had asked. When I looked at my finger it was covered in dust.

"You see how dirty this place is?" sighed Chrissie "There are so many precious items here but I have no-one to look after the place properly. All the girls sent by the cleaning agency have proved to be incompetents. I need someone who knows how to do things properly, someone who knows how to work hard and who would be grateful for the chance I'm giving them."

I looked at her in surprise. This was not what had been expecting.

"You mean me?" I asked

"Yes." smiled Chrissie "I would like to employ you Michael. I would like to give you the chance to earn the money you need to get back on your feet. I would like you" she paused for effect "to be my houseboy."

For a moment I was at a loss for words. I had expected to be asked to provide her with sexual favours, not to be her servant!

"What's the matter Michael?" asked Chrissie "Aren't you interested in my offer? Do you think being my employee would be beneath you?"

Hurriedly, my mind computed my options. I knew I had none. OK, I rationalised, so I'm not going to get inside her panties straight away but this way I'll get paid the money I need for doing a few light household tasks, demeaning though that might be, and I'll have plenty of chances to seduce her out of the rest of her money.

"No Chrissie it wouldn't be beneath me." I said apologetically "I'm sorry if I gave you that impression. What would I have to do?"

"I have a list of tasks here." smiled Chrissie and motioned towards the stool.

I sat down at her feet again and she produced a sheet of paper.

"Your tasks would consist of the following." she read "All household cleaning, washing, cooking and gardening. You would wait on me at table and elsewhere in the house. You would also run all household errands, shopping and the like, for me and act as my driver. It would, I am afraid, be a 24 hour job so you would have to stay over here but a room and bedding can be provided. You would be fed and watered here too and paid a sum of money, enough to cover your mortgage and a little extra besides." she looked up from the paper and smiled kindly "The bank manager is a very good friend of mine. She told me about the little difficulty over your house."

"It is a very big problem to me." I said a little angrily

"Of course it is." said Chrissie, almost condescendingly "But it won't be if you sign this contract. Agree to be my houseboy and the problem will disappear just like that." she snapped her fingers "I can make the first payment to your account this afternoon."

I considered her proposal. It only took a few moments.

"I will sign." I said.

"Good boy." smiled Chrissie, passing the contract to me. "It will be easier to sign if you lean on the stool."

Clambering off the stool I knelt on the floor and placed the paper on the stool. And so, kneeling at my new employer's feet. I began to sign the contract that would start my new life.

"Of course" said Chrissie as I signed "your new status will require a change in our relationship. From now on you will address me as Madam Ho. I never want to hear you call me Christina or Chrissie again. Those are terms used by friends or equals, not servants. I shall address you as I would any other servant, in whatever terms I choose. That is detailed in the contract as is the fact that you will wear whatever clothing I choose for you."

"I will accept any terms you decide Ch...Madam Ho." I replied handing back the contract "I am very grateful to you for this chance."

"As you should be boy." said Madam Ho "Now follow me and I will show you to your new room. There are clothes there for you to change into. You will begin work at once. Oh and boy.."

"Yes Madam Ho?"

"Never take anything in my house again without my permission!" she snapped, picking up my untouched glass of whisky "Stealing will be punished by instant dismissal!"

"No Madam Ho. I am very sorry." I said quietly, hanging my head.

Madam Ho swept angrily from the room and I hurried after her.

My room proved to be almost the size of a small closet. There was a cheap camp bed with a single sheet and nothing else in the room. There was room for nothing else. Above the bed there was a bell.

"It will ring when I need you." Madam Ho informed me. "There is a toilet and shower behind that door opposite. The shower has cold water only. Hot water is too expensive for servants. You will also find inside all the cleaning and gardening implements you will need for your job. Now change into your new clothes. I will expect you to begin work in five minutes precisely. Your first task will be to wash the floors. Do not be late or you will regret it!"

She left the room without a further word and I looked down at the bed where my new clothes lay.

There were only two items there - a pair of bright red speedo shorts and a tiny white T-shirt. I quickly removed my clothes and changed into these items. Both were too small for me. The T-shirt failed to cover my stomach while the shorts closed tightly around my crotch and cut into the space between my ass cheeks. Being so tight they would hide nothing from my new Mistress. Indeed, they would emphasise my sexual attributes. I wondered if perhaps my initial suspicions as to her motives were not wrong after all.

By the end of that day however I had forgotten all thoughts that she might want me as her toyboy. Madam Ho worked me hard, harder than I had ever worked in my life. The afternoon was spent on my hands and knees scrubbing the marble floors of her home. I scrubbed so hard that my hands were calloused and red and my knees ached but no matter how hard I worked Madam Ho was never satisfied. She yelled at me, insulted me, criticised every aspect of my work and delighted in walking over the wet floors and dirtying them so I had to start over or even upturning my bucket soaking both me and the newly dried floor in dirty water. Whenever I dared to protest she accused me of being ungrateful and threatened to both dismiss me and have her friend the bank manager take immediate action against me. Needless to say I hastily apologised.

After washing the floors I had to cook Madam Ho's dinner and wait on her at table, my head constantly bowed in her presence as per her instructions. I was proud of the meal I had made but Madam Ho wrinkled her nose in distaste as she ate and at the end of the meal she spat her last mouthful onto the floor.

"That was the worst fucking meal I have ever had the misfortune to eat!" she snapped "I will expect far better from you tomorrow boy, far better! Understand?"

"Yes Madam Ho.Please accept my apologies." I replied, bending down to scoop up the expelled waste.

She stood and walked past me as I knelt on the floor, kicking the half chewed meat away so I had to run after it and search across the room for it. Sitting on her wooden throne she demanded a glass of wine. Disposing of the waste I poured her a glass and she ordered me to my knees before her stool. As I knelt she lifted her foot and placed it on the stool, sole upturned towards me.

"It has been a long and tiring day supervising your incompetent efforts." she said "My feet are tired and sore from walking around after you. I want you to massage them and try to do it more effectively than you clean."

And so, while she reclined in her chair sipping on her wine, I removed her slipper and began to gently massage her toes and foot, hoping that my efforts would relax her and put her in a better mood. By the time I had finished attending to her second foot it seemed I had succeeded as she appeared much more relaxed. The moment I replaced her slipper, however, her angry mood returned.

"Why the hell are you still here?" she snapped "I'm not paying you to laze around all day! There are dishes to be washed. Now wash them!"

"Yes Madam" I replied, standing and bowing.

I hurried to the kitchen where I washed and dried the dinner dishes and then cleaned the dining table. I then sat down and ate my meal - a bowl of cold white rice and a glass of water, another detail in the contract I had failed to read properly. I could not even enjoy that simple meal properly as Madam Ho kept calling me to her side. She was now in a comfortable armchair in the living room. All evening I was required to fetch her drinks and snacks, to rearrange gthe cushions on her chair and even to change the channels on her TV. That morning I had been her neighbour and equal. Now I was her human remote control.

Even when I sank exhausted on the hard mattress of my camp bed it was not the end of my woes. I had to study a long list of my daily duties and Madam Ho's dietary and other requirements which she had carefully typed up for me. The bell above my bed seemed to ring every half hour or so. I had to fetch Madam Ho glasses of water and extra pillows or a magazine she had left in the living room. No task was so petty that it did not require my immediate attention. Frustratingly, this night time service was not rewarded by even a glimpse of Madam Ho's body. She wore a long Chinese nightgown of pure silk that while attractive in it's own right covered every inch of her body.

I slept only a few hours before the bell rang sharply to remind me it was time to start the next day's shift. After running Madam Ho's bath and warming her slippers I made her breakfast and served it to her at table. The house then had to be dusted and the floors scrubbed again, lunch had to be made, Madam Ho's clothes had to be wahed by hand, her comfort had to be constantly attended to including the provision of foot and shoulder massages. The evening and night followed the same pattern as the previous one I worked hard, very hard but Madam Ho was never satisfied. My only rewards were criticisms and insults.

This was to be my daily routine for weeks to come. The only break was when I was sent outside either to tend the garden or to drive Madam Ho to and from the restaurant or on shopping trips. At first I enjoyed the chance to get outside, to see something of my former world but Madam Ho soon put a stop to that. One of my neighbours happened to pass by on the second morning I was working outside and stopped for a chat. It was Gloria Maxwell, a rather buxom 40 year old who was also the neighbourhood gossip.

"Mrning Michael!" she said brightly "Helping out Chrissie are you!"

"Yes that's right Gloria." I smiled back. "I ..."

I never finished the sentence for at that moment Madam Ho came storming out of the house. Her face was red with anger, that same shade of colour that always made her seem so attractive.

"Gloria!" she exclaimed "I'd be grateful if you didn't talk to the hired help when they are supposed to be working. You boy!" she said snapping her fingers towards me "Get back to work this instant!"

"Yes Madam Ho!" I said bowing my head and set about pulling out some weeds.

"Why Chrissie!" said Gloria, eager to discover all she could about this new situation "I didn't know Michael was working for you now."

"He is my live-in servant." Madam Ho replied matter of factly."My houseboy if you will."

Gloria laughed loudly "Well well, that is a turn up for the books! Proud Mr Jameson working as a servant! He was always a snob Chrissie, thought himself God's gift with his flash job and car."

"Tell me about it." smiled Madam Ho "I tried being nice to him several times but he just sneered at me and rejected me most cruelly. Not so high and mighty now though are you Mickey boy?"

"No Madam Ho." I said softly "I am just grateful for the chance to be your servant."

Both women laughed.

"This is too good to be true." said Gloria "You don't mind if I tell a few others about this do you Chrissie? There's plenty of people been hurt by this prick in the past. They'd love to know what's happened to him now."

"Of course I don't mind." said Madam "People should know he's my servant boy. It will make my behaviour towards him much easier for everyone to understand."

She turned to me.

"Say thank you to Mrs Maxwell for her kind offer."

"Thank you Mrs Maxwell." I said, bowing my head in her direction.

Gloria laughed again.

"He's so respectful!" she grinned.

"Servants should be respectful to their betters." replied Madam Ho "And now everyone in the street is his better. Isn't that right boy?"

"Yes Madam." I answered

"You are one lucky woman!" exclaimed Gloria, running off to spread the news of my servitude around the neighbourhood. "Bye Chrissie, bye boy!"

Madam Ho turned to me and smiled triumphantly then turned on her heels and stepped inside the house again.

From that day on my hours in the garden were ones of torment and humiliation. The whole street now knew I was Madam Ho's servant and I the garden fence was constantly surrounded by curious onlookers who constantly mocked me and made insulting remarks. I had made enough enemies through my previous arrogant behaviour to ensure they took particular enjoyment in my downfall. Most galling of all I was required by my Mistress, to treat even the most loutish of them with the utmost respect and address them as Sir and Madam which only increased their amusement.

At the restaurant too my status was no secret. I found myself called on to do cleaning work there whenever I accompanied Madam Ho. I had dreamt of seducing one of the young waitresses there but now I found myself reduced to cleaning their toilets while they sneered at me and thought of me as being nothing more than their servant boy.

Shopping was equally uncomfortable, following Madam Ho from shop to shop, carrying her bags and waiting patiently while she paid for items and passed them back to me. She called me her "baggage boy" drawing forth giggles from the shop assistants many of whom had had to put up with my demanding behaviour when I had possessed the money to shop there. Of course Madam Ho encouraged me to show them the greatest respect now while simultaneoulsy encouraging them to show me no respect whatsoever, something they were very happy to do.

Why did I put up with all this, slaving away for weeks with not even a word of thanks for my pains, only insults and humiliation? Of course I went through a period of hating myself and my weakness in accepting this position. I began too to hate Madam Ho, to dream of standing up too her and regaining my freedom. But I never could resist or protest. I was always tired, so very tired, worked like a dog with barely enough food to keep me healthy. It would have required considerable effort to do anything beyond my never-ending list of daily duties. And always I knew that the alternative, eviction and homelessness was far worse. I knew my future depended solely on pleasing Madam Ho and gradually that desire to please her overcame all my other emotions. Soon, my exhaustion growing daily, I could think of nothing, nothing except how to improve my efforts to earn the appreciation of my Mistress.

There was another reason too. I had begun to find my new status sexually exciting. I had always imposed my will on others but now I found it thrilling to have their will imposed on me. That thrill only increased with the humiliations I received. I had begun to discover that service and pleasing others brought a joy and satisfaction that command never had. And no joy was greater than serving Madam Ho. She dominated every aspect of my life and every thought as well. In my exhausted mind she took on the form of a Goddess whose will could never be questioned, who was all-knowing and all-powerful. My dreams of seducing her and exploiting her for her money began to fade. I still wanted to make love to her but as an act of worship to my Goddess. My dearest hope was that she would accept such a tribute from a worthless slave like me. Every night as I jerked off to her image in my mind's eye I prayed for the chance to make my offering to her in the flesh.

But always she was remote, treating me with disdain as a Queen always treats her lowly servants. Despite what I considered major improvements in my work she never uttered one word of praise, only ever more insulting criticisms. My schedule never relaxed. Work, work, work. That was all Madam Ho thought I was fit for.

And then came the day I finally attracted the physical attentions of my aloof Mistress, though not in the way I had imagined. I had been dusting as usual in the morning when my hand slipped and a vase toppled from its shelf. Before I could catch it, it had fallen on the floor and smashed into a thousand pieces. At once Madam Ho ran into the room, her face contorted in fury.

She screamed at me in Chinese while I stammered apologies then suddenly slapped me hard across the face. She slapped me twice more, each slap so hard it brought tears to my eyes.

"You stupid fucking moron!" she snarled "You useless piece of shit! Do you know how much this vase was worth? More than you could ever make in your lifetime! Three hundred years in my family and an ignorant slave like you destroys it in seconds!"

She lashed out again and her small fist caught me on the chin. I staggered backwards and she raised her foot and kicked me in the groin so I fell painfully onto the floor.

"Get out of my house! Get out now!" she yelled as I writhed at her feet, clutching at my pain-filled balls "I don't want your worthless carcase here a second longer. I'll have your house foreclosed this instant. You'll be sleeping in the streets tonight you piece of scum! Back in the gutter where you belong!"

I knew she meant it, knew I was only seconds away from total ruin, knew I had to act quickly to save myself from destitution, from being cast out forever from the pesence of my Goddess!

Desperately I threw myself full length across the floor. Grovelling on my belly, tears in my eyes, I reached out and kissed each of her slipper clad feet in turn.

"Please Madam!" I begged "Please forgive me! You are right, as always! I am a useless piece of trash! I am not worthy to be in your service! But all I want is to serve you, to be your slave! Please do not throw me out Madam! Please, punish me instead! Beat me as hard as you like but please do not make me leave you! I love you!"

Madam Ho regained some of her composure and looked down contemptuously at me.

"You love me?" she inquired "I hope you do not think I could ever love something as pathetic and pitiful as you? That I could have any feelings except contempt for human trash like you."

"All I want is your contempt!" I wept "To serve and please you is the only desire of my life. Just to be noticed by someone as superior as you is reward enough."

"Very well." said Madam Ho in what I thought was a rather amused tone "You shall not leave but you shall be punished. You spoke of beatings. I have wanted to beat you for a long time your work has been so deficient but I have always worried about the legal consequences. But now if you are ready to accept whatever punishment I give you of your own volition that will not be a problem. You simply have to sign a declaration giving me complete authority to punish you physically as I see fit. You will do that won't you slave?"

"Anything Madam, anything!" I replied wiping away my tears

"Excellent." said Madam Ho. "Now go up to my husband's room. I shall join you in a moment. Here is the key."

She dropped a small key to the floor and I picked it up. Kissing her feet one more time I hurried upstairs to the room. It lay opposite her bedroom and was always kept locked. I had never been inside. She had told me it was kept that way as a shrine to her husband. I had found that odd since she had hated him but of course I had never questioned her.

I turned the key and entered then stopped short in astonishmemt. The room was dominated by a large bed with metal frames at either end to which chains and leather cuffs were attached. What looked like a trapeze swing was suspended over the bed, hanging from chains attached to the ceiling. There was a large wooden chair like Madam Ho's throne which had leather bonds attached to the arms and chairs. On top of a long wooden cabinet were an assortment of whips, canes, iron brands, dildoes and other instruments. On the floor, in the centre of the room were two short poles with leg irons attached. Directly above ankle restraints hung from chains attached to a pulley on the ceiling, the handle for which was located on the wall opposite the door. It was a torture chamber!

"Surprised?" said a voice behind me

I turned and saw Madam Ho standing in the doorway. She was wearing her silk robe with what appeared to be leather boots on her feet. I could not be certain because the robe covered most of them.

"I told you my husband was a cruel man." she continued, speaking stonily as if I was not there. "He believed very strongly that a wife should be disciplined and made to acknowledge the superiority and dominance of her husband, her Master." she spat out the word "Of course he was wrong. It is not women who should be disciplined but men. They are the ones who must be taught to obey their Mistress with complete and utter devotion or face the kind of punishment you are going to receive now. Sign this paper scum and then remove your clothes and walk over to the punishment block."

She handed me a legal looking document and a pen. I signed without reading and retuned it to her.

"You have just granted me complete power to punish you physically for any misdemeanour you commit in my service. It is a power I intend to use to the full." she smiled "Now strip you worthless shit and drag your ass over to those poles over there."

She indicated the poles with the leg irons attached.

Quickly I removed my t-shirt and shorts. It was the first time I had been naked in her presence but she did not even seem to notice. In fact she turned her back on me and began sorting through the whips and canes on the cabinet.

I walked over to the poles.

"Turn around and face the wall opposite the cabinet." I was instructed.

I did so and turned my back on my Mistress.

"Now attach the leg irons." came the next order "Lock them in place with the key."

Bending I closed an iron band around one leg and locked it with the key I found attached. Stretching my other leg as far as I could I managed with some difficulty to lock the second leg iron around it.

"Raise your handsabove your head" said Madam Ho

I did so and she walked over to me and locked the restraints around my wrists. She then walked to the wall and turned the pulley handle, retracting the ceiling chain till I was on tiptoe and my arms and legs were completely taut. She then locked the handle in position and returned to my side.

"I am going to cane you." she informed me "You will receive six strokes. I will use a rattan cane, very thin and very painful. It will hurt you a lot but that is the least you deserve for breaking my vase. You will scream but I will show no mercy. You will learn that I am not to be displeased in any way. You will learn that my displeasure means your suffering. Do you understand scum?"

"Yes Madam Ho." I replied "I understand and I know I deserve to be punished. Please Madam, cane me as hard as you desire. My body is your property now."

My words sounded sincere because they were sincere. I knew now that I was Madam's slave. That was my destiny now, all thoughts of resistance were gone. I had entered into her service in the hope of deceiving her and obtaining access to her money. Now all I wanted was to prove my loyalty and devotion as her slave.

Madam Ho smiled, obviously pleased at the level of submission her harsh treatment of me had achieved.

"You will receive what you wish." she said quietly "But I am afraid your screams might disturb the neighbours. I think you should be gagged. One moment."

She fumbled under her robe and pulled down her panties.

"These will be your gag." she said standing on a low stool so she could reach my mouth and forcing the panties inside until I had swallowed them all "Suck on them and dream of that which they cover while the cane bites into your skin. Consider this a reward for your acceptance of your proper place in my life, as my slave. Besides" she grinned "they are rather dirty. They need a good wash!"

Hanging there from the ceiling, naked and defenceless, about to be thrashed by my Mistress I felt my cock rising in tribute to her. How generous she was to let me suck on her stained panties, panties that had only moments before covered her sacred pussy and ass! Madam smiled approvingly at the sight of my erection and that wonderful moment filled me with such pride! Approval, from my Goddess! My cock began to jerk excitedly.

Madam stepped behind me. By craning my neck painfully I could just see her unfasten her robe. It fell to the ground. Apart from a pair of knee high leather boots, Madam was naked! I began to tremble with excitement. Madam picked up a thin cane and turned towards me. I could see her in all her glory! See her small firm breasts and large nipples, see her dark pussy, the subject of so many of my dreams and desires. My excitement grew to fever pitch and I came, my cum shooting out in a high wide arc and splattering over the bed. I had never had such a powerful orgasm.

"I see you really do love your Mistress." smiled Madam Ho "But you will have to pay for making a mess of my bed. One more stroke will be added to your punishment. Eyes front slave. It's punishment time!"

I turned and braced my body for the first stroke. I heard Madam Ho, swinging the cane, testing its flexibility, finding the correct balance. And then she struck me, lashing my buttocks with the cane. The thin hard stroke felt like fire. I screamed but my scream was lost in the folds of Madam's panties. The cane struck me again, this time across my back. A third time then, across the back of my legs. The pain was incredible. I screamed silent scream after silent scream, tears running down my face. I desperately wanted Madam Ho to stop but she held fast to her promise. Seven strokes she had promised and seven I received. By the time she released my restraints and let my pain-wracked body sink to the floor, my ass, legs and backed were criss-crossed with long, thin red welts that seemed to burn right through to my bones.

Madam pulled the panties from my mouth and looked down at the broken man weeping at her feet.

"What do you say to your Mistress slave?" she said extending her leather boot.

"Thank you Mistress for punishing me!" I sobbed, kissing her foot fervently even as I soaked it with my tears. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

"Next time." she said coldly "You will be punished again if you fail to thank me without prompting."

She extended her other boot for me to kiss. As I did so I looked up at the naked woman towering over me. She seemed so perfect this petite Chinese lady in her early fifties, so strong, so beautiful, so superior. I felt so worthless before her, so insignificant and inferior. I knew it was a privilege to be her slave. I was so lucky to have been chosen. Overwhelmed by the honour she had granted me I felt my cock growing hard again despite the pain I felt. Madam did not fail to notice this expression of my devotion. Once again I received the smile of her approval. In that moment I knew that all the pain in the world was worth enduring for that smile.

"Stand up and come with me." she said softly and led me to a large wall mirror at the side of the cabinet.

My steps were slow and painful but the walk was pleasant as I was able to gaze on her lovely little ass as it swayed provocatively in front of me.

She stopped in front of the mirror and ordered me to turn around. Looking back over my shoulders I saw for the first time the fiery red welts that criss-crossed my body.

"Do you understand what these marks mean?" asked my Mistress.

"They mean that I have received the punishment I deserved." I replied.

Madam Ho shook her head sadly. Obviously my answer was not the one she wanted.

"And?" she said, giving me a second chance.

"They mean that you own me now." I said slowly "They mean you can do whatever you want with my body. They are the mark of your ownership and my slavery."

"Good boy." my Mistress smiled "You have made good progress today. Now you will be permitted to please me further. Your punishment made me sweat and I don't like sweat. You will remove it - with your tongue. I want you to lick me clean slave and I want you to do it now. Get down on your knees, hands behind your back."

I hastened to obey. As my hands locked behind my back my Mistress sealed them in that position with a pair of handcuffs.

"That will prevent you getting too enthusiastic during your cleaning duties." she informed me.

She then sat on the wooden chair and pulled off her boots.

"My feet are the most sweaty." she said "Start with them. Oh and slave, no need to walk over here. You can crawl!"

And so I crawled to my Mistress, shuffling awkwardly across the cold marble floor on my bare knees, barely able to balance myself with my hands tied behind my back.

On arriving at her feet she extended one and pushed it into my mouth, the first time I had had the privilege of touching her superior body . It was a small, delicate foot that smelled of both sweat and leather and tasted of the same. But to me that taste was delicious for it came from my Owner's foot and everything about her was wondrous beyond compare. I sucked eagerly at her toes, licking between them so that I cleaned away even the smallest pieces of grit. Then she raised her foot and I rolled onto my back so I could lick the sweat from her soles.

After finishing her other foot I licked her ankles clean and then slowly made my way up her legs till I had almost reached her thighs. At that moment she stood up, turned around and bent over so her cute ass was almost in my face. I licked her sweat from the back of her knees and upper legs then softly kissed each of her ass cheeks in turn.

"Lick my ass well slave." Madam Ho ordered. "Clean my cheeks and then clean me inside as well. Show me how much you love your Mistress by worshipping my ass with your worthless tongue!"

I responded eagerly, licking at her ass with long, broad strokes till every inch of her cheeks glistened from my attentions. Then, softly prying her ass cheeks apart I put my tongue inside her crack and began to give her asshole the same loving attention I had given her cheeks. What pleasure I felt in worshipping my Mistress this way. How ashamed I was that once I had considered her too old to be worthy of my attentions. Now I could hardly believe the great honour she was showing me by allowing me to be her asslicker!

From her soft moaning and the gentle bucking of her body, I knew Madam Ho was enjoying my efforts too. My heart swelled with pride and I licked both deeper and faster. Her body shuddered and she cried out excitedly and I knew she had come. Slowly I withdrew my tongue and allowed her to recover herself. She said not a word but slid off the chair and squatted in front of me so I could lick both her back and the back of her neck. Then she turned and I looked into her face, glowing with satisfaction and pleasure. Still she did not speak but I knew my efforts were pleasing her.

A thin streak of sweat formed droplets on her forehead. Leaning forward I lapped them up then proceeded to lick the rest of her face, eyes, cheeks, nose, ears, chin but carefully avoided her mouth. I needed her permission to kiss her there.

I lowered my head and applied my tongue to her throat. Then I went lower still and carefully licked the sweat from the top of her breasts and between them too. And then I ran my tongue all over her small breasts, licking and kissing them with the fervour they deserved.

Madam Ho pressed my mouth more tightly against her.

"Suck me slave!" she whispered breathlessly "Suck my tits, now!"

Resting my head against one breast I put my mouth around the erect nipple. I sucked slowly and softly at first but soon I was sucking both hard and fast, my mouth tightening on her nipple so that my Mistress gasped with the sensation of pleasure she experienced. I then did the same for her other breast, being rewarded with more expressions of her pleasure and lowered my head onto her belly, kissing her stomach and running my tongue round and round her belly button.

Madam Ho stood then, brushing her pussy against my face as she did so. She sat back down on the chair and slowly parted her legs. I lowered my head and began to kiss and lick her thighs. As I did so she put her fingers on her pussy lips and opened them for me.

"Inside, now!" she breathed "Fuck me with your tongue slave!"

It was a pleasure for me to obey. This was what I had dreamed of for weeks. Shuffling forward between her legs I bent down so that the lips of my mouth touched the lips of her sacred womanhood. I kissed her on that precious spot then my tongue began to do its work. Just as I had delved deeply into her ass, I delved deep inside her pussy, finding and teasing her clit, licking it and sucking it as she pushed me ever tighter against her pussy, her hands pulling on my hair as they pressed against my skull.

"Faster!" she gasped "Lick me faster slaveboy!"

I obeyed at once, quickening the strokes of my tongue against her clit until I heard her cry out, felt her body tremble beneath me and tasted her divine nectar in my mouth. As I swallowed her juices I knew I had drunk from the lips of a Goddess.

Madam Ho released her grip on me and ordered me to stand. It was not easy. My hands were still behind my back and my legs were numb from so much prolonged kneeling but I managed it. By the time I had, Madam Ho had regained her composure though her face was still flushed with excitement.

"Your mouth served me well." she said appreciatively "You have proved yourself a proficient asskisser and pussylicker. Now let us see what this can do for me." she flicked her finger against my cock. "Turn around boy."

I did so and she unlocked the handcuffs. Gratefully I thanked her and began to rub my wrists and arms to restore the circulation.

"Go to the bed and lie down on your back, legs apart and arms extended over your head." instructed my Mistress.

I did so, wincing as I put pressure on the weals left by Madam's cane, and a few moments later Madam Ho was at the foot of the bed, securing the leather cuffs around my ankles. My wrists were similarly confined soon after.

"Now." said Madam Ho "I am going to fuck you. I have many dildoes here in this room but I have decided to use you as my living dildo. I am going to pleasure myself with your cock. Do you realise what an honour this is slave that I should even consider allowing such a worthless organ as yours to enter my glorious body?"

"It is an honour for which I shall be eternally grateful Mistress." I replied

"Just remember I am not making love to you." said Madam Ho "I am merely pleasuring myself with you as I might with any of the sex toys I own."

"I understand Mistress." I replied "I am just grateful you have chosen this dildo boy over your other toys."

"As you should be." sneered Madam Ho.

She clambered onto the bed and squatted over my erect cock, teasing it gently with her fingers till it was rock hard. Then she lifted up her arms and grabbed the trapeze like support that hung over the bed. Slowly she lowered herself onto my cock. It slid easily into her still moist pussy. What joy I felt at being allowed to enter Madam's most holy place!

"Mmmm. Your cock feels good." smiled Madam Ho "I am sure you are enjoying the feel of my pussy too slave, though that is of no importance compared to my pleasure. One last thing before I begin - come before I do and I will thrash you until my cane breaks!"

With those ominous words my Mistress tightened her grip on the support and began to pull herself up and down with ever increasing speed till she was pumping furiously on my cock. Her cunt muscles were extremely strong and she never loosened her grip on my cock despite the furious intensity of her thrusts. As she rode me mercilessly, giving me more pleasure than I had ever thought possible, I tried desperately to focus on preventing myself from cumming, thinking of a multitude of boring subjects in an effort to hold the cum I wanted so much to release at bay.

Thank God I was successful or my ass and back would have paid the price with more painful strokes from Madam's cane. But I was successful and my glorious Mistress came before me with such a cry of pleasure that it swelled my heart to bursting. She paused for only a few moments however before proceeding to ride me with even greater intensity than she had done before. Once more she came before I could contain myself no longer and shot my own load with a great cry, a cry that expressed both the pleasure my Mistress had given me and the joy I felt at having given her pleasure.

"Not bad slave, not bad at all!" exclaimed Madam Ho as she raised herself off my cock "You have real potential as a dildo. Carry on like that and you'll earn yourself the title of my favourite fucktoy!"

"Thank you Mistress!" I said happily, grateful for her praise.

"SSssh! Don't speak." smiled Madam Ho "I want your tongue for something more important. My ass needs your attention now. Do a good job and you'll have the chance to lick my pussy as well!"

She walked up the bed and turned around so her back was to my face. Then she lowered her sweet ass until she was sitting on my face and my nose and tongue were between her asscheeks. For the second time that day I found myself tonguing her asshole as she moved it from side to side and round and round my face. I must have done a good job for she soon turne dround and sat pussy first on my face. Holding onto the bedframe she humped my tongue as vigorously as she had humped my cock and it was not long before I was swallowing her juices once more.

"You have done well slave." said my Mistress, satisfied at last. "You deserve a reward."

She lifted herself from my face and lay full length across my body. Placing her lips against mine she kissed me, an undeniable act of love. It was a kiss that began softly but ended with our tongues inside each others mouths and her biting my lower lip so intense were our feelings of passion. The kiss over, Madam Ho allowed me to suckle on each of her breasts in turn then stood up and left the room. She did not say a word but I knew everything had changed. I was more than a mere servant now. I had dreamed of becoming Madam's devoted slave and now I had. She had allowed me to worship and pleasure her and I knew that from that day on I would be the fucktoy and plaything of the most wonderful woman in the world.

When Madam Ho returned she was dressed in her usual evening clothes again and she had yet another legal paper in her hand.

"Your efforts here today have shown that you have the necessary desire to be my slave rather than my servant." she said sitting herself on her wooden throne ""That is what I had hoped from the moment you entered my service, that being reduced to the status of a servant would show you the deep and wonderful satisfaction that only a man who serves a truly superior woman like myself can ever hope to experience. You have learned that lesson well and surrendered your body to me. Now I ask you to take the final step and sign over your home and all your possessions to me. You will no longer own anything. Instead, I will own you and your welfare will depend totally on my continued satisfaction with your service. In return you will be given the honour of living in my household as my slave and being allowed to worship me as your Goddess whenever I grant you that privilege. You must decide now. I will not make this offer again."

"I will sign Madam! I will sign!" I cried eagerly "My only dream is to be your slave!"

Laughing, my Mistress unbound my wrists and ankles and gave me paper and pen. As soon as I had signed everything I owned over to her I felt a great relief wash over me. Now I had nothing to worry about preserving, no more need to struggle. I could depend on my Owner to look after me and supply me with everything so long as I satisfied and pleased her. I was determined I should not fail in that task. It would be the main, no the only focus of my life from now on.

"Thank you Mistress!" I said, tears in my eyes as I was overwhelmed with tears of gratitude. "Oh thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Weeping I fell to my knees before her and kissed her feet with fervent devotion.

"On your feet slave!" snapped my Mistress. "You still have to clean up that vase and you have to make my dinner as well! There are new clothes in your room and a new list of duties. Now jump too it or you'll feel my whip on your ass!"

Hurriedly I ran downstairs and into my room. There were two items of clothing on the bed - a bright red g-string and a red dog collar with a metal tag saying "slave" hanging from it. I put both items on. They were a perfect fit. Mistress had kindly left a small mirror in the room. Looking at my reflection, my new appearance suggesting both submission and sexual availability, I truly felt like a slave.

I looked at the new list of duties which also lay on the bed. Many were the same as previously but it was now made quite clear that I would be punished physically as well as criticised whenever Madam Ho was dissatisfied with my work. Punishment would range from face slapping to caning and whipping. I knew that meant I was in for almost daily punishment given Madam Ho's ever critical attitude towards my work.

However, there was also a whole, wonderful new range of duties listed there also. From now on as well as being Madam Ho's domestic slave I was to be her sex slave as well. My body was to be accessible to her and to whoever else she lent me to at all times. I was to provide oral worship of her breasts, ass and pussy on demand and my cock was to be at her service wherever and whenever she required it. My food allowance was to be increased to allow me to perform these duties satisfactorily. Once again, failure to satisfy would be met with physical punishment.

I was also to bathe my Mistress, provide full body ,massage, clean her after she used the toilet and use my tongue to wash her after exercise. My tongue was also to be used for shoe cleaning if she so desired. Whenever she entered a room where I was working, I was to express my submission by kowtowing to her, bowing down and touching the floor five times with my forehead and kissing both her feet. I was never to speak in her presence except in response to her or if given express permission to do so. I had to keep my head bowed at all times in her presence except when serving her sexually and if I passed by her I had to bend double so my head would be lower than hers.

These then were the new rules and duties I memorised before setting about tidying up the broken fragments of the vase whose destruction had been the key to this new stage of my life, my wonderful new life as Madam Ho's slaveboy. It was the best day of ny life so far and there were many more such days to come, of that I was certain!

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