Femdom Stories from Ms Julie

Ms. Jekyll/Mistress Hyde

By Rookie

Let me share my recollection of that night, a night I will never forget, a night in which I knew for sure my life had changed forever. Let me first tell you about how this night came about.
It was through the use of the internet that I met this women. She wasn't like all the other women I had talked too or met previously. She was a women who lived on the edge, a woman who lived a life that fell on the edge of fantasy, a life that was so close to fantasy that sometimes reality would fade in the mix. She was a dominatrix, a female dominate, a definite member of a superior race.

She has a very impressive website, one that shines above all others. At first glance you would think this site had cost a small fortune to design. It is a perfect mix of html and Java applets, a master piece, the design of a computer genius who had mastered all environments for the perfect blend. The site is so extensive it has it all; over 10,000 links, online catalogs, chat room, mailing list, discussion groups, stories, pictures, videos, introductions, and a training manual.

I remember thinking to myself, "How many people did it take to design this piece of computer perfection?" 10, 15, maybe even 20. I was knocked off my seat when I found out that it was primarily one person. I was stunned. I remember reading page after page. It was like reading a great story, I just couldn't stop. I could see the quality of the material. The pictures and the stories, god there were so many. You could have spent days reading and viewing them, but the part that was most intriguing was the mistress of the site.

Her bio is amazing. She is amazing. She is beautiful; mind, body, heart, and soul. You just couldn't help but want to know about her. You couldn't help the feeling of awe that over took your mind just by the mention of her name. She is a goddess. A cross between aphrodite with the powers of medusa. She is the one and only, the supreme ruler of her land, the creator, the inventor, the originator of Ms Julie dot com.

After a few hours of viewing this site I was feeling every emotion possible. I joined, I would have been fool not to. Ms. Jekyll had a journal which she updated frequently, and she visited the chat space nearly every night to make her presence known.

It was as a member of her site that I learned from her fellow domme, slaves, and servants. They were open, friendly, and willing to teach newbies, or as I like to say rookie's. Some were newbies themselves but others were experienced slaves/servants. The members of the site each had their own fantasies/ turns ons. Some were more experienced then others. Ages and occupations varied, although most seemed to be in their forties. All in all the majority of the members were intelligent and articulate. No matter what all were there to serve and please Ms. Jekyll.

At first it seemed as though Ms. Jekyll was a mythical figure, but I was proven to be a fool real soon. The goddess that I've read and heard so much about finally appeared before my eyes. I recall the first time I met her in the chat Room for I was very quiet, laid back and uncertain. I was nervous and uneasy. She was the total opposite easy talk too, very inquisitive, willing to answer questions presented to her in a proper and polite manner. She was in control. She set the rules. She was very clear that your purpose was to please and amuse her. Amusing her was a challenge that I accepted. One night she requested that we use another part of our body to type with. I attempted to use my tongue. Oh what a mess but I did accomplish the task at hand.

Any rudeness, impoliteness, or disobedience was not tolerated. It was a very pleasant environment, until the one night she was upset at one of her slaves. She was forceful and loud, like a tiger who was hunting down on her prey. I recall crawling under the desk. I was shocked and stunned, but at the same time excited and turned on by her forceful nature. Needless to say that slave never returned.

As time went on we met in the chat room several times and exchanged private messages. I established personal relationships with some of the other members of the site. I also got to chat with other dommes of the sight. Everyone was so open it was amazing. Within 9 months I had gone from knowing nothing about sex and bdsm to being able to carry on conversations with others of the community.

During the 9 months many things ran threw my mind. How I wanted so bad to give up what was considered my vanilla life, but the timing just wasn't right. I had so much to learn, and a family to take care of. I had no children of my own, but one of my immediate family had extreme medical conditions. In order for my family to survive I had to sacrifice my desires. At that time I didn't realize that the sacrifice was just a sign of servitude, and one day my family would be replaced by my mistress.

Finally I got a chance to talk to Ms. Jekyll over the phone. It was the greatest honor. Her voice was so soft, her heart so warm. It was so easy to just melt at the sound of her voice. I couldn't help but open up to her. It was like she could see into my soul. She held my heart in her hand and it was her choice rather she wanted to crush it or give it her golden touch, the touch only a goddess could possess. The part that was so amazing was that I was willing to do anything, or answer any question she threw at me. It was so strange to open up to a woman I've never seen. I can't explain it, It just happened.

The thing that scared me the most was that Ms. Jekyll was so horny. She even admitted to masturbating at least 3 times a day. The problem I had was lack of experience in that area. I was a virgin at the age of 23. I knew at this point that the thing that would hurt the most is knowing I couldn't please her. I was willing to do just about anything short of abandoning my family. Get on all fours and chase cars down the street, go into a gay bar full of men and ask where I could find any real men, go into a bar full of country folks and ask if I was in redneck bar, and I would even go off the deep end for her amusement only and truly put my life on the line. I would ask a room full of domme to prove to me why they think they are superior, knowing it would be total insanity.

During that year I learned so much. Ms. Jekyll posted information on every topic cross dressing, golden showers, brown showers, anal training, pussy eating, eating your own cum, face sitting, and many more. She appeared to be a teacher showing everybody the way. Sadly enough some just wanted jerk off material and didn't care to learn a thing as long as they got their rocks off. I fully began to appreciate why so women want to neuter so many men. Such fools just wanting to get their rocks off when they could be serving the closest thing to a mythical goddess that I know.

It is now June over a year later from when this all began. Now for the night I will never forget as long as I live. It was through my job that I got a chance to travel to Washington, D.C. I got my wish. The one thing I've been dying for, I got to meet Ms. Jekyll in person.

Her hair was red as red as the finest roses. Her eyes green as green as the most beautiful emerald you had ever seen. She was wearing a soft blue dress, as blue as the clear ocean waters of the pacific. At that moment I felt like I was out at sea. I was just afloat and she was a wave that just swept me away. Somebody please smack me and bring me back to reality. Now for the big question how do you impress a goddess? I knew for sure the sweat under my arms just wasn't going to cut it. I had to go with the classic romantic approach.

Well lets start dinner. We had some of the finest food, so many choices. You can't forget the perfect beverage. I wasn't sure what she would pick? I was thinking the finest wine, a good imported beer, scotch, or maybe brandy. To my surprise she picked a can of lilt soda. Dinner was so excellent, but I can't even recall what I ate. I was in awe as she talked. She opened up and was so relaxed. I on the other hand was so nervous. If you would have put a lump of coal up my ass by the end of dinner you would have a diamond.

After dinner we took a walk on the peer. It was a moon light night. The sky was clear and the stars were out. The moonlight just shinned off her lovely dress. By this time I had finally relaxed some. I was still very nervous knowing I was out of my league. Did I cover all basis?, Was I a perfect gentleman?, Did she have a wonderful time? Was my deodorant working like it should?, these were just some of the questions running threw my mind. I was honored for the opportunity to meet Ms. Jekyll I didn't want to screw it up. I just wanted to make sure that I did everything in power to give her an evening of relaxation. I wanted to take her mind away even if it was for those few hours.

Our walk ended at her car. I was standing by the back of the car. She asked me to stay there for a minute she had to get something out of the car. When she returned she popped the trunk. I wasn't sure why it was empty and there was nothing I could see in her hands. What was she going to put in there? I found out soon enough. She walked up behind me and thanked me for the wonderful dinner and walk. She kissed me on the cheek and grabbed my hand. My heart was pounding. She pulled my arms behind my back and hand-cuffed me. I was shocked but so excited and nervous. A blindfold was placed over my eyes. She said "Now it is time for you to please me. You are mine for the night, I will use you as I wish." I was instructed to sit on the trunk. She gently lifted my legs up in and closed the trunk. What an experience having no sight and not being able to move. All I could hear was air and other cars passing. I wasn't sure if my heart was going to stay in my chest, or If I was going to split my pants. I was so hard it was unbelievable.

I couldn't tell how long I was in the trunk it only seemed like 30 minutes or so. I had no idea where I was at. Finally the car stopped the trunk opened. It took a lot of effort to get me out of that trunk but I was finally on my feet again. I was guided into a room. It was slightly chilly.

I felt my feet being pulled slightly apart and fastened to something. I could barely keep my balance. It was amazing I didn't fall flat on my face. At this point I was unsure what to do so I opted for silence. My left hand was unlocked and placed way above my head followed by my right. There I stood spread eagle unable to hear or see anything.

Finally I heard a voice. Ms. Jekyll spoke. She said "Take time to listen to what I have to say, I will only say it once. My name is Mistress Hyde. You are my slave for tonight. You will do whatever I wish failure to comply will result in punishment. You will speak only when spoken too. What you want does not matter. You will answer to me by replying yes Mistress Hyde. Do you understand?"

I paused for a second. Yes. Whack I felt something sting across my ass. Yes what? Nervous I answered yes Ms. Jekyll. Whack, Whack, I jumped on both swings. Yes Mistress Hyde I said. she replied "That's better you must be a slow learner".

As I stood it seemed as if Mistress Hyde was circling me. She kept running some strange object up and down my chest and back, and between my legs. There was no way I was going to say a word. Finally she said "Boy you are a hairy little man with a tight virgin ass. I think we have to give that ass some attention. I just let out a big gulp.

hummmm where do I start. Well let me introduce you to my whip. I just took a deep breath. Whack, Whack, Whack. She wasn't swinging very hard but hard enough to get my attention. She ran her finger nails down my back. Then squeezing my ass. She reached down and squeezed my nuts. My gulp switched to a grunt. She laughed and said "I wanted to make sure I had your attention. She then asked me how many more cracks I should receive? Being very foolish I answered "10 Mistress Hyde". WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. She said "Boy you are a slow learner, let me remind you what you want does not matter. Let me try this question one more time. How many cracks do you wish to receive?" I answered "As Many as you wish Mistress Hyde." She replied "Oh much better I see you are finally starting to learn."

Well now I'm tired of this whip I think I'm going to introduce you to my paddle while I have you here. Would you like that? I replied "Yes Mistress Hyde" Smack, smack. At this point I knew my ass was red I was sweating, tears beading up in my eyes. She said "You just don't pay attention, I don't care what you want." I quickly replied "Yes Mistress Hyde only if you wish." She continued to smack my ass with the paddle it was another eight cracks. I just wanted to give in. She had me wore down and she knew it. She said "Now that I have you wore down, lets see what you have left." She instructed me to get on my knees. I did as best I could. Then she pushed my head down and told me to kiss her feet.

This was an area that I was very unfamiliar with. I was in no way going to say a word. I just started softly kissing each toe. I wanted to make sure I didn't miss one in fear of the punishment. Mistress Hyde shoved her toe in my mouth and told me to suck it. I replied "Yes Mistress Hyde." It sounded funny with a toe in my mouth but I still replied. I continued to suck on her toes one by one. My knees were killing but no way was I going to move until instructed to do so.

She instructed me to stand and she walked me over to a bed, I think. I don't know if it was her having a good heart or just noticing I was exhausted either way it worked for me. My hands and feet were once again tied to something. The blindfold was removed. My hunch was right it was a bed. Now it is your turn to give my ass some attention, she said. I couldn't help but smile. My humble reward was a cock ring and nipple clamps. Those hurt. She then ran her finger nails down my chest and reminded me that my pleasure meant nothing to her. She asked me If I understood? My answer was Yes Mistress Hyde. She smiled and said "Did you think I didn't notice your cock has been hard as a rock?" Well Now I fixed that. Then she placed a gag in my mouth. The end that stuck outof my mouth had a penis on it. Needless to say it wasn't the most comfortable but i was so horny.

She slide on top the penis gag and rode it up and down literally fucking my face. Wow it was my first look at a pussy and I was helplessly tied to the bed. Just my luck. Then I thought not many can say that were able to give a woman pleasure by only using their teeth. I was sweating so bad. As she went she continued to moan. I could see she was getting wet. It was like being at a candy store and not being able to taste the candy. She just went harder and faster moaning louder. I was getting her juices all over my face. All I wanted was a taste but I was helpless. Finally I think she hit an orgasm. I had never seen one but she her pussy was soaking wet and I had her cum all over my face. She was now sweating and smiling.

The cock ring and nipple claps were starting to wear thin I wanted to beg for mercy. Finally she removed the penis gag and took off the nipple clamps. Now for your good behavior I'm going to take off your cock ring. She said I'm really surprised you lasted this long, rookie. I'm not done with you yet. Your virgin ass still needs some more attention. She untied me and told me to get on my knees. I did as instructed.

She returned with a rubber gloves, lube, a butt plug and what looked to be a strap on. She put on the gloves and started with her finger. Slightly rubbing around the rim of my ass. She said just relax and this will go smooth. By this time I had no energy left, but wanted to keep going. She started to slide her finger in my ass. Oh very good, you have had practice , she said. I replied "Yes Mistress Hyde." She inserted a finger moving it around in a circular motion. Then she inserted two fingers. She said "This ass isn't a virgin ass, I'm impressed" Then she got out a medium size butt plug and started fucking my ass with the plug. I was getting excited. I was just about ready to cum all over the place. When she started squeezing my nuts. This time I had tears in my eyes. She said not yet. I haven't given you permission. I replied in a very high pitched voice "Yes Mistress Hyde." She continued with the plug for a few more minutes. Then her answer was now that you are good and loose it's my turn. I knew what was coming next I was very nervous.

I looked back and she was stepping into a harness. Oh here it comes I thought. She rubbed that dildo between my checks. Then she slipped it in. I moaned. She laughed and said you better be a good little whore and don't scream too loud unless I tell you. She started rocking back and forth. I couldn't help but grunt and moan. My face was planted to the ground she was riding so hard and fast. I started to scream. She was moaning while rocking. She was running her nails down my back and grabbing my hair or what there was of it. She said whore scream Mistress your the best I am your little whore. Without a pause I yelled out Mistress your the best and I am your little whore. She was riding I was screaming oh god oh god. I tried to hold back but I couldn't I had cum all over the floor. I couldn't stop it was so intense. What a relief, It was hurting not being able to let loose earlier. Mistress Hyde pulled out so gently. Here response was good little whore now clean up your mess I'm not your mother. As instructed I licked the floor and cleaned up all the cum I just squirted all over. There must have been a pint.

Now the night had to come to an end. It was amazing I wasn't in a hospital bed or dehydrated. As I laid on the floor the mistress said your not done yet. Did I tell you that you where finished. She rolled me over and stuck her heel on my chest. Yes Mistress Hyde I said barely. She sat down on my chest and slapped me softly on the face. I said your not done yet. You better take a few quick breaths. You have one more task at hand. I answered Yes Mistress Hyde.

We both rested for several minutes. She didn't move she continued to sit on my chest. She planted her tits in face and told me I had to give her nipples some attention. My first reaction was to use my hands. She held them down and said on use your tongue, you have bragged about it to me before lets put it to the test. I started licking each nipple in a soft circular motion. Then I started sucking on them so softly. I just continued at a slow pace. I lightly got each nipple between my teeth, and bit down gently. She let my arms go and started fingering herself. I just continued to work on her nipples. I couldn't believe she still had an energy left. She pulled back and pushed my head back towards the floor then she moved from my chest to my face.

I was in awe I finally got a very up close look at a pussy. I had the ultimate honor of bringing her pleasure. I wasn't sure what I was doing, but I continued to lick her pussy and waited for instructions. She was riding my face back and forth. She was getting wet again. I just keep going in circular motion in and out. She just kept moving and moaning. I figured If I kept doing what I was doing she would make sure I hit the right spot. I started to speed up and so did she. We were both moaning louder and louder. I was so hard. I thought all had gone but I was hard again. She just grabbed my hair squeezing my head I thought she was going to pop it like a melon. I just kept going. She was going so fast and hard and I was making my tongue go as fast as I could. She finally cum in my mouth. At the same time I had cum again. This time was just as intense as the first. I choked as her cum hit the back of my throat. She instructed me to swallow. I did then answered "Yes Mistress Hyde. She got off my face and told me to clean up my mess again. Once again without Pause I answered "Yes Mistress Hyde."

Now as I sit today I have a hard time believing that night. For it is amazing how fast things can change. It is amazing how fast your reality can become fantas

Mistress Julie welcomes all slaves.  I'm a superior, dominant female (femdom, Mistress, Dominatrix) who enjoys the thrill of  BDSM, mind control, power exchange and female supremacy.   I was a professional dominatrix for 10 years, and have been online with this site since 1994.

I adore submissive men (slaves) who want to submit to a superior, intelligent female, such as myself.   I am for real, and expect you to be also.  My dungeon play will include CBT (cock and ball torture) using iron maidens, cock stocks, chastity devices, steel & leather parachutes, cock rings, ball stretchers, humblers and weights!!  Nipple play  Nipple clamps, alligator clamps, clips, vibrating clips, weights, fire cupping sets.

My bondage methods include body binders, wrist and ankle restraints, collars, leather body straps, lots of rope, posture collars, bondage mitts/sleeves, body bags, straight jackets, racks, St. Andrews crosses, cages, jail cells and more! Sensory Deprivation  masks, hoods (leather, latex, rubber), blindfolds, gas masks, gags, sensory deprivation chamber and unit.  

I'm a bitch when it comes to corporal punishment using cat o nine tails, floggers (rubber, leather, horse hair, suede), paddles (wooden, leather), whips (single tails, bull whips, dog quirts), Tawse, crops, canes, birches, vipers, straps and more!  I love watching slaves sweat when I pull out the electro torture supplies I've accumulated.  TENS Units, Folsom Units, Cattle Prods, EROS Tek and lots of goodies to hook up to cock and balls, nipples, asses, tongues... :)

This site incorporates female domination,  S&M, BDSM and fetish, along with giving you a severe mental mind fucking and much much more...  AND AS SUCH, if you dare enter this site, make sure you know that not only am I  going to pry, probe and force my way into your boring little world, but I WILL do outrageous, shameful, embarrassing things to you, or convince you to do them to yourself. Realize that by entering my members only sections, you are in effect agreeing to submit yourself to me.  You will not hold me liable for any damage that may occur as a result.  I plan to completely fuck up your pathetic existence that you now call your life..... but in the end it will all be worth it ;-)

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