Femdom Stories from Ms Julie


The suddeness of my wife Sylvia’s death seemed extra hard on my daughter, Terri. When I heard the news that Sylvia died immediately as a result of the automobile accident I rushed to Terri’s school and as gently as I could relayed the news to her. She was devastated as was I. The days that followed were were worse and out and out depressing. In a way it was good when the funeral was behind us and we were able to try and put this shocking event away and begin to adjust to the reality of things.

But things were now different and it was important for both Terri and myself to share the load with me expecting to take the bigger part of it. Terri seemed unable to adjust and in fact seemed to have dropped the ball in many areas I thought she had previously carried. Sure she is a teenager, 17, a senior in high school, a football cheerleader, a popular and very attractive female. It seemed to me that each day since the funeral she became more and more distant to me. I did not know what to make of it nor did I know what to do. I ended up obtaining help from a bereavement counselor. The bottom line was for me to gently deal with Terri one on one, issue by issue, one at a time.

To get started I took her out to dinner and tried to raise her spirits. In the process I asked her to let herself go, let it all out, we can help each other. I had no idea it would spur the visceral reaction it did. She looked at me cruelly, lips tight and told me I was not carrying my weight. I was stunned. What in the world? Not carrying my weight? I stared at her and asked her what she meant…or actually questioned how she could have said that. Ever since her mom’s death her room became filthy, she stopped doing some of the things she did when her mom was there and was generally indifferent to me most of the time. I even wondered if she was doing her school work. She is an honor student. Her response was defiant, “Dad, cut the crap, I know all about your relationship with mom. Why shouldn’t I feel as I do to you? The question for me is do I want to step in and take over. I have waited to see what you were going to do. Now I know”

No need for me to act puzzled. Only to wonder how she knew. So I asked her.

She began speaking in a slow deliberate tone, “Did you know mom kept a diary? You knew photographs were taken of you performing for her. Her? Her, Mrs. Clement. Mrs. Hardy and Lord knows who else. You know it is you who are letting things go slack. It is time I took over where mom left off. You do understand me, don’t you?”

I stammered, “But that was different. You are not

“It is not different at all. I knew about you years ago. I should have asserted myself back then but, after all I am your daughter. But now things are different. I do not have to pick up slack. You do. And since you brought the subject up it is time to begin right now. After reading the diaries, seeing the photgraphs and going through mom’s toy box I have a pretty good idea how to bring you into line. As I now see it you are no longer my parent. You are my slave. Everything you do from now on will be for me, my benefit, my pleasure. This is not open for discussion. It was inevitable we would come to this point. From the look on your face you understand, don’t you…slave.”

My head was bowed, half from shame and half from
realizing she was my superior. I am not privy to what was in the diaries but I am sure from the way she spoke to me it was graphic and accurate. Yes, I remembe photographs being taken. Videos as well. I nodded agreement. I remember how this whole thing started and why. She is simply picking up where her mother left off.

“I want you to addresss me as Miss Terri from now on. You know the rules so I do not have to go over them with you. And for the record I know you cheateda lot on mom which means you cheated on me. I will not forgive you for that. When I punish you this will always be on my mind and because I told you it will be on your mind as well. Pay the check slave and let’s get out of here.”

I obeyed her. When we reached the car she stood by the back door waiting for me to open it for her. I did and she got into the back seat. When I got into the driver’s seat she ordered me to move it up to give her more room. The drive home was very different than the one coming to the restaurant. When we arrived home I pushed the garage door opener. She made me stop before entering the garage. “I get out here slave. You accompany me to the front door, open it and let me into the house. If I have a coat you take it to hang up, then you put the car away. You are my lackey now.”

I did what she told me to do realizing that her taking over where Sylvia left off was probably a natural progression. Terri was young, aggressive and had a thing for me, resentment that seemed to be boiling within her and this was a way for her to deal with it. I also know she knew she was dealing with me the way I really was, as a slave. I put the car away wondering what was next. I had become hard when she chastized me in the restaurant but wow, this is my daughter. This is not good.

I decided to assert myself. I had to become her
parent, not her slave. So I put on a serious face and entered the house with resolve. After all, I was the provider, head of the household and she had to recognize this. Heck, she is still a minor and I had parental authority on my side.

When I entered the house she stood there, feet apart, hands on her hips and ordered me to strip naked. I started to tell her we had to talk about this when she slapped me across the face and demanded I do as she told me to do. She said Mrs. Clement was on her way over and she wanted me presentable when she arrived. I was shocked [and hard as a rock as well]. She noticed the bulge and smiled. “You had better be naked and on your knees before Mrs. Clement arrives.” My resolve was quickly gone and compliance took over. I stripped quickly and lowered myself to the floor. “That’s a good slave boy. You had it easy with Miss Sylvia. It won’t be easy anymore. Get used to it. Take off my shoes and socks.” I obeyed. I did not think of my dilemma. When they were off she ordered me to kiss her feet to show my submission to her. She said she expected to feel the passion of my subservience from my lips to her feet.

My lips pressed againstd her young and beautiful feet and I did kiss them with all the passion I could muster. She accepted this as my commitment to her that I would serve her as I did her mother. I felt like I was in another world. While this is a humiliating circumstance there is no question that I am a submissive and one who relished it. If Sylvia’s diaries were accurate Terri was only doing what came naturally, sort of as if she was carrying on. The doorbell rang.

Mrs. Clement, Janice, was an attractive woman,
approximately 45 years old, 5’ 5” tall, slender with brunette hair. When she entered the house she saw me on my knees, naked as she had seen me many times. She had her Nikon camera and Sony camcorder with her. There was a smile on her face as if she found the treasure she surely thought was lost. The two of them left me there in the foyer and went into the kitchen. I could hear them talking and laughing but not the specifics of what was being said. I had experience with Mrs. Clement.

There I was, on my knees in the foyer of my own home while my daughter was in the kitchen with Mrs. Clement, a woman who I know well and who furthered my enslavement when my wife was alive. Now she is participating with my daughter who has decided our relationship should cease as parent and daughter to become Owner and slave.

The rules, Miss Terri said I knew the rules. There were so many rules but there was never anything formally set forth. I was absorbed with my thoughts when Miss Terri and Mrs. Clement quietly walked back into the foyer. It was Mrs. Clement who spoke.

“I am sure you remember the day you were confronted with your infidelities to Sylvia. Both Lydia Hardy and I have been friends with your former wife for almost 20 years. That we ran into you that evening when you had that trollop on your arm left us no choice but to confide in our dear friend. We snitched because, as you well know, that was not the first time we caught you red handed doing the same thing, just a different woman. Not only did Sylvia not deserve this, women everywhere do not either. That you cannot control that organ hanging between your legs makes it reasonable someone else must. So first I ask you, what did you do with the CB2000 chastity device Sylvia had locked on you? Where is it?

I stammered and stuttered, “I threw it away.”

“You are a liar. You are too stupid to have done
that. Where is it? Tell me at once or you will pay dearly.”

I begged her to believe me. I had not noticed Miss Terri had Sylvia’s 4’ single tail in her hands. I heard the swish and felt the mighty slash of the whip across my butt. A second lash followed quickly, then another, and another. Mrs. Clement put her foot on my head as Miss Terri, my daughter now Owner lashed away at me. I could feel her anger. As I writhed on the floor under the barage from the whip the heel of Mrs. Clement’s shoe dug into my head. It wasn’t long before I began begging for mercy. I admitted I had the CB2000 upstairs along with the lock and 2 keys.

“We’re not done slave.” Miss Terri let her whip
tickle my back. “Where is the key to the secret room in the basement? ”

I knew better than to deny I knew where the key was. I told Miss Terri I would get it.

“Fetch them slave,” ordered Miss Terri who swung her whip arm such the whip struck my shoulder and a piece of my face. I howled with pain but took off to get the items. I heard Miss Terri say, “The dog will be molded into a good slave who will never be free again.”

Perhaps it would be best to provide some background. I am a self made man. Over time I have opened or bought 22 independent pharmacies, all very profitable ones. Sylvia and I own every bit of the stock. I also started and built a company that purchases in bulk for many other member pharmacies so they can compete with the chains. It too is very successful. Altogether I have over 600 employees. I am not well liked but I accept that may be normal as I am the boss.

My libido problems have been with me for many years and it is true I have been unfaithful to my wife
numerous times. When I was finally caught, photos and all, Sylvia threatened divorce based on adultry, something frowned upon in this state. She could have destroyed me financially. Her will leaves everything she had to Terri. It includes this home. It also provided that a lawsuit be filed against me charging adultry with damages to go to her estate at the ssole discretion of her heir. I was not aware of that part of her will until now and Terri is not aware of the will at all this moment in time.

Our home is large and loaded with amenities. It has 5 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, a swimming pool and spa outdoors and a spa indoors. The master bathroom has a large jacuzzi spa/bathtub in it, a tanning lamp, a sauna, a massage table just to name a few amenities. The basement has two rooms with one bathroom between them, another large finished room with a ½ bathroom, a storage area and the “secret” room. I drive a Mercedes SL sedan and Sylvia had a BMW convertible that was totaled in the accident. We have a Ford Explorer SUV. There is a three car garage.
Our housekeeper, Ludmila, a very attractive woman who fled Bulgaria is in her early 20s. Ludmila spurns me. I have hit on her a number of times. Sylvia has dealt with that issue and Ludmila looks at me like a turd on the ground. Miss Terri adores Ludmila.

My daughter Terri is really a beautiful woman now. When I am with her I notice how people stare at her, that is how attractive she is. She is also very well liked and has been elected to numerous positions in the student body of her school. She will graduate with honors at the end of this school year and expects to go to Stamford University.

I dashed up the stairs as fast as I could to get the CB2000 and keys returning as fast as I could dropping onto my knees in the foyer. “In here slave, in the living room. Crawl dog” came Miss Terri’s summons.

I did as I was told. My cock hardened as precum
spurted from its head. I knew Mrs. Clement would deal with this as she had many times in the past. She had put in a call to Lydia Hardy who would be over shortly. .I was told to expect her. Miss Terri had me stand up. My cock stood straight out. She grabbed it and visciously twisted it such I almost fell over. Mrs. Clement slapped it several times until it became flaccid. Then she showed Miss Terri how to install the device and lock it firmly in place. As it was locked in place the moments of agony associated with the device came back to me. Perhaps Miss Terri understood the animosity I held towards her mother for this. On the other hand I understood the animosity Sylvia felt towards me [and now Miss Terri] when she heard someone spotted me with another woman again…and again..and again. I thought I could control myself but when push came to shove it was hopeless. That is until Mrs. Clement and Mrs. Hardy joined hands with Sylvia to take control. Now they are assuring Miss Terri has control.

“That should keep you on the straight and narrow. Have fun with him. I have to go home for a short while but I will come back when Lydia arrives. Give me a call.” With that she left me with my Mistress, my former daughter and now new Owner.

“Stand at attention slave. I want to see how you look with that thing on you. Good. Now I want you to declare yourself my absolute slave.”

“Yes Miss Terri. I am your absolute slave.”

“That’s a good slaveboy. Since I own you it stands to reason I own everything you own. You do agree, don’t you swine?”

“Yes Miss Terri.”

“I want you penniless. I want you totally dependent on me. Then I will be certain you are my slave. You will become a thing to me. Just something to use. A form of livestock. You will be permanently marked, just like cattle or other livestock. How long will it take to turn over everything you have to me?”

My cock was straining against the CB2000 and the pain became pronounced. I would obey my new Mistress. I could see no harm. After all, she is still my daughter. So I said, “I can go to the bank vault tomorrow and get everything so I can assign it over to you. You will have to go to the bank and other places to change signatories and other documents.”

“Good slave. Tomorrow it will be. I will take the day off from school and you will be mine in the absolute before the sun sets. Now kiss my feet slave.”

I was kissing her feet in genuine worship when the doorbell rang. “Answer the doorbell slave,” and she kicked me away. I started getting up from my kneeling position when she screamed, “Crawl stupid.” I crawled.

It was Lydia Hardy arriving. She pushed past me,
sneering at my new status and hugged Miss Terri who responded in kind.

“Slave, call Mrs. Clement. Tell her Mrs. Hardy is here. Then find out if there is anything you can get for Mrs. Hardy”

She then turned to Mrs. Hardy and asked what was in the secret room. Mrs. Hardy smiled and suggested she wait until Mrs. Clement arrived. It was similar to what Mrs. Clement told her when she asked the same question.

Mrs. Hardy is a fortyish blonde woman, married to a banker. Her father was a banker as well. She is very well preserved and looks more like early 30s, slender, great body. I have seen her at parties humiliating her husband who seems to take it quite well. Her hair is straight worn shoulder length and her well styled eyeglasses give her a very authorative air.

I crawled back into the room and announced that Mrs. Clement would be over shortly. Mrs. Hardy meanwhile produced a key to the secret room telling Miss Terri she had one just in case.

I asked Mrs. Hardy if she wanted something. She
ordered a Scotch and water. A minute after I served her Mrs. Clement rang the door bell. I opened the door for her and she went past me as if I didm not exist, over to Mrs. Hardy and the three of them hugged each other then turned and stared at me.

“It is nice to wake up and have a slave ready to serve me. You are to prepare the same breakfast as yesterday. Let’s see if you can correct your errors made yesterday. For everyone you correct I will deduct 2.5 points that were awarded you. You still have 37.5 points outstanding. I want my breakfast served here, maybe in bed. And quickly slave.”

I guess she did not forget the points she awarded me.
However this morning I did ask how much orange juice
my owner wished? But today I understand that I must
have been born to be a slave because I feel grateful
Miss Sarah went to all the trouble she did to enslave
me. There must have been others she could have taken.
I see the men in the office that would die to be near
her. I served her breakfast. She smiled that is was
as she ordered it.

“You may lick my toes while I eat slave. I like it
and I know you do.. I felt my legs this morning and
you did a good job shaving them last night. Training
works for slaves that want to serve their owners. It
is good you do. I want you to think of how slaves in
ancient societies learned to serve their owners. Most
were captured as prisoners of war. They spoke
different languages than their owners, and like you
had to learn how to serve properly. The best way to
teach a slave is to make it so the slave wants to
learn. The ancients used whips to encourage learning.
They beat their slaves so that they would do anything
to avoid another whipping. It was an incentive
program that worked. That should help you understand
your training program. This morning you asked me how
much juice I wanted. It is not for you to decide. It
is for you to serve what I decide. My coffee was hot
the way I like it. And that should be what is
important to you going forward, what I like and what
pleases me. I will deduct 12.5 points from you based
on your behavior. That leaves you with 25 points. It
is best that we deal with this now. Get on the
whipping horse.

I assumed my position on the horse. I wanted to beg her for mercy but I knew it would be to no avail. She spoke in her soft, quiet way, “Slave, today we will do this without restraints. My orders are to remain in this position throughout your punishment. It will be a test of your obedience.”

With that she ran her hands over my naked body which already was a mass of welts and discoloration. Even her delicate touch hurt. “Count slave.” And the whip cracked across my flesh. “It is the whip that breaks slaves into obedient, useful chattel.” Again the whip cracked across my behind. “You are much more obedient and servile slave than a day or so ago.” Thwaaaat! Thwaaat! Again and again……..42 43, 44………89,
90…..”You are doing well slave…just ten more lashes and you will earn your collar.”

She continued administering the final ten lashes. My body was on fire. I stood off the whipping horse and dropped to my knees. Her feet were placed for me to worship her. I am certain now I would take a bullet for her.

“Slave, I am ready to put your collar on. It is a permanent device made of a titanium alloy only an oxy-acetylene torch can cut. A hacksaw won’t do it. When the collar goes on it interlocks and cannot be opened. It is forever. I want you to beg me for your collar slave.”

In seconds I was pleading for her to collar me knowing well it is forever that I will be a slave, hopefully her slave. She had her hands on her hips, legs apart looking down on me with a smile of satisfaction that she had reduced me from a person to an amimal livestock form she could claim as her personal property, a slave. She had me raise my head and in seconds slipped the collar on and snapped it so it just fit my neck. Next she attached a leash then jerked lightly on it, “Heel slave. You are mine now and forever as long as I have use for you.”

She sat on the bed and began stroking my cock with her foot. It did not take long for it to explode, covering her foot with my spunk. She raised her foot to my mouth and I happily licked off every drop.

“It is time you had a name. I like dante…all lower case letters. That is your new name…dante. We now have some lessons to learn. I like personal service for my showers. I shampoo every other day. You are to start the shower. Be ready for me when I come into the bathroom. Wash me as you did in the bath last night. Check my legs for stubble and shave them if needed. If I smooth my legs and feel stubble it is 25 points. Shampooing is simple. It takes several minutes for the shampoo to do its job. Then you put on conditioner. That too takes several minutes. Rinse me off, dry me and rub in body oil. I am going to send you to masseur school. I like massages, especially after a hard day at the office. I normally take my showers after I take my run. My running wear and shoes should be ready for you to help me put on.. What I wear is dependent on the weather, temperature etc. There is a chart on the back of one of the medicine cabinets over the bathroom sink. It will tell you what clothes are proper. There is a Goretex suit for rain days. I do not like being wet. I rotate shoes every three days. It is up to you to keep them straight. I glued a color patch on each pair so I know which is which since they are all the same shoe. My wardrobe needs organizing. You have this week to get it organized such I am satisfied with a rotation I can live with. You are to lay out my clothes for the next day every night. I do not like dirty cars. It will cost a lot of points if you make me ride in a filthy car. I suggest you awaken at
5:30a every morning. That will give you a chance to wash my car so it is clean in and out every day if necessary. You will not be punished for not getting up at 5:30a. You will be severely punished if you do not do your job. I am the sole judge of whether it is right or not right. This house must be kept perfect. You are being kept on the payroll at work so you must show up for work there. When I travel, you will always accompany me, carry my bags, pack and unpack…you know what I mean. Jennifer will want to use you one day a week. Not only will you obey her in the most absolute of terms but she will do as she pleases with you as well. I have not decided what to do with my extremely nice cock hanging off your slave body. I am tempted to use it for my pleasure. Miss Jennifer likely will. On the other hand I am not sure I want to be fucked by a slave. The alternative is to castrate you. I haven’t decided. Tomorrow you will be permanently marked. I have decided on a design, not yet where I want your tattoo placed on your body. If I cannot decide by tomorrow, it will be in each of the places I am thinking of. So you know what it will be it is an oval of heavy chain. Inside the oval are the words: THIS MALE IS THE SLAVE AND PERSONAL PROPERTY OF SARAH WELCH. I like your forearm just above your right wrist. Everyone can see it there. Then perhaps another on your buttocks. Maybe a 3rd on your right leg. I am not sure of all, only tomorrow is when it will happen. Actually it was Miss Jennifer who talked me out of having a branding iron made for the purpose. Then I could have them everywhere I want whenever it strikes me. I expect by the time 3 months passes you will be the consummate slave. Now that you know what I want, get me ready for my run. Take this envelope. Jennifer has prepared another just like it which will be on your desk at the office. It contains my rules for you. A broken rule is willful so it will bring on extra severe punishment. Read them carefully. When I return if there are any questions in regard to them they should be asked then. Now get me ready to run”

I hastened to the bathroom. Read the dress for 65 degrees, brought her shorts and top, found her bra and helped her on with her shoes. I watched as she stretched. Her leg muscles supple. She turned reached for something in her night table drawer. It was a small radio. “This is in case I need you. When I am out like this you are to have it on and on your person.” She left.

I sat down and read the rules:

1. Slaves may not speak unless spoken to. Should a slave feel the need he must come to where I am and submit himself as he has been trained and await my recognition. Should I determine the slave quest is frivolous he will be punished.
2. In public slaves shall always maintain a servile demeanor, head bowed etc.

3. Slaves may not eat as I do. Slaves get leftovers and table scraps. A leftover is not eatable by a
slave until it is a day old. Slaves eat from bowls, no utensils.
4. Slaves make no decisions except how to accomplish the tasks they are ordered to complete.

5. Slaves own no assets and are solely dependent on their owners largesse.

6. Slaves always wear the uniform assigned to them.
7. Slaves are available for owner’s use 24 hours of every day of the year, no exceptions.

8. Slaves are possessions and are duty bound to protect owner’s interest in slave’s body. Accidents that may hamper a slave’s ability to serve will be punished.
9. Slave’s disobedience will never be tolerated.

After reading them it was clear that as long as I am useful to her she will keep me as her possession. And if suddenly I was not she would take measures to restore my usefulness. It would only be after that that she would dispose of me somehow. And the pain would be great as I would be poverty stricken, homeless and who knows what. I shudder to even contemplate that. I began cleaning the bedroom and preparing to serve her shower. I thought about Mr. Bruning. I knew she had a relationship with him. That it led to my enslavement no longer mattered. I not only accept my lot but now I realize it is a lifestyle I can not only live with but one that seems well suited for me. It is not a simple thing to conceive one could be happy as a slave of another but I suppose one has to put things into perspective. But Miss Sarah did things to me that changed me. How I do not know only she did. I noted that a full length mirror had a few spots on it and got some Windex to clean it. After spraying it with the Windex I began rubbing a spot that did not seem to come off so easy. All of a sudden the mirror to my horror looked as it it was coming off the wall and I grabbed for it. It was hinged. Behind it was a video camera and recording equipment with wires going out from it. A control box noted cameras 1 through five. From this side one could see clearly through the glass. The spot I tried to clean was actually part of the mirror, a prism of sorts I suppose made videos of the entire room possible. Miss Sarah had video taped last night’s activity. And Lord knew how many other such events. There were five tapes still in the machine. She had cameras everywhere. I closed the mirror door and went about other things. Does Mr. Bruning know? My mind spun with all the possibilities. I rechecked the bathroom to be sure that Miss Sarah’s shower was ready. Bath gel, bar soap, shampoo, conditioner, razor, shaving foam, body oil, towels, slippers, bathrobe. That she would allow me to serve her this way stirred my loins. But then I thought about her words that she had not yet decided if she wanted me castrated. She told me if she did she would keep my testicles in a glass jar with formaldehyde to preserve them where they were very visible to me just so I would know who owned them and decided they best served her in a jar. I stopped thinking of that it was so disconcerting. And a tattoo that was plainly visible indicating her ownership of me, her slave. I touched my collar, even tried to pull it apart. I was not sure what she told me was correct about needing a torch to get it off. But if it was I would have to learn to live with it no matter the circumstances. All of this happening so fast. Instead of Regional Manager, now a slave of the new Regional Manager. Had I asked for this? Maybe I was jealous of her ability to get things done, her beauty and just plain allure. I blanked these attributes out. How long has Mr. Bruning been coming to this bedroom. Is he her slave as well or about to become her slave? My head was filled with stuff I should not be thinking at all.

My Mistress returned from her run sweaty and breathing heavily. She went through another stretching routine then turned to me, “What are you staring at? Take off my shoes and undress me.”

I obeyed. When she was fully undressed she looked down at me expecting something. I did not know what to do. She forcefully shoved her bare sweaty feet into my mouth and laughing she said, “You do not want the flavor of my feet to be washed down the drain without allowing you to enjoy it do you? Lick them slave. By now you should know I like a foot licking slave”. I wondered if the cameras were rolling?

My tongue went about the task with relish. Her sweat had a musty odor, but one that was attractive. Her sweat was deliciously salty, her feel soft and elegant. I licked between her toes and every part of each foot. She always adjusted her feet to maximize my access to the various parts of them. “Now lick away the wetness of my pussy.”

Miss Sarah was very wet. Now she had me by my ears burying my head in her sex, I lipped her clit and then licked her as hard and fast as I could. She began moaning and trying to push my head still further into her. Suddenly my head was jerked backwards while her leg smashed violently into my chest causing me to crash to the floor. She followed me down straddling my chest. In one smooth motion she raised herself and then lowered herself onto my throbbing, very hard shaft. “Don’t move.” She rode my cock wildly while admonishing me that I had better not cum in her. She had orgasm after orgasm discharging her juices all over my lower body. Then she started slowing down until she lifted herself off of me, turned and placed her pussy over my mouth. She drenched my mouth with her orgasmic fluids and I lapped them up as fast as I could. I did not stop licking her but she was done. When she stood up she placed one foot on the tip of my
cock while looking down at me with a smile on her superior face, “You are serving me well dante. It is shower time my slave.”

I started the shower bringing it to temperature. Miss Sarah was sitting on a chair smoothing her breasts. I almost lost it. My body went prostrate to her, forehead to the floor. It was so I was in compliance to her rules. “You learn quickly slave,” as she walked into the bathroom. I jumped up, held the shower door for her and followed her in. “I like it hotter.” I turned control to the hotter side and waited a few seconds. “this is good slave.” I do not know why Miss Sarah wants me to use my hands to bath her instead of a sponge or one of those things that come with bath gel. Maybe because it makes me feel so inferior to her, so slavelike. Or even that it makes me hotter than hell but unable to do much about it. I smoothed the gel onto my hands and started bathing her neck down. When I got to her waist I went to front. My hands caressed her breasts, feeling her rock hard nipples. Then down to her waist finally her crotch, and ass. I paid special attention to her asshole and pussy. She placed her hands on her hips and slightly spread her legs. I could not get over how smooth her legs were. Her skin was like velvet. After doing her body completely I rinsed her off with the hand held shower head then went to her hair, massaging in a sweet smelling shampoo. My cock was rubbing against her body. She knew what it was but remained indifferent to it. It was apparent she knew who was in control here. After rinsing her hair thoroughly I massaged her hair with conditioner. While I waited for it to do its job I sank to my knees believing that is what she wanted me to do. Without notice she sat on me causing me to stiffen myself to support her weight. She petted my head then remarked, “I can’t understand how people like me can do without a personal slave.” I thought how good it is to be her slave. She abruptly stood up, “Slave I need to piss. Get your mouth here [she pointed to the correct spot] quickly. Don’t worry, it is good for your health.” Her urine poured into my waiting mouth. When she finished, I licked off the remaining drops. Then rose to fifnish her hair. The conditioner was rinsed from her silky hair and she was ready for the towels. I dried her body slowly then offered her a choice of body oils. She made her selection and I smoothed her skin with her choice. It was obvious she was enjoying that her personal slave was a male. It struck me that my servitude seemed to keep me in a constantly erotic state . I must have been born to be her slave. “You can clean up later. Help me dress

It took a while until the jacuzzi bathtub was filled. Mrs. Hardy stood near me as if she was monitoring what I was doing. Occasionally she would give me a few strokes with the crop. When the tub was full, I went to the closet and took out three thick terry bathrobes, 3 pair of slippers, towels and readied everything. Miss Terri observed that I was well trained for some things. When the tub was filled to the proper level I asked both Mrs. Clement and Mrs. Hardy if they needed assistance undressing. Each nodded yes, they did.

These two women were amongst our closest friends not too long ago. They surely dominate the hell out of their husbands. But this is different. They brought me down along with Sylvia and now they are enforcing the ultimate humiliation, to be a slave to my daughter.

Miss Terri watched pasively whle I prepared each woman for the bathtub. I had already helped Miss Terri into a bathrobe and stippers. Now each of the women were similarly garbed. They approached the tub. Enya’s music wafted softly through the room. I assisted each woman into the tub. Once in they lowered themselves into a comfortable sitting position and relaxed. When they were settled I offered them some wine. Miss Terri thought she would have some as did Mrs. Hardy and Mrs. Clement. I poured the wine into the plastic wine glasses and served each of them. They were chatting back and forth, sipping their wine, oblivious to me.

Mrs. Hardy stood up in the tub. “Slave, wash me.”

I had done this many times before. I used sponges soaked in bath gel. Before I started I smoothed my hand over her very nice legs. There was stubble. Put down the sponges and lathered her legs, one at a time and carefully shaved them until they were absolutely smooth. Then I went about the business of washing her butt, crotch, pussy and all parts nearby. Before she sat back down I did her back. Then she sat on the edge of the tub and swung her legs out of the tub while at the same time spread her legs and pointed to her slit. It was direction to eat her pussy and eat I did. Miss Terri watched in fascination. Mrs. Clement just drank her wine and listened to the music. She was quite used to what went on in this room. Her thighs bound my head to her as she staqrted pumping her pussy into my mouth. I knew I had better please her as she would not hesitate taking one the the Persuaders to me and do it without mercy. She had her orgasms but they were not what she really was after. She whispered to Miss Terri to watch her. She told me to open my moth wide. I knew what was coming and carefully placed my mouth so she would not miss it. Her yellow stream filled my mouth.

“Terri, it gets cold when you have to go all the way to the powder room in the adjacent room. This scum works just as well and he ius convenient. Miss Terri laughed hysterically. She said she would not have thought of all these things and was having a great time. Mrs.Hardy threw her a kiss, pushed me off after I licked her clean and sank back into the tub.

Mrs. Clement looked at me and and said, “It is a good time for you to fully understand your feeble position.
Terri, your former daughter owns you body and soul. She has detested you for years. If you do not behave
she will take you to the wall, will impoverish you and throw you out onto the street. You will crawl the streets along with the homeless and degenerate. The only thing you will have to fuck will be a sewer rat.”

Slavery suits you. And you will serve her until you take a dirt nap. You know the others who understand this. We have pledged our full support to Terri and will deal with you if you get one inch out of line. Your best bet it seems is to serve her with everything you have.”

Miss Terri then turned to me. “Slave, you will begin keeping house for me, cooking and serving my meals, running my errands, chauffeuring and anything else I want you to do immediately. Is that clear?”

“Yes Miss Terri.”

“Beginning tomorrow I expect you up at 5:00a every morning so you can clean the house, prepare my breakfast, make my lunch during the week and be ready for work. When you are home you will be under Ludmila. She will decide what you do and will be in charge of you when I am not present. She knows of your status. And while you thought you are the boss of the stores and businesses you have owned for twenty years you are not. I own you and the stores. Miss Casey is now your immediate superior. You will be scheduled so that you can serve me better. Yes, you will continue to work there as well. If you cause any problems at work I will deal with you. I want your credit cards tonight. Tomorrow your will no longer have access to a dime.You will turn over everything to me and you will not access to any money ever again. You need something you will ask me for it. You have no idea how hard mom tried to please you. She cooked dinner every night, many when you did not even show. You were out with one of your girl friends. Well, things are going to be different now. You will cook for me. You will get to eat scraps from my plate and leftovers. That is slave food. I want you to put the scraps off my plate after I am finished eating and liquify them in the blender. Then you will pour the slop into a bowl and eat it like a dog, on the floor. When we finish here you will move my things into your bedroom which is now mine. You will move to the slave quaraters here in the basement, nice and close to this room. I warn you, if there is as much as a gliche tomorrow you will regret that you are alive. I expect everything to be done before noon. I have plans for you in the afternoon. You will be reborn as my slave”

I looked at her and meekly said, “Yes Miss Terri. My cock was on fire.

I finished by drying each woman as they left the tub. I assisted Mrs. Hardy and Mrs. Clement getting dressed. After that I crawled to Miss Terri’s feet and lavished them with all the passion I could muster.
She pushed my pace away wityh her foot and left the room. There was no need to lock it anymore. Mrs. Hardy and Mrs. Clement kissed her and left the house. I began moving my stuff to the basement, then Miss Terri’s stuff from her room to the master bedroom. This would be very different than it was with Sylvia. I was a part time slave then. Now I am just a slave. I was ordered to change the sheets in her new bdroom. I prepared the bed for her, helped her get ready for bed. She dismissed me. I made my way to my basement room, set the alarm for 5:00a and prepared for the day by gathering all my records so that there was not a single gliche. I have surrendered to Miss Terri. She is no longer my child. I am no longer her parent. Tomorrow will seal the deal.

I was up at the crack of 5:00a. After my shave and shower I tried to plan out the day so I would not cause any concerns on the part of Miss Terri. What has happened to me is humiliating but I have come to grips with it. She is my only heir. She would have inherited everything anyhow. So it is almost the same only she gets everything now. That I am her slave, well it could be worse. Fact is she is the most tasty woman I have ever eaten. And now she has my libido hog tied. She is gorgeous. And the truth is it serves me right . In that regard you could say it is a blessing in disguise. My attitude could ultimately put me in trouble that could be more humiliating and troublesome than what I am enduring now. Rationizations? Maybe. Maybe in my present circumstances it is what will keep me sane. Being Miss Terri’slave is better than never seeing her again. She hates me so.

In as much as Ludmila has not instructed me what she wishes me to do this morning and she is fast asleep at this early hour I will clean the secret room, my room and straighten up the main fllor of the house while being very quiet. I will awaken Miss Terri at 7:00a so that we can be at the bank at 8:00a.

At exactly 7:00a I entered Miss Terri’s room. She was still asleep. I softly called her name a few times, then touched her until she awakened. She looked at me blury eyed but was aware of my purpose. She sat up and slid her legs so they were handing off the bed. I was standing there staring at her. She pointed to the floor and asked, “Why are you not on your knees on the floor slave?”

I immediately dropped to the floor and my mouth went instantly to her feet. She lightly kicked my head away and directed my head to her pussy. “Every morning from now on you will facilitate relieving me of my pent up urine. Your mouth slave. You should be pleased I have something for you that was part of me to digest.”

I moved my mouth into place and she let go a steady
stream. It came at a rate I struggled to keep up with
but I did manage. When she was done I licked her
clean. For some reason I enjoyed this service to her.
She place one leg on each shoulder of mine, “Slave,
this is going to be one good day. Get my shower

I bathed her in her shower and helped her dress. She never did eat a large breakfast. She told me she wanted me to wake her each morning with a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. Then she would decide what she wanted to eat. It is hard to explain but just being able to see and touch her makes slavery to her a most attractive situation. She is a Goddess I worship fully.

She did not say a word on the way to the bank. When we arrived we were ushered into Mr. Hardy’s office. I explained what had to be done. It took a half hour to prepare all of the documents. Miss Terri had a difficult time understanding them but I felt they were in order and signed them all. A Mrs. Wheatley notarized each document including a sound body and mind thing. Then Miss Terri signed signature cards. I handed her the keys to the two safe deposit boxes I had and then asked Mr. Hardy, “This now means Terri is the sole owner of all of my accounts here at the bank and that she has final say on all of the corporate accounts we have at the bank as well. Is that correct?”

Mr. Hardy stated it was correct.

I then asked him to prepare a sworn affidavit that the statement just uttered to which he replied in the affirmative was correct. he was a bit taken aback but after looking at the gaze on my face he complied. I then asked him to have the appropriate checks printed and to set up online access for Miss Terri. I was asked to leave the room. ten minutes a smiling Miss Terri exited the bank president’s office and we headed for the Merrill, Lynch office nearby. Lenny Clement was very helpful getting everything transferred. By
11:00a it was all done. I was penniless and totally dependent on my ex-daughter.
As I held the open door for her to enter the car she looked at me and with a smile that I shall never forget she said, “This is so cool. I am free of you and now I own you. I will make sure you feel like a slave for the rest of your miserable life. Take me to MY office.”

It is one thing bowing down to my daughter and
becoming her realtime 24/7 slave in front of two women who already had experienced my demise before my wife but having my new status on display at the business I started and ran for 20 years is another. My face was scarlet red with embarrassment. And the more embarrassed Miss terri knew I was the more she enjoyed the moment. But it was the delight of Karen Casey that caused me to swoon helplessly.

Karen Casey is a svelte 23 year old blonde that could stop a clock. She was my administrative assistant. Believe it or not she has an MBA degree and has been in an adminisstrative position for a year and a half at my company…oops, my former company. Today was no surprise to Karen Casey. She was in my office at my desk looking authorative and confident.

Miss Terri explained my status and asked her to run the company. She had asked me what I thought of the idea on the way over. I told Miss Terri Miss Casey was very competent but that she did not have the experience to run such a complex organization at this time. She needed more seasoning. She thought about this for a few moments then told me that Ms. Casey had me to use for that so called seasoning and that she would be her choice. That when at work I would report to Ms. Casey and that Ms. Casey would know I was her slave and that I would be treated as a slave by Ms. Casey. And if there was a problem with the business it would be construed that it was my doing and that I would suffer the consequences.

Miss Terri had me kneel and kiss Ms. Casey’s feet. She told her she needed me to drive her to school and pick her up and that she should arrange my schedule around her needs. Ms. Casey smiled happily and asked if she could punish me if she thought I dreserved it. Miss Terri made a note to order several Persuader sets thren explained to Ms. Casey what they were. Ms. Casey uttered a big oooooh! She said she was getting wet from all of this.

Miss Terri smiled and responded, “This slave is a
great pussy eater. Be my guest. When he is here in your charge do what you like with him. And I am curious. Do you know any girls who he has had contact with meaning sexual of any kind?”

“There are a few. he tried hitting on me a few times but he didn’t get there. I will check out who may have bedded with this creep.”

Miss Terri said that would be helpful She gave Ms. Casey a nice raise and asked that my salary now is to be sent to her. Ms. Casey said it would be direct deposited. I gave Ms. Casey the correct account number.

“I would leave the slave with you but I have use for him today. Good luck and keep him under control.”

“I will chirped,” Ms. Casey. “Thank you.. I will expect you tomorrow slaveboy”

Miss Terri left and I with her. This was the worst day of my life. But as with all things I have to get over it.

The drive home was silent. I could see Miss Terri regally sitting in the back seat with a smile of satisfaction on her very pretty face. While I really do not enjoy the humiliations I have been suffering my devotion to Miss terri is now one of a worshipper. I am her slave in all my heart and soul. Non-the-less I wondered what was in store for me. She had “use” for me this afternoon.

We arrived home. I stopped the car before putting it in the garage and bowed my Mistress out of the car and into the house. As I began closing the front door to the house and turned to go to the car to put it away she ordered, “Slave, I want you in my playroom in the basement NOW!”

I made it to my room in the basement and stripped
naked then crawled into what Miss Terri now called “her playroom”. The room was empty. I remained in my kneeling position waiting. I did not have to wait long. In walked Miss Terri and Ludmila.

“Look at him Ludmila. Does he look familiar?”

“Miss Terri, he looks terrific now,” said Ludmila in a very jovial voice. “Well slaveboy, are you ready to sign my green card papers without the usual?”

I was tongue tied. Ludmila was the subject of much abuse on my part. I would not sign her green card papers unless she patronized me. She has the most lucious body I have seen in a long time and I had her over a barrel. I spent many nights in her room in the basement. And while I knew she hated every minute she made the best of it. For the while she was my sex slave. Now I know the tables have turned. I could not answer her I was so humiliated.

Miss Terri spoke, “Slave, did you know mom had two video cameras installed in Ludmila’s room?”

I was devastated. Sylvia had taken care to get all the evidence she need to totally destroy me. Yet it is entirely possible I was asking for what I am today. I don’t know.

Miss Terri turned to me and spoke, “Ludmila is your Master in this home from now on just as Karen is at the office. Karen will work with Ludmila to be sure she gets enough time from you to serve her responsibilities. She will teach you to cook and if you do not catch on quickly that will be a big mistake on your part. Ludmila is in charge of this house and you when you are not at work at the office. “

“Well slave, what have you to say about all of this?” barked Ludmila.

“I’m sorry Ludmila.”

“Sorry. That’s a laugh and a half. You don’t know the half of what is in store for you. You can start by kissing me feet like the dog that you are.”

Miss Terri stood there with her hands on her hips and a huge smile on her face as I humbled myself to the woman who was our maid/housekeeper and my concubine. Now I was her slave. I kissed her feet in submission.

Miss Terri asked Ludmila if she wanted to move into her old room upstairs. Ludmila said she wanted me close by so she would continue to use the adjacent bedroom to mine in the basement. It was her turn now.

“Have him prepare lunch for us then he is all yours. I will give you a tour of the “playroom” so you can enjoy the facilities. It is up to you how you want to use him. I want to talk with you about your future at lunch if that is all right.”

Ludmila replied enthusiastically and dispatched me to prepare lunch. She gave me explicit instructions on what that was to be and how that was to be served. I noted what a great pair of legs she had. She kicked me then ordered me get moving.

During lunch, Miss Terri asked Ludmila what she
aspired to be. Ludmila explained she had a college education from a Bulgaria university but that there was no work there. She was able to come to America by virtue of my offering her a job which she thought was at the office or in a store. She explained how things changed after her arrival. She told of how I gave her what her options were. That I told her she had little choice or she had to go back to Bulgaria. She said she accepted this because the reality is going back to Bulgaria meant hunger and extreme hardship. She became ou housekeeper and my sex slave but always with an eye to find a way out of this. I noted Miss Terri’s face turned red with anger. Ludmila said wanted a job she could progress in as she learned it. She said women, and evem men had to do worse things to survive. She spoke of gratitude to Miss Terri and that she would be very pleased to deal with me for her.

Miss Terri listened attentively. When Ludmila had finished she told her that she would make amends for my behavior. She could work if she liked for the company but that she wanted Ludmila to be in charge of me at home. She offered to pay for any additional education Ludmila may want. But the crux of the discussion had to do with the issue of managing me, especially when Miss Terri went to school at Stamford this coming fall.

Ludmila thought about this for a few minutes then
turned to Miss Terri and said, “I will do what you think is necessary because I have come to love you. I would like to go to school but I do not know what is best to study.”

Miss Terri thought she should talk with Karen Casey. Ludmila got really excited over the turn of events and kissed Miss Terri. It appears Miss Terri had made the grand alliance she needed to. She had established her management staff.

When lunch was over Miss Terri asked Ludmila to excuse her for a while that she wanted to put all the things that had occurred today in their proper place. She said she would be two hours, probably enough time for her to begin her training of me. She left the breakfast room leaving me with Ludmila who had me clean up after which I was to be in the playroom in the basement.

When I arrived in the playroom Ludmila was lounging on one of the chaises. She was naked and breathtaking. At her side on the chaise was a pair of handcuffs, a lock and a spreader bar with leg cuffs. It was Ludmila’s turn.

After The Funeral Part 7

My forehead touched the floor. Ludmila let me remain there while she relaxed in the chaise.

“Get me a vodka and tonic”

“Yes Ma’am.

“Yes Master Ludmila. That or just Master. I want to be called Master slave.”

“Yes Master.” And I crawled to the bar and prepared Master Ludmila’s beverage.”

I served it to her and waited, head bowed expecting the worst.

“My feet, start by kissing them. Hold each foot and
worship it carefully. Then begin sucking on each toe.
We have a few hours to work out how I like it. You
will be doing a lot of things I like, won’t your

“Yes Master.” I started kissing her feet. She began stroking my head with her foot. My cock started swelling and as it did the pain began to radiate throughout my body. I placed my mouth over her big toe then began sucking. After a short while she ordered me to change toes. I was doing it with all my energy trying hard to please her. But I knew I was far from completely pleasing her until she took ample vengeance on me. She continued ordering me to change toes until after quite a while had passed she withdrew her foot and sat up.

“Here slave” as she pointed to where she wanted me and picked up the handcuffs. I knew I was supposed to offer her my wrists and as I did she snapped the cuffs on. She pointed to the spreader bar which I retrieved for her. I rolled down onto my back and extended my legs upward making it convenient to attach the leg cuffs attached to the spreader bar, then the locks.

“So now you are helpless slaveboy. Now it is my turn.
Like I was helpless when you made me submit to you and your miserable cock. It’s the beginning of
payback time. It’s also the time for your first lesson in obedience to me because I will beat you silly for even the smallest mistake. I have suffered from you and from now on you will suffer many times more. I will use you day and night. You are mine
24/7. Standup slave and reach up high so I can attach your cuffs to the ring but get me the lock first.”

“Yes Master” as I reached for the lock and handed it to Master then stood and reached up with my arms, barely reaching the ring. She moved the chaise over to stand on so she could lock me in place. I started trembling from fear. I was damned scared.

“Slave, did you know Miss Terri bought me a set of
Persuaders? They are on the way. Will be here day
after tomorrow. They will have your name on them.
Meanwhile she told me to use hers.” With that she
rammed the handle butt of the single tail into my
ribs. Then she took her nails and scratched her way
down my chest to my balls which she the grabbed and
squeezed until I shrieked. “Nasty set” these were.
Next she dragged the business end of Persuader 1 over
my body. She teased me with the whip for what seemed
like an eon. She stood defiantly in front of me
brandishing the super mean punishment tool torturing
my mind because she had yet to strike out. But you
could see she was not afraid to use the whip. Then I
heard the whir of the lash which barely missed me.
Then another just like it. Finally a cruel smile
appeared on her beautiful face and the fist viscious
blow struck me across my chest. I shrieked with pain.
It was followed with another, then another..and then
a rain of whip lashes so furious I was screaming out
loud and trying to dance around them which was so
futile it amused her.

“You are going to remember this event like I remember the first time you forced me to service you. And you will think of the first time you did me everytime you face this ordeal and it will be an ordeal, I promise you.”

The whip continued to rain on me only now it was my back, ass and thighs that were the recipients of her wrath. I was crying and screaming. I am sure Miss Terri heard me. If she did I am equally sure she was enjoying the sounds. Finally Master stopped. But only for a brief minute because next I saw her she was directly in front of me brandishing the cat-o-nine tails. I had experienced a few strokes from that heinous instrument of pain. But this woman was not going to settle for a few strokes. I was already on fire. The pain was excrutiating. And Master Ludmila was taking her revenge. The cat bit into my flesh depositing its ferocity on my now thoroughly thrashed body. She swung it as hard as she could and was enjoying every minute while I thought my end had come.
I was close to passing out when she moved from the front of me to my back and continued pummeling me with the whip. I did pass out.

Next I felt cold water being poured on me. She kicked me as I looked up, opened my eyes and could clealy see Miss Ludmila standing in front me. She was beaming with pleasure. She opened the lock that fastened me to the chain above and let me fall to the floor

“Get up you miserable slave. I am just beginning to enjoy myself. Over to the fucking table. I think I am going to like this.”

She had me set the table to the height she wanted then strapped and chained me in. She came back from the drawer that held the dildos with three different sizes and made me lick each of them. One was a monster. After I had licked it for a few minutes she rammed it by hand up my ass. I screamed. I tried to free myself. She laughed. Ludmila had no concern for my anguish. In fact it was pleasing her to no end. She finally strapped it on. I was already crying and begging her to please not do it. She mocked me. She reminded me how she asked me not to force her to have sex with me. Not to force her to suck my cock. Now I was the one begging but I was begging not for my self esteem but my body’s sanctity. It made no difference to her. She mounted and rammed the cock into me. I felt like she was tearing my insides out. And while I was suffereing she was moaning with pleasure. She began calling me her slut slave, a useless piece of shit, everything under the sun. She let me know that this would be a regular affair just as I made her my regular sex slave. The words “Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned” resonated to life here. When she had finished she relaxed for a few moments on a chaise directly in front of me gasping for breath. But she was not done with me. I just laid on the table helpless. She finally got up and walked to the closet
When she returned she had a wicked black leather crop in her hand. She began beating me on my ass. She screamed that she had to ready me for the next episode today. I thought…today? More?. I do not know if I could stand it. After beating me for a while Master Ludmila ran her hands over the welts on my body telling me how good they looked on me. She told me there would be more fun later on. With that Miss Terri walked into the room.

“Looks like you enjoyed yourself Ludmila.”

Ludmila responded , “That was an understatement.”

“Get the slave ready to drive me. I want to make this a perfect day for him. Today he became penniless and totally dependent on me. He is now a lackey in the company he founded. He is my slave and will be treated accordingly. And you have had a chance to begin to get even with the pig. Well the day is still young and I do want it to be memorable for him.”

I wondered where we were going. Ludmila had me
dressed in black pants, white shirt, black tie. She would buy me a chauffeurs’s hat tomorrow.

I was ready for Miss Terri. The car was backed out of the garage and I waited for her by a rear door of the car waiting to bow her in. She had put on a pair of tight fitting shorts and a halter. God was she beautiful. She entered the car in a way that she made sure I knew of her contempt for me.

“School slave” she ordered.

I could not imagine why she was going to the school now. School was just about over for the day and she had skipped today. We pulled up to the parking lot of the school. She told me where to park. Then she just relaxed and waited. It was not long until the students started pouring out. A young blond girl was headed for the car.

“Get out and take her books slave”

It was Carmen, one of Terri’s friends. I did as I was told and approached Carmen. When she saw me she put on a contemptuous smile that ran a chill down my spine. She handed me her books expecting me to take them and headed for the back seat of the car. I opened the door and helped her in.

“Terri, this is going to be so fun. I can’t imagine your old man is actually now your slave. How cool. I can’t wait to see what it is all, about.”

Terri hugged her and said, “Carmen, we are going to have a fun club. You are the first member of the “My Friends” branch. I will have my friends over to experience the pleasures of the club. Then once a month all the members will meet to have a day of fun. There will also be My Mom’s Memory branch and a Employee’s Revenge branch. Wait til you see him as he is now.”

I looked in the rear view mirror. Carmen was playing with her crotch in anticipation.

[to be continued].

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